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KIA EV9 First Look – NEW EV9 Revealed

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This is the kia ev9 concept car and the great news it won’t be a concept car for much longer kia are building it it’s coming to the uk sometime in 2023 and it will look a lot like it does now so from super fast charging to seven seats here’s everything you need to know about the kia ev9 like the ev6 the ev9 has an 800 volt electrical system which allows for

Super fast charging kia says it will be up to 350 kilowatts which is currently faster than anything else in production so what other numbers do we know well it will do not 260 in around 5 seconds and come with a maximum range of about 330 miles it may look like a blank painted panel but as you can see it’s got laser etched leds cut into it which are called star

Clouds which can create patterns to give a little welcome light show for the driver it’s lovely isn’t it they can also be used as indicators or dynamic headlamps and i love the fact there isn’t a front grill it doesn’t need one so why fake one but as always let me know what you think about the front of the kia ev9 in the comments below to grill or not to grill

That’s a question now when it comes to electric cars the battle to have the biggest and the best in-car screen is very real the mercedes eqs is currently winning that one on the size front with a screen that’s probably bigger than the one in my local cinema and then you’ve got the one in the fiskar ocean with its rotating party track but kia is taking a slightly

Different approach with this one it’s a single 27-inch panel it’s wide but very thin and elegant i think it looks great but without being overwhelming and whilst i’m here just look at how the whole dashboard seems to be floating in a loop style which is a bit of a theme in here you can find it in the center console in the headrests and also in the steering wheel

It’s a lovely place this isn’t it as you’ll know if you have a large family or lots of friends there is a real shortage of seven seat electric cars it’s a question we get asked so much at and we really don’t have many options to recommend to people however the ev9 is set to change that because as you can see it’s got three rows of seats and

I have it confirmed that when the production version goes on sale next year it will include a seven seater if i go up on tiptoes i can just about see the solar panels that are here on the front and they’re used to regain some of the energy that gets lost by running the air conditioning for example on a really hot sunny day when i say it regains a little energy

I do mean a little bit and sadly they won’t be so useful in the uk will they but they’re still very cool when i go back down you can see how big it is can’t you up down so one of my favorite electric cars is actually the kia soul ev i first drove it nine years ago and my fondness for it hasn’t faded over the years the thing i really like about it is that boxy

Shape that it’s got and that’s also something i love about this the ev9 it goes against everything that you think of doesn’t it when you think about energy efficient aerodynamic electric cars don’t worry it will still be efficient because the designers have cleverly built in lots of aero details to help make sure that it stays as efficient as possible so kia

Are going to have two new electric cars coming out every year from 2023 to 2027 and different cars will inevitably be developed with the buying habits of different parts of the world in mind small passenger cars will feel more european larger sedans might be more focused towards the chinese market and this car the ev9 is probably no surprise from its proportions

To find out that it’s been heavily influenced by american buyers so it’s actually the same size as the kia telluride which is a huge hit stateside and whilst it’s going to look pretty big on uk roads and also with me standing next to it its size is nothing out of the ordinary across the pond so we’ve already said that we like the boxy rectangular shape we also

Like the triangles that you can find dotted around the ev9 you can see them just here in the lights they’re there in the wheels you can see them just in the shoulder of the car front and at the back missed one there now just on the side of the wing mirrors which of course are digital kind of one in the charging port there it’s just really nice attention to detail

And i hope that those kind of things stay in the production version so there you go a few of our favorite things about the kia ev9 i didn’t mention the lovely doors did i because sadly they’re not going to make it onto the production version but there’s going to be lots of other great features to talk about and hopefully we will add some more to the list when we

Drive this car next year so make sure you subscribe to the channel and switch your notifications on so you know when that first drive video lands and as always please do let us know what you think about the kia ev9 in the comments below funky dope you

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