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Just WOW Traxxas Toyota GR Supra GT4 4-Tec 3.0 RC Car Review | RC Driver

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The Traxxas 4-Tec 1/10 ready to run on-road RC car platform is multiplying and in a very good way. We’ve seen some really cool releases on the newest 4-Tec chassis from a Ford GT to a Chevrolet Corvette and even some wild Hot Rods. Some cool options, but now there’s a new option that should really attract the racing crowd, the Traxxas Toyota GR Supra GT4 4-Tec 3.0! This car is an awesome replica of the real Gazoo Racing Supra and Traxxas tweaked a few things under the hood that really make this car perform well. In this video you’ll find all the details you need to know about this exciting new release and see it rip around a few parking lots too!

So who’s ready for some on-road action if you’re an on-road rc driver and you’re already aware of the traxxas vortec the corvette is a blast to rip up the streets with the hot rod really cool for cruising around parking lots and if you’ve been hoping for something a little bit more life we’ve got something for you to check out the new gr supra gt4

Now this looks really cool a toyota kazoo racing super gt4 man this thing looks fast just standing still this is on the traxxas vortec 3.0 chassis it’s a ready to run car you will need batteries and a charger to get it going but uh this looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun for those that maybe want to you know race against some buddies take it to a track

Or just rip up the street with which is probably what i’m gonna do we’re gonna hit a parking lot with it later but let’s talk about the details on here mostly it’s all in the body there’s a few changes to the chassis which we’re going to go over but let’s start looking at this body this is painted from the factory decal comes out of the box just as you

See it and the the paint on here is really sharp the red the black the white really sharp lines on here and it’s a two-piece body so the rear bumper cover on here is a separate piece there’s a little screw in the back but let’s start off in the front here check out this lower splitter that is actually molded plastic part of the front bumper and then up

Here the grilles are actually molded plastic as well and they did that because as you can see there are no body mounting holes on here the front grille is part of the clip system that uh holds the body down in the front so there’s just a single clip under here in the front splitter and you pop that up and the body comes off in the front and i’ll show

You how it comes off in the rear but really liking the body mounting system so there are no body clips now the hood vent is a separate molded piece as well just adds a little bit more detail uh the windows aren’t clear but it looks pretty cool as is it gives a nice tinted look and the mirrors are molded separate as well the rear wing is a molded piece

And that is part of the rear body mounting system so again you just slip your hand under the rear of the body push one clip in and the back of the body will come up so just two clips and you’ll be able to remove the body on this so here is some of the detail in the rear of the car that you need to see really nicely molded lexan and they have these black

Chrome exhaust tips that gives the car a really really good look but look at the lines on here they nailed it you know this is a really sleek looking body i bet you that’s just gonna look so good on the track or again you know ripping around parking lots as well now on all four corners we have wide rubber tires they’re a kind of pirelli looking style of

Race tire and then they’re mounted on these ozy style wheels they’re not licensed i’m just throwing those names out there because that’s what they look like to me but really love these wheels and then if you look deep inside of the wheel you can see the brake calipers and brake discs this car has a lot of scale detail to it all right let me pop the body

Off and we’ll talk about what they changed up on the chassis all right so here is the vortech 3.0 chassis and the chassis is actually different so between all the vortex what they’re doing is they’re changing up the chassis length and they’re doing that so the body proportions look really good they’re not forcing you know the body onto an existing chassis

They’re actually changing the chassis so everything looks as it should so this chassis is different and i kind of screwed that up i think it was in the hot rod video i said it was a similar chassis to i think the forward but it’s not so if you’re gonna go and swap bodies out on a four tech just keep in mind chassis lengths here and what also changes with

The chassis length is the center shaft and this is a nice steel center shaft in here ball bearing supported but pretty much everything else here our parts that we’ve seen before on the four tech i’ll start up front though with some changes uh here is a closer look at the splitter got a foam front bumper and then there is the body mounting system and looks

Like they even have a little slot here for sway bar if you want to go add that later got oil filled shocks front and rear uh just fixed links everywhere so that makes it nice and easy you don’t have to worry about camber rods moving or changing if you run into curbs or anything like that but these are nice stout suspension arms really good looking hubs

On here nice composite plastics like we’ve seen from traxxas before and the suspension just feels really good it always does on these vortex now the drive line on here we’ve got gear differentials with steel gears front and rear greased from the factory steel dog bone steel axles on here and again that center shaft is steel as well they do give you an

Optional pinion gear in the kit so it’s set up out of the box for general driving so it doesn’t overheat the electronics or anything like that but they do give you a high speed 22 tooth pinion with it so if you want to go do some speed runs uh hit that top speed of 30 miles an hour that they have on the box you could swap out that pinion gear and of

Course they give you some tools in the kit as well some some basic tools so you can go and do that all right so let’s talk about the electronics really quick we’ve got a 2075 servo up front a standard torque servo fitted with a servo saver out to the bell cranks there so that protects the servo in case again you run into a curb we have the proven xl5 speed

Controller this is good for 8.4 volt nickel metal hydrides or 2s lipo batteries and then the titan 12 turn 550 motor that motor is just a beast for a brush motor uh again that will get it up to 30 miles an hour with the the the speed gear in there plenty of space to go and put a 2s lipo battery if you want to that’s what we’re going to run it on and let

Me give you a closer look at the chassis here there is that new center chassis section and as you can see everything is kind of modular here we’ve got a separate plate up front for the front section same with the rear section a little tiny splitter out back and then let me just show you really quick the rear body mounting system again all you got to do

Is lock the clips into the holes there and you know it secures the body really well that’s all you really need to know about the the chassis here again here’s a closer look at those tires now that i have the body off really good looking tire really firm insert in there as well that’s a racing-like tire and i like how wide it is that should provide plenty

Of grip out on the all right just want to show you guys really quick the box art i love the box art from traxxas and here is what comes in the kit so there is the 22 tooth pinion gear that you can throw on to go high speed uh your basic tools some preload clips for the shocks and then of course all your manuals for the included electronics that will

Will get you all up and running and then what i’m going to do is i am going to throw this system in here so they sell these starter packs and uh it comes with the charger and the battery all in one and that’ll get you going i’m going to use the the 2s 5800 milliamp lipo battery so we can go and have plenty of run time out in a parking lot so i’m gonna go

Find a cool place to run let’s go drive this thing so so all right drivers time for a little rip around the parking lot and i don’t know if it’s just because it looks faster but this seems a little faster than the other vortex i’ve driven i don’t know this thing just looks cool that’s quick this

Is stock out of the box with a 2s lipo battery traxxas power cell that’s quick for this parking lot size i think this is perfect i should have brought some cones with me i always forget the cones but anyway the uh the big fat tires on the front here these are awesome for off power steering nice and smooth turning full control rear end doesn’t really

Break out that’s what you notice on some of the other vortex the rear end was a little loose a little chatter in the rear but this one with these tires on here pretty dialed i could definitely definitely see this becoming like a really cool parking lot racing class maybe at hobby stores that would be really awesome maybe a spec for tech class this would

Be the car to do it with this thing handles so good look at that let me do it on power turn for you a little wide a little push a little under steer if you will there we go you just let off i think just pulls right in look at that just a little slide in the rear that’s awesome this car is pretty dialed i’ve hit another i’ve hit a few other parking

Lots with this already i wanted two more planned just to test it out see if anything wears on it but the vortec is such a good platform it does have break break is good reverse watch us listen to those tires grip those are some awesome tires on there really good stuff look at that i love that i’m just a little loose get a little loose in the rear adds

To the fun factor slamming on that drive train throw it in reverse seems to handle it you’re not supposed to do that but i’m testing it out i want to make sure everything’s good love that grip of those tires look at that i gotta do it one more time ready just love watching him grab that’s cool all right this is an awesome looking car it handles really

Well i mean this is just this is an unprep surface here all sand and rocks just really cool all right let’s head back to the studio and we’ll wrap up this review so i think the gr supra is my favorite fortec i don’t know what it is about this car but it just seems to be a little quicker out of the box maybe it’s just the look but it definitely handles

Really well and i think a big part of that is the tires the tires just seem to grip they have the right firmness the right width and so when you’re going into a corner off power it just dives right in on power it’s got some really good grip to it maybe it checks up a little bit in the rear but you’re under control through the whole driving experience it

Was just so cool to rip around on this thing you guys heard how excited i was while i was driving it it was just a lot of fun they did a great job on this car it just has the right wheelbase to it so it performs really really well now i’m gonna leave the top speed testing up to a follow-up video but as you guys saw it’s pretty quick out of the box it’s

Got some really good acceleration to it and uh again those tires are just so grippy when i threw in reverse and then nailed you can see the tires are scrambling that was totally awesome very cool looking car love the super body love that it doesn’t have any body clips on there really easy to take the body on and off that front splitter is really rad as

Well awesome car i’m really looking forward to doing that speed test if you have any questions about the car throw in the comment section below i’ll try to address them in that video while you’re down in the lower section i’ll have links in the description hit that subscribe button and the notifications bell throw the video like and we’ll see you back

Soon for some more rc driver videos you

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