Kia EV6 | Sandys First Look

Sandy takes a lap around Kia’s EV6 and gives his initial thoughts on the vehicle.

Hey boys and girls um here we are again with uh another review um sue and i just had a look at the mercedes and now we’re looking at the other end of this spectrum a little bit um here with the kia i i kind of like this car a little bit more than i did the other one maybe because i’m a little bit more ordinary than i’m not really a fan of the ostentatious luxury

Look so we look at this vehicle again it’s got great gaps it’s fit and finish is really really quite good the one thing i just noticed here is the size of this door now this looks like it could be easy to get in and it is and um well this isn’t a mercedes for comfort but uh but it’s pretty good um this is very plain um you’re not you’re not gonna find a

Whole bunch of you’re not gonna find a whole bunch of uh double stitched product this is all there’s no french stitch in here because quite frankly it’s not that kind of not that kind of a car this is more something that people can actually afford yeah and the one good thing is i can hang my coat hangers in here i can use this hand hand pull here to uh to

Hang up my my laundry which i couldn’t do in the other car in the mercedes actually these seats kind of look similar to what the mercedes came up with as well except they’re not nearly as luxurious everything’s kind of like hard plastic this is more of a utilitarian kind of vehicle let’s have a look at the business end here that’s got this must be some kind of

New trend it’s got all the little lines uh poking around not as many as what i saw in the mercedes uh it looks kind of easy uh to figure out probably i’ve i’ve been impressed with um oh i’ve been impressed with uh the way that the koreans have come up with new vehicles over the past little while here this looks kind of easy to figure out the mercedes had tons

Of buttons this one’s got a lot um a lot more than they probably need again i i’m sounding like a broken record a lot of the things that i liked in the tesla are kind of modified and put into some of these other vehicles but um i uh i don’t know i don’t want to be called a tesla fanatic but there is a lot of stuff that i do like in the tesla products i wonder

How i get to guest all right fine use your profile settings i’ll pass on that where’s hmm oh there we are takes a while to find things sometimes they put them all over the place so let’s see what we got here for our map that’s kind of nice navigation is voice that’s a good idea yeah so evie what’s this well it gives me my battery percentage number of miles

I’ve got on here is 146 miles of 62 there’s my radio that’s pretty good i i kind of like this is quite easy to figure out easy to easy to plug in what i want so still looks like there’s duplicate buttons here and there and dials and whatnot that probably don’t need to be here i like the i like the stuff on the steering wheel better i guess this is uh this is

Another one of these transitionary kind of vehicles where you’ve got things some things that look like a an old ice vehicle and some things that tell you there’s a there’s a new world order out there boys and girls we’re in for a treat yep it’s not every day that i expose myself hey boys and girls this episode of monroe live is brought to you by our friends

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There’s nothing you can do with this getting back to the mercedes i really like the idea that i could get to my washer bottle from the outside without having to lift the hood well there’s nothing to see here really so let’s have a look at the rear end a little bit of room and an even tinier bit of room here oh oh that’s not gonna be um it’s uh it’s definitely

Um definitely an economy car this is uh this is kind of um i shouldn’t have probably looked at a mercedes and then come right over and looked at this i will tell you this is probably probably a little more my speed it doesn’t have as much bling on it like i say i’ve i’ve been a fan of the uh the korean transition from the stuff they brought up initially that

Was just horrific to where we are now that that doesn’t look good um so this is a this is about a sixty thousand dollar car so i could get two of these or i could get a mercedes like the one i was just looking at um 60 grand seems a bit much for this car um i would probably be uh i’d have to think about it before i would reach into my pocket to buy this

Based on the fact that it’s uh it’s nice it’s a nice vehicle it uh it’s gonna it’s it’s got beautiful appointments and whatnot uh but the uh there are some there are some nice vehicles out there that are a little less money for 45 or 50 000 10 grand less than what i see here um you could probably get something even nicer however um i uh i stand behind kia uh

Products kia and hyundai products are they have a good a really good reputation i like the way it looks it’s comfortable it’s not ostentatious but it’s it’s comfortable i’m not quite sure what that spoiler does for you but uh but all in all it looks pretty good uh but i’m surprised that it’s a it’s around 57 or 60 grand something like that i would have thought

I would have thought it would have been a little less anyway that’s a quick review of the kia thanks for watching and stay tuned for more you

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Kia EV6 | Sandy's First Look By Munro Live