In this video we will walk you round the 21 year model Kia E-Niro, in the ‘4+’ specification.

Hello and welcome to jte hughes today we are having a look around this kia e nero this particular model is the four plus which is the highest specification this model as it’s the all-electric is available as a 64 kilowatt lithium-ion battery with the capability of 11 kilowatt three-phase charging according to wltp figures you’ll be able to reach a range of 283

Miles on a full church so let’s take a closer look at the vehicle as you can see it’s got these pops of blue along the bottom all kia nero’s have that so they stand out from the crowd it still has kia’s famous tiger nose grill but it’s closed with the charging port integrated into it as you can see we’ve got led daytime running lights and front parking sensors

Along the bottom on the back you have privacy glass on the rear doors and on the tailgate inside we have plenty of legroom and headroom there’s also isofix integrated into the back seats on this model you have all electric windows and heated outer seats on the back again you can see these pops of blue along the bottom and the parking sensors you’ve also got the

Electric badge just down there into the boot of the car as you can see it’s a brilliant size boot kia nero e nero both amazing 450 liters of boot space that also increases if you put down the rear seats on their 60 40 split the kia e nero also comes with two charging cables this one is a type 2 to type 2 charging cable and under the floor you also have a type

2 to 3 pin charging cable as well as all kias the e-nero is no different it still comes with a year warranty which is industry leading the service intervals on ikea nero every 10 000 miles or 12 months you’re more than welcome to speak with a service advisor or sales executive to get a service plan quote which can be done on the day and you’re more than welcome

To pay up front or in monthly installments so let’s take a look at the safety features on the e nero as standard on all the models you get anti-lock braking system battery heating system electronic stability control forward collision avoidance assist and that’s just to name a few on this particular model you also get intelligent speed limit warning blind spot

Detection with rear cross traffic light and a heat pump so let’s have a look on the inside again on here you have the smart lock and unlock button on the driver and passenger door you have good excess access room into the vehicle you’ve got the four electric window controls and the electric wind mirrors on there on the inside you’ve got the power on off button

Down here you’ve got the new switch by wire which is all new to kia on the steering wheel you’ve got the steering wheel mounted controls on this side is your media on this side you have got your adaptive cruise control and your speed limiter you also in this vehicle have lane polo resist and lane keep assist the model three and this one the four plus have the

10 inch touchscreen satellite system while the two has an eight inch display however they are all compatible with android auto and apple carplay if you’re viewing this vehicle on our website then please be sure to check out the latest retail motability and business lease offers on the nero below also if you’re looking to trade your current vehicle you can get a

Real evaluation on our website in less than two minutes we hope to see you soon and you enjoyed this vehicle thank you very much

Transcribed from video
Kia E-Niro 4+ By jt hughes