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The new kia ev9 will be available in europe in 2023 according to kia this electric concept car will compete with huge suvs like the kia sorento and hyundai santa fe it features a striking look and claims to be jam-packed with cutting-edge technology we already knew it will be built on the same platform as the hyundai ioniq 7 which was also unveiled last year

The egmp platform that underlies the considerably smaller kia ev6 and hyundai ioniq 5 will be expanded for both kia and hyundai’s large fsuvs the ev9 will have a range of 300 miles on a fully charged battery and a maximum charging rate of 350 kilowatts according to kia when it comes to the front end kia has avoided the temptation of adding enormous grilles just

For the sake of it because the ev9 is an electric vehicle it requires significantly fewer cooling vents than a gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle resulting in a remarkably clean appearance the ev9 receives some cool-looking trimmings and modern pixel-like daytime running lights in place of vents it also comes with a set of retractable roof rails that can be

Hidden when not in use reducing drag if you’re not near a charger the bonnet features a built-in solar panel that can produce some power from sunshine the ev9 side profile is sleek and futuristic with flared arches sharp creases and the usual pair of massive alloy wheels the back doors of this concept automobile open up to show a pillar-less design allowing for

Easy access to the vast inside the design is once again quite basic around the back the tailgate has a fuss-free flat face design and the rear lights have a slender aspect to them the ev9 is larger than the kia sorento and has a similar footprint to the luxury electric suvs e-tron and model x it’s also rather daring the idea ev9 has a closed-off front grille

And a led light show that greets the motorist as they approach the vehicle traditional wing mirrors are replaced with cameras the kia ev9’s interior is made entirely of environmentally friendly materials the floor mats are constructed from recycled fishing nets while the seats are fashioned from recycled water bottles reducing pollution caused during the car’s

Manufacturing and earning at a hearty dose of eco-friendly brownie points the infotainment system and the digital driver display are both housed on a 27-inch ultra wide display in the center of the cabin this is where you’ll find all of the cars features including the climate settings the ev9 design includes three rows of chairs that can accommodate up to seven

Individuals the configuration is flexible and all three rows of seats can be turned 180 degrees to face out the open tailgate if you have a good view to take it the kia ev9 concept includes three interior configuration modes active pause and enjoy when you’re driving choose active mode and when you’re parked use pause mode to swivel the chairs to face each other

For a more lounge-like feel when parked enjoy mode spins the third row of seats to face out the tailgate allowing you to take in the scenery the ev9 will be the first kia vehicle to have the company’s automotive assisted driving technology which will allow the vehicle to regulate its own acceleration braking lane position and steering in specific scenarios the

Kia ev9 is expected to include a dual motor all-wheel drive system the ev9 will have a 300 mile range according to kia and will be able to charge a 350 kilowatt fast charging stations

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