Jeep Recon EV, Avenger & Wagoneer S – Jeep 4xe Day

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Hello and welcome back to the channel everyone this is motor mike media and as always i’m motor mike and today we got some big ev jeep news so we’ll get started with the small baby avenger that’s right the avenger name used to be on a dodge coupe then a dodge sedan now it’s not a jeep ev now looking at this thing there’s only a few photos and not much information

This is a sub compact vehicle smaller than the renegade and i think it looks pretty sharp from the few photos we have i like the more modern styling it still looks like a jeep and dna but we know that this is supposed to be an affordable ev but it’s not coming here to america here in america we’re trying to make this eevee push like most of the rest of the world

The problem is we don’t have a good grid we don’t have chargers we don’t have affordable evs come on stelantis why wouldn’t you bring an affordable ev here to america if this is your plan now it’s not coming here i like the way it looks well let’s talk about something that is coming here the wagoneer s and you’re looking at these photos like hmm yes the wagoner

Name but doesn’t look like a wagon air that just came out a few years ago you’re right about that this is more sleek it’s more land rover range rover and design we don’t know much about this either we know it’s supposed to have about 600 horsepower pretty good range futuristic technology and styling and it looks pretty sharp actually with some of these pictures

They have but we don’t know the pricing we know the regular wagoner and grand wagon are very expensive the grand wagoner’s over a hundred thousand dollars when you get it loaded and so this is going to be very expensive and easy for rich people only now talking about the wagon here as well there’s supposed to be a plug-in hybrid or four by e coming out soon which

Is pretty interesting other news the biggest news i should say is the jeep recon this thing’s pretty sweet guys it’s an all-eevee it’s coming here to america as well as a lot of other places around the world it’s got boxy futuristic styling which i kind of like the front end looks pretty sharp with the led lights the slight uh the slots that are the fake grille

Up front but this vehicle has a power roof so basically hit the button just like the old liberties and you can still get this on the wrangler as well the whole top goes back it’s like a giant sunroof it’s a canvas top and the doors are removable jeep is saying that this is an off-road monster something that is very similar to a wrangler but it’s all ev this thing

Can do the rubicon trail and they said they can do it on a full charge as well as have enough juice to get you back into town and charge it up again we don’t know pricing we don’t know range we don’t know power all we know is it’s rugged it’s off-road capable it might be unibody it might be independent suspension from the photos it might look that way we’ll have

To wait and see now all this information i told you guys today we’ll see more about it in 2023 because these are supposed to be 2024 production models so we’ll know about more of them soon but let me know the comments below what do you guys think about these vehicles do you think the avengers coolant should come here to america do you think the recon is badass

And it’ll be kind of cool to have that and a wrangler going off-roading and what do you think about the wagoner s more expensive evs for rich people we’ll have to wait and see but like i said let me know all your comments and opinions down below and if you haven’t already and you’ll want to please check out my channel i keep trying to give you guys more and more

Content it’s all cars trucks crossovers and suvs combustion engines and evs a little bit of everything but please like comment subscribe hit that notification bell that way you guys can stay up to date the latest and greatest for my channel and as always i truly truly appreciate you all for watching and i’ll see you all in the next one

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Jeep Recon EV, Avenger & Wagoneer S – Jeep 4xe Day!!! By Motor Mike Media