Jeep Grand Wagoneer Restoration Part 3 The Seats

The story of how we remade the classic leather seats

Sorry the word you longer than that is called the wagoneers pratik let’s get right into it first i would like to apologize sincerely so all the people that were very upset that we didn’t find a dead body in the island foragers folks were pretty mad we got a record number of thumbs down on that video i was just appointed – you know i really thought there was going

To be a dead body but that glass ball is really what was in there none of that was made up we still don’t know really what it was for all right so part three is in g i started working on part three and it became obvious that there was so much information the video was either going to be 45 minutes long or i’d have to gloss over it and so i decided to break it

Up into people so this is part three a to c so we got the wagon your back from the artist you know it’s running great the exterior looks brand-new and now it’s time to focus on the interior i don’t know about you but i’ve looked at hundreds of wagoneers on ebay and craigslist and one of the first things i look at in the picture or the condition of the seat i feel

Like it’s a good indicator of how the owner treated their wagoneer and if the seats are all beat up and torn up then it kind of makes me wonder about the state of the rest of the vehicle but let’s face it i mean the leather in most of these g is 30-plus years old so replacing the leather is going to have to be a consideration on this jeep defeats just looked bad

And i knew one of them are placed so i got on the internet to see what options are out there and really the only thing i could find were prefab seat covers that didn’t at all look original i found a few companies that look like they took it on a stab at it but even those still weren’t even close to the original and it was important to me for it to look new but

Still original so i went to all the car upholstery places in town it was pretty much the same story they all really just offered prefab leather seat covers and i just couldn’t live with that i wasn’t going to put all this money into this jeep and have it not look right i had to find someone willing to take the original seats apart and then use those pieces as a

Template to build the new seat so that’s when i found wind trim in west monroe the owner raymond is a really great guy and he was willing to give it a shot and when i brought the seats over i saw one of the guys in the back with a patient of mine so i just felt good about it and we picked out the right color leather but i couldn’t find the right cloth corduroy

Insert so i went back to the internet an extensive search brought me to wagoneer world they’re kind of like wagonmaster they rebuild and sell the wagoneers but they also have a few parts for sale one of which was a cloth seat insert they come pre-cut and labeled and sold for three hundred fifteen bucks they showed up on my doorstep team grand wagoneer has those

Cloth inserts but they only have them in maroon so i got it all over the wind trim and i really enjoyed the process of watching him tearing down and rebuilding the seat a couple weeks later it was done and ready for pickup oh so then they sat in a staging area until they were ready to head back to the shop and get installed but that’ll come later so

That’s the store in the fleet and we’ll dig a little bit deeper into the interior on the next episode you don’t know the power of the dark side you don’t know the power of the dog now we are having a little problem right here in some of the corners particularly this one on these rear doors this bend right here tends to bow out so you’ve got get this sort of

Curved effect on the get this curved effect on the molding and was wanting to come up there’s been several spots where where i wanted to bow and so we haven’t quite found the solution to that but as soon as we figure out how to fix that i’ll let you know

Transcribed from video
Jeep Grand Wagoneer Restoration Part 3 The Seats By Hampton Rutland