Khonh khc VinFast VF5, VF6, VF7, VF8, VF9 ra mt ti Trin lm CES 2022

Khoảnh khắc VinFast VF5, VF6, VF7, VF8, VF9 ra mắt tại Triển lãm CES 2022

Us customers who pay a 200 refundable reservation fee will receive a voucher of three thousand dollars for vf8 and five thousand dollars for vf9 similarly for european customers the refundable reservation fee will be 150 euros and the award credit will be 2 500 euros for vf8 and 4 200 euros for vf9 in the vietnamese market customers only pay 10 million vietnamese

Dong for reservation and will receive a voucher of 150 million vietnamese dong for vf8 and 250 million for vf9 the win first program will start from today and last for three months the vouchers are all valid for two years until december 31st 2023 additionally we apply blockchain technology for the reservation process to ensure the traceability of ownership and

Special benefits for windfast pioneers the vf8 will be so here’s the price the vf8 will be sold with a starting price of 41 000 us dollars in the us 36 133 euros in europe and 961 million vietnamese long in vietnam vf9 has a starting price of 56 000 us dollars in the u.s 49 280 euros in europe and 1 billion and 312 million vietnamese down in vietnam this

Price does not include any sales taxes and value-added taxes the battery leasing adapts and smart services packages thanks to our innovative battery leasing policy covering the whole life of each of this vehicle we guarantee that the monthly cost for you which is the battery leasing fee plus the electricity cost to charge the vehicle at home is equivalent to

The cost of a gasoline for an equivalent ice vehicle in each of the market fin fashion also covered entire cost of battery maintenance and will replace the battery for free when the capacity of the battery falls below 70 to 70 percent so all the vehicles registered in the vin first program will get also a free win fast mobile charger an adas and smart services

Lifetime package and on top of all you’ll get a vinpo villa package a full seven days all-inclusive stay for the whole family at any of our five-star vinpo hotel and resort across vietnam also for every car reservation that you make during this program winfast will plant a tree to support a greener planet we believe with these optimal prices dedicated

Customer services and after sales policy we will take a step toward a more sustainable future of mobility once again thank you very much for your presence at winfast global ev day and for journeying with vin fast toward a greener future for everyone and now the showtime i would like to invite mr hong sang bae cto of invest and dave lyon chief designer and

All the chief engineers to join me on stage to introduce vinfast full lineup of evs thank you ladies and gentlemen and now the whole ev range from vinfast congratulations vin fast thank you for joining us for this moment now we would like to invite you all to come to the stage and have a closer look at our striking electric suvs you

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Khoảnh khắc VinFast VF5, VF6, VF7, VF8, VF9 ra mắt tại Triển lãm CES 2022 By