Jeep Gladiator Steering Fix & Upgrade

-Steering Damper relocation

Foreign over landing and today on my 2022 diesel gladiator rubicon we had more problems so this drag link joint was making a squeaking noise real bad fully turning this joint right here is bad you can put your arm on it while someone moves the steering wheel back and forth and you can feel the play in this ball joint right here just going up and down the socket

Was bad and it was all dried out on the inside so i have 15 000 miles on this jeep but i mean i’ve been out to moab over landing all over the carolinas and georgia so i don’t know there’s no excuse for it i guess but i ordered another mopar part put it on it breaks again i’m probably just gonna go with synergy as you know i have the aev lift kit with the rims

And everything this is the av stabilizer so i got rid of the bracket here and the bracket here for the factory stabilizer location you know the factory stabilizer location is down here right here that’s the first thing to hit a rock when you’re off-road so synergy makes a relocation which moves it up out of the way you move this bracket remove this bracket if

You saw the factory um stabilizer you have to drill out the eyelet to a half an inch but the auv one you don’t have to drill because it’s already that big what you do is you’ll install this right here and this is where it grips on here and then you replace this uh drag link bolt right here with their bolt and it slides on here the only problem i have is on full

Lock passenger it ever so slightly rubs right here but again that’s on full lock we’re gonna try this we replaced this joint right here and we obviously aligned it and we’re gonna see how this plays out so this is my third issue i’ve had with my gladiator bought this in february of 2022 my first issue right off the showroom floor was the engine bay fuse box the

Connector underneath the fuse box that ran the aux switches that connector was someone jammed it in there so the pins were bent i was able to repair it and put it back together and it’s working fine and then my second issue was when we were driving out to colorado it kept going into limp mode apparently it’s a software glitch i haven’t had any issues since but

Then again i haven’t been driving for three days straight like i was then but apparently the def system was not per uh injecting into the exhaust basically the exhaust wasn’t getting hot enough i believe it’s a software issue that’s what jeep told me i haven’t had it updated yet but i plan on just ripping all that out anyway i did buy a scanner that does allow me

To do to force a death regen so if it happens again i could force the reeds in and make it you know do its thing but other than that while i was down here i noticed my sway bar the bolt was missing on there so i checked all the other sway bar bolts they’re all tight i don’t know if i missed that i didn’t tighten it down all the way but uh that would explain the

Clacking noise i had 15 000 miles i need to start thinking about doing the differentials i did do the transfer case fluid with amsoil already which that tastes like an automatic transmission fluid but as you can see i’m now sitting on 35s i got a 37 inch spare so i plan on going 37s when these 35s wear out i bought these used for 500 bucks for the whole set

Not a bad deal if i do say so myself we did also install the metal cloak sway bar link support because my bolt holes where the stock sway bar bolts up they were breaking apart so metal folk does see that problem they make a huge i mean look how thick that is thick reinforced um mount for that so went ahead and did that the 37 barely fits but you can fit a 37

Inch spare under here so anyway i did have that noise in the front which ended up being that sway bar so i just wanted to check these so it looks like this was hitting right here so i’m gonna take pliers and bend this out of the way that’s not annoying fingers well guys that’s it for a quick walk around with the problems i’ve had so far with the gladiator i still

Wouldn’t trade it for the world i mean people say oh you know junk yada yada but i still wouldn’t trade it for the world um we had three uh issues none of them technically left me stranded i was able to just clear the codes when that def system happened other than that it’s been really great very capable perfect for over landing we’re definitely gonna go to 37s

Once these tires wear out so it fits the profile better it’s not plenty of yeah that totally flex out and this suspension setup is made 37s squadron baja sports uh embers put in the bumpers behind designs makes the bracket for it and lp9 uh for amazon knockoffs but they’re pretty cool well everyone thanks for making it this far please like and subscribe for

More modifications to the jeep and i have new adventures still a pipeline coming out thanks again we’ll see you next time goodbye

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Jeep Gladiator Steering Fix & Upgrade By Wolf Overland