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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4xe 2022 – Night Test Drive & Review (4K)

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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4xe 2022 – Night Test Drive & Review (4K)

What are you doing the 2022 jeep wrangler for xe returns for its second year on the market as jeep’s flagship hybrid it isn’t perfect but it retains the virtues that made the wrangler such a hit while adding a few of its own of note jeep’s latest ordering dive reveals that 2022 wrangler unlimited sahara 4xe will start at 54 125 including destination while the

Rubicon 4xe will start hundred at 57 five dollars in comparison to their initial price tags which were forty nine thousand four hundred and ninety dollars and fifty three thousand one hundred and ninety dollars respectively that’s a sizable year-on-year price difference though it will soon be joined by the upcoming grand cherokee 4xe the jeep wrangler 4xe is

The brand standard bearer for alternative powertrains it has already established itself as a strong seller competing against eco warriors like the toyota rav4 prime in the ways that count the 4xe goes toe to toe with the regular wrangler or any other trail ready suv it remains a fearsome off-roading machine and the electric torque provides some welcome grunt on the

Road we found that the extra weight from the batteries lowers the center of gravity and makes the 4xe more stable than a conventional wrangler of course the 4xc’s biggest attraction is its 49 mpge rating that number will only be achieved by owners who have access to a charging station but it’s impressive nonetheless the integration of electric and combustion power

Isn’t seamless and braking feel can be inconsistent at slow speeds the wrangler 4xe has no direct competition but more is coming around the corner a hybridized ford bronco is on the way and rivien will likely throw its hat in the ring the wrangler 4xe is a worthy first attempt from jeep and we look forward to a fully electric version in the future compared to the

Conventional wrangler unlimited the wrangler 4xe loses some cabin and cargo space to its batteries the difference is fairly small especially with the second row upright the 2022 wrangler 4xe combines a 2.0 liter turbo engine with a 17 kilowatt hour battery two electric motors and an eight-speed automatic transmission it all adds up to a net output of 375 horsepower

And 470 lbft making the 4xe the most powerful wrangler after the rubicon 392. jeep claims a 0 to 60 miles per hour time of exactly 6 seconds thanks to all that torque the 4xe retains the wranglers 3500 pound towing capacity but while the 392 is the least efficient wrangler the 4xe is the thriftiest for owners who take advantage of the 4xc’s charging port the

Epa estimates a combined 49 mpge that number decreases significantly without a full charge as a conventional hybrid the 4xz manages only 20 miles per gallon city highway combined as a result it’s best suited to owners who can take advantage of a charging station at the trailhead you can put the 4xc’s electric range to use tackling boulders and gullies in silence

While saving gas for the return journey the electric motor is limited to 134 horsepower and 181 lbft of torque but it will still take the 4xe farther than most suvs could dream of to encourage for xc owners jeep is installing solar-powered charging stations at some trail heads it’s a nice alignment of environmental recreation and stewardship and the stations may

Gain popularity as jeep adds more electric models to the stable the plug-in hybrid 2022 jeep wrangler hasn’t been rated by nitsa but other versions receive a three-star rollover rating in iihs testing the four-door 2022 jeep wrangler received good scores in moderate overlap front side roof strength and head restraint and seat tests safety tech is available for

A price blind spot monitors and parking sensors are bundled together for 995 on the sahara 4xe with adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking available in an additional package for 795 dollars stepping up to the high altitude for xe makes the first package standard but not the second all wrangler 4 xe trims get the same 8.4 inch infotainment system

It comes with navigation apple and android compatibility and an lte wi-fi hotspot a premium sound system by alpine is also standard rubicon and high altitude trims can add a forward-facing trail camera for off-road spotting cuties nothing says freedom like taking the 2022 jeep wrangler down the deserted trail with the top rolled back and adventure awaiting around

The bin the iconic off-roader sports a retro exterior style that pays homage to the rugged jeep from world war ii but it’s packed with modern conveniences including touch screen infotainment cruise control and an eight speaker stereo up level trims can be downright luxurious with leather upholstery ambient interior lighting in-dash navigation on-board wi-fi and

A power operated soft top the wrangler is offered with the traditional two-door body style but buyers looking for extra space for passengers and cargo should consider the four-door unlimited models a host of powertrains are offered including a plug-in hybrid one as well as a red-hot 6.4 liter v8 but no matter which engine is under the hood the wrangler comes

Standard with four-wheel drive a host of capability enhancing features are available to help buyers curate their wrangler exactly to their desired specification its broad range of models and features as well as its reputation for concrete trails means the wrangler has what it takes to compete with rivals such as the toyota 4runner and the resurrected ford bronco

This adventure ready trim comes with 35 inch vf beverage ko2 all-terrain tires on 17-inch wheels a 1.5 inch suspension lift upgraded brakes and a host of blacked out exterior trim and badges the willis extreme recon model comes standard with the 3.6 liter v6 engine and is offered only on the four-door unlimited body style we like the idea of staying close to the

Wrangler’s simple routes while keeping the price towards the low end of the range so we’d start with the two-door wrangler which comes standard with a removable cloth top we don’t want to go full world war two bare bones so we’d opt for the wrangler sport s for its extra equipment which includes air conditioning a leather covered steering wheel power windows and

Locks automatic headlamps heated mirrors and more beyond that we’d expect the 270 horsepower 2.0 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder for its 295 pound-feet of torque 35 pound feet more than the standard v6 the four cylinder also comes standard with an eight-speed automatic a powertrain combination that should make for low stress trail driving don’t forget to subscribe

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