kia carnival new 2022 11 seaters

In the 11 seater carnival third and fourth row passengers can access the vehicle by using the second row seat walk-in function when entering on the left side pull the reclining lever on the left side of the second row seat cushion upward the seat back will move forward releasing the slide you can free up more space to access the vehicle by pulling on the

Seat back and moving the seat forward hold the strap under the back of the second row seat to fold the back of it and push it forward until there is enough space to exit comfortably after accessing the vehicle adjust the second row seat back to the upright position and pull the slide lever to move the seat backward let’s look at how we can fold the assist seat

Available in the eleventh seater completely fold the second and third row assist seats by pulling up the reclining lever located on the top of the seat packs grab the lower right part of the seat and lift it toward the driver’s seat and then the seat will move and fold so a path is naturally formed the two-point seat belt of the assist seats can be stored in

The pocket at the bottom of the cushion unfold by doing the folding steps in the reverse order the center assist seat angle is also adjustable the second and third row center assist seats at reclining levers located at the top of the seat back while the lever is pulled you can lay the seat back down or set it upright precisely adjust the angle of the seat back

And release the lever to set it in place the center assist seat can be folded forward and used as a table in the 11 seater the second and third row seats can be moved forward or backward move the seats forward and backward by pulling up on the slide lever on the front bottom of the second and third row seat cushions release the slide lever and gently shake the

Seats back and forth to secure the seat position conveniently move the seat to fit your preference let’s see how to stow the fourth row seats to increase cargo load capacity press the unlock button on the fourth row seat headrest to lower them to the lowest possible position then pull the strap on the seat back and the seats will fold and fit snugly in the cargo

Space to firmly secure it press the top of the seat back down hold the strap on the back of the fourth row seat upward to lift the seat then pull the fourth row seats backward to return to the original position when folding or unfolding the fourth row please adjust the position and angle of the third row to avoid a collision with the fourth row seat carnival

Also has a full flat seat function this function is available when the fourth row seat is stored in the cargo space hold the slide lever on the front bottom of the third row seat and move the seat back as far as it goes then pull the slide lever on the bottom front of the second row seat and move it closer to the driver’s seat while pressing the button on the

Second row seat headrest hold the headrest up to detach it from the seat and pull the lever on the left side of seat cushion to recline the back seat to complete rest mode in the 11 seater you can expand the rear set resting area by pulling the angle adjustment lever on the top of the second and third row assist seat backs to unfold the back seat be careful

Not to jam your hands or feet when using the seat and please refrain from driving when the full flat seat is in use kia

Transcribed from video
kia carnival new 2022 11 seaters By arnav burner