Ken Block Drifts A Dually 8,000 lbs. of Diesel Powered Ford F-450 Tire Shredding Action

Will It Drift? Good question, and we all know there’s only one responsible way to find out! In this weeks episode, we take the 8,000 lb. Ford Super Duty F-450 Dually – and guest host, Hoonigan’s very own “Mister Zachary” – back to UMC (Utah Motorsports Campus) for an afternoon of rowdy diesel-powered tire-shredding action.

Why we keep hurting and in agonizing separate good old hrd bet you were expecting somebody else that’s okay if you’re not familiar with who i am my name’s zack i work at hanigan generally finding me jumping cars shellene out different types of merchandise on channels we got tech jackets we got real jackets we got hoodies today we’ve come up to park city

Because we’ve all been trapped inside for two months you can’t wanted to do some rad stuff so you know what i was not gonna drop that opportunity speak of the devil here what’s up four foot bridge hold lock this up so i could just push the foot brake moda like have like a basically like a handbrake yeah exactly so i think in terms of zip ties and duct tape which

Doesn’t seem like a good idea for this particular part yeah this isn’t super scientific but if nobody’s gonna be mad at you if we drill a couple holes here and then we just run a chain is like a daisy chain of zip ties up to the race car stuff what’s up what’s up dude thanks for having me up this is sick sorry man i wasn’t well in for what’s the game plan for

Today some very fun stuff this led to surrounded idaho this year that’s within a carl custer’s place and we also did tow nuts with it you need time i get to drive one i’m very stoked so we thought it would be fun to take that fun-loving experience that i’ve had on the snow sledding around and try and do it on time but we’re bringing that down to some fun little

Bit of fun okay maybe you can help me with a wait wait a minute are you gonna let you’re gonna let me drive something looking over here just reminded me amazed it’s all to make sure and thank everybody that answered into that giveaway for the raptor and the can-am we raised over $550,000 for make-a-wish foundation so thank you again to all the fans that entered

And to amaze for putting that great thing on what’s good and head down to umc and have some fun tell ya well we’re here at beautiful utah motorsports campus and we have the whole tract ourselves it looks like i know it’s a holiday so it’s nobody here really i mean think of this day the emts set up for drifting so it’s very nice area for us to plan some way my

Daughter’s donut marks are right over there nice so but unfortunately for you i intend to ever take the c off the trailer what oh so we’re doing trailer birdies yes i mean hey hey first of all i’m mad at it i’m mad at it’s a little more my speed anyway i wouldn’t involve you somehow i appreciate you get appreciate you all right what’s the game plan here i mean

Well you want to just well we got it hooked up so we should make a lot of it yeah we’ll try and make a lot of it yeah i can do that yeah so why i broke it the mark 2 is done well relieve driveshaft oh okay all right that sucks uh yeah broken clean off in iran this side oh yeah that stuff that’s supposed to be connected some in it what have we learned

Today okay you know liam liam yeah he booby trap she pre broke it you guys right here how to play my 50 girl bother and now we’re gonna drop off the trailer start sliding around this truck it’s you and get up hell yeah no turns out here throw with mine g’s in the 450 you hung it out for like four or five good laps trying to like control it the

Minute i come off like that they come off and come back on just to like get it to his digs i’m too tight or something it’s just the power of the diesel to slows down and build back up so slow by the time it’s reacting gone it looks sick yeah it looks like this is breathing hard that is every bit of ounce of your muscle around damn near 9,000 pounds man it looks

Sick oh god let’s get the delta by this camera that’s sick by the way that’s third gear that’s the only way i could get it to do it legitimately is very good we were successful they worked out right just a matter of figuring out which tool fits right to get it to do what i wanted to do but that was fun the secret was real speed more wheel speed more better oh

Yeah did all right well done sir hey hurts i hope you enjoyed that little rear-wheel drive do the action and i know that you have a dually also so i think it’s time to throw down this is a challenge let’s see what you got

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Ken Block Drifts A Dually! 8,000 lbs. of Diesel Powered Ford F-450 Tire Shredding Action By Ken Block