Jeremy Clarkson drive Audi A8 (D2) Audis flagship in classic old top gear

The Audi A8 is a four-door, full-size, luxury sedan manufactured and marketed by the German automaker Audi since 1994.

Can you imagine actually being able to afford an s-class mercedes benz trouble is you’d have to choose between it and the 7 series bmw chris eubank in a business suit or what about jaguar 50 grand buys you one of the new supercharged xj ours it’s rather like being in one of those expensive restaurants where you want everything on the menu and then just when you

Think you’ve decided the waiter comes over to tell you about the chef’s special something that sounds even better well i’m in today’s chef special the audi a8 the wheeled equivalent of lobster thermidor in a stroke aldi has made the efforts of mercedes bmw and jaguar look like suet pudding with custard made by blue circle the a8 is one astonishing motorcar

To look at i’ll grant you it’s like any other large saloon but if you were superman rather than super couch potato and you could see through paint you change your mind a little bit the body the chassis the whole damn shooting match is aluminium which makes it as light though not necessarily as fluffy a choux pastry dig a little deeper and you’ll find it stuffed

With the darkest bitterest swiss chocolate the top model has a 4.2 liter v8 engine insulate it’s as high-tech as they come with plenty of toys to remind you that this car cost 46,000 pounds and there are countless neat little touches like double glazing then is the gearbox treat it like an automatic or move it across here and you’ve got formula one style changes

Down or up you don’t even need to lift your foot off the throttle i have to say this is the first german car that i’ve ever sat in which doesn’t feel like a dentist’s waiting room it has charm and character even though howdy has managed to make this huge piece of walnut look exactly like fab lon quite an achievement but if you think it’s impressive when it’s

Stationary why did you get it on the moon you the first thing you notice is the astonishing quietness the only thing i can hear in here is the gurgling of my tummy are after it’s agreeable lunch this car is as quiet as a church mouse in bedroom slippers it’s almost eerie howdy has recognized that most people in the market for a car like this want comfort

Above all else you could drive the aage across a field of corrugated iron and not know you as a long-distance cruiser verne this car is right up there with the very best and you don’t even need to stop for fuel very often because it’s so light you’ll get 25 mpg maybe more so it’s as good as a jaguar at being quiet it’s as good as a mercedes at being well made

And well-thought-out that only leaves bmw to put it mildly bmw is monopoly on big luxury limos that drive like sports cars has been shattered first by the supercharged jag and now by this pull the tiptronic gear box over here drop a cog floor the throttle on again that lightweight body plays dividends top speed is 155 miles an hour and the reckless can get it

From naught to 60 in seven seconds my only real criticism of the a8 is a performance car is this seat it just doesn’t hold you in place properly you go around the corners and boy can it corner but if the four-wheel drive system isn’t enough the whole car is awash with novel safety features as i see it there’s only one real problem with the a8 image by laying a

Car in this sector of the market is all about making a statement i have a mercedes benz i like to push the working-classes off the road i have a bmw secretly under this jacket i’m wearing red braces i have a jaguar i’m a pillar of the establishment a freemason chairman of a local golf club a magistrate but what about i have an audi what does that say about you

Ah i have an audi only have an audi princess diana has an audi so so what if you buy a car like this you’re not really making a statement at all perhaps that’s a good thing

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Jeremy Clarkson drive Audi A8 (D2) Audi's flagship in classic old top gear By ClassicCars Videos