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Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV 2014 review:

Energy claims it invented the premium suv with the original grand cherokee now on maybe i’m wrong but i always thought the range rover was the first posh off-roader anyway i’m not here to argue but instead to review this the new grand cherokee texture bold styling and shiny chrome accents this is one go anywhere vehicle that’s guaranteed to no new in viscountess

At both the races and the school run it’s also very good for carrying luggage because as you’ll see when the electric tailgate finally opens it’s got one of the biggest boots of any suv even though underneath here there is a full-size spare wheel that you need to carry larger items you can of course fold down the rear seats now as you can see you’ve got a fairly

Flat load bay which makes loading easier and although the total volume isn’t as big as on some of the rivals it’s going to be big enough for most people unless of course you have a job carrying furniture about what about room for the rear passengers well for climbing you’ll see that there’s easily enough space for a full sized adult i particular liked the fact

That these seats recline or pretty much as far as i’ve ever come across in any car mean look at this it’s going to be great for long distance journeys in the back however look at down here you’ll see that you’ve got a bit of a transmission to know normally i’ll complain about that but this cause foot wells are so large that they can accommodate a bit of insurgency

From the central passenger as for practicality in the front while the door bins are large the glovebox decent the central cubby cavernous and has even somewhere for your wallet however the best thing about this car for me is the sheer amount of standard equipment you get for instance even the base level model gets bi-xenon headlamps you get electrically powered

Leather seats you’ve got a 30 gig hard drive system there you can also connect your ipod to it and your telephone there’s parking sensors there’s a reversing camera but there’s just so much stuff and there’s loads of safety equipment as well in fact if you go for the overland model the range topper you also get lane departure warning you get collision alert you

Get adaptive cruise control and also this really nice sunroof has even a sat-nav as standard as well it’s just fully loaded this car these days most suvs are more about the show than the actual off-road go but that’s not the case with this grand cherokee because it’s one of the most capable mud pluggers on the market you can actually set the car up for different

Services by turning this dial here you even have a low ratio transfer box for when the going gets really tough and on this particular range topping overland model can actually alter the height of the suspension as well and you can even set it to very low setting when you’re parked to make it easier for your overweight labrador to jump into the boot one of the

Problems you get with quite a lot of suvs when you take them out onto the open road is that you get quite a bit wind whistle from their bluff sides and large wing mirrors at higher speeds but this jeep doesn’t suffer from that at all it’s actually quite quiet inside it also goes round corners very well it’s not the sport esportes utility vehicles it’s not bad at

All and the auto box it’s nice and refined it slushees gears together extremely well and the engine the diesel engine in this is punchy that said it’s not quite as economical nor as clean as what you’re getting the german competition and as a result this car is a little bit more expensive to run as far as the downside well one of the big ones for me is the ride

Quality because this car is actually the range top and it’s fitted with air suspension while it deals with bigger bumps well it kind of shakes and fidgets about over the smaller imperfections in the road and you’ve probably noticed that in the slightly shaky camerawork and that’s not the cameraman it’s actually this car another issue i have is the seats because

They’re so firm in fact i’ve sat on palm benches which are more yielding than these chairs and then there’s the foot operated parking brake and now i don’t like those at the best of times so this one actually rubs against your shin another problem is the quality while the cabin seems pleasing at first on closer inspection love the plastics are cheap and nasty and

The leather on the dash is so tough feels like it’s been sourced from a cow that smoked 40 a day my last issue with this car is that it will depreciate faster than a volkswagen touareg however you have to spend about 8 grand more for one of those cause if you want the same kit on it is you get on this 3 little diesel overland model and really that’s beauty of the

Grand cherokee you see because a premium suv that’s also good value for money seems like a bit of an oxymoron over this jeep proves that it’s not

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