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KIA Niro PHEV 2022 model review | Niro plug-in tested

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Welcome back to knobby on cars hope you’re doing well today this is the new kia nero the e nero name is gone this is the plug-in hybrid version of it ksa it will do just over 60 kilometers i say about 57 but you know what they’re pretty reliable in terms of their ranges so as long as you don’t take this onto a motorway you should get over 50 kilometers on your

Commute i was lucky enough to check out this car a couple of months ago on the channel in oslo so today we’re on an irish car right hand drive irish plates and we’re in dublin the middle of dublin down a pool bag having a little look around the car today so the boot is still the boot the interior is still the very premium interior the k3 version of the car is

Now 38 and a half thousand euro if you spend three grand more three you get a k4 and that has a head head-up display it’s got heated seats in the back it’s got air-cooled seats which are delicious but there’s lots of things that the k3 has a standard as well such as the 18-inch alloy wheels you still get the boot spoiler you don’t get the fall leather it’s called

A fake leather there’s a lot of sustainability that has gone into the interior of this car we’ll cover that in a second okay are very kind of keen to there’s nothing making greener cars if you’re not actually going to put your money where the mouth is in terms of the interior and actually they’ve done a pretty good job of keeping it fairly premium inside despite

Being sustainable this is a cuv segment vehicle and they’re very keen to make sure it stands out because they’re aware that it’s quite a crowded space so the nero certainly isn’t as round and as cuddly looking as the last model that’s for sure there’s a bit more of a square stance to it more of a straight line across the roof and this sharp curve at the back as

Well is quite different sometimes the back of it reminds me of the focus from previous generations gone by you know it’s a phev version because it says so there’s a bit of different coloring going on here it’s a little bit more subtle in the darker colors but to be honest with you i think darker compared to the test vehicle we had a few months ago is better looking

Huge big spoiler k4 models get an electrically adjustable boost which is 451 liters believe it or not but the full electric version of the car is actually 470 plus there’s a little droppable shelf you can store cables and bags and other things down here there’s a tire mobility kit in there the seat split is 60 40. makes life easier and there’s hooks for shopping

And all the kind of things you’d want in a family car so pretty good job decent enough boot plenty of space back here they’re big on the recycle materials used on the roof it’s recycled okay sorry there is an armrest very handy there’s a plug down here although this one is a two pin european plug so you need an adapter for that unless yeah usb uh charging ports

At the back here these things pop out they don’t charge extra those funky looking headrests and all in all it’s a it’s a grand place to sit there’s support for the thighs there’s a nice balance of places stick your feet under the seats and in k4 models you will get heated seats in which case this is on it feels very weird in july also like it’s a brand new car

There was 70 kilometers i don’t really pick it up and now put sandal over the floor and i feel terrible sorry here again more sustainability’s going on these seats feel very very comfortable and really good quality i’m not quite sure what they make them from these days but they’re good uh there’s little dividers in the armrest so again there’s kind of a bang of

Just simply clever scoutiness off that plenty of adjustability in your driver’s seat depending on how close you like to sit to it air cool seats in the k4 model oh my god on a day like today they’re absolutely gorgeous you’ve got funky cup holders that will wrap around your drink you’ve got wireless charging there’s 12 volts usbc there’s usb the charging for your

Phone is actually much faster than the previous generation and they put a lot more voltage into that so that’s good still have the two toggle between the climate control and your media settings this is again really good quality material you don’t feel like they’ve tried to skimp by being sustainable because i’m finding a lot of brands some of them anyway they’re

Like oh this is this is not a leather leatherette style holder anymore for your manual so you get this like cardboard thing but they’re not putting that price reduction into the car are they displays are perfect loads of stuff going on k-pop model doesn’t have the side camera when you put on an indicator you might have expected that you can set up your charging

To come out in the morning and be nice and toasty in the winter time the kia connect app is just brilliant so you can put in an area around let’s say school and as long as you have enough range in your car it will switch to ev only mode in that geo locked space that’s brilliant like so if you get one of these make sure you get connected with the app and use it

And they call it call it drive by wire fly by wired jog wheel thing on the k4 model love it very easy to use you also get heated seats as well as a heated steering wheel everything’s easy to use i have no complaints i haven’t mentioned it just yet but the petrol side of this car is a 1.6 and then when you have the two combined you’ve got a punch you know 180

Odd brake horsepower car so because you have that additional bit of torque from the battery it’s always quite punchy if you give it a bit of a floor you’re not wanting for power it is front wheel drive i haven’t noticed any sort of torques there previous model inero did have a good bit of that obviously this isn’t the full electric version so i’ll report back

To you on that one i want to have the electric one on the channel as soon as they land in ireland if you run it with a charged battery you will get a range of anywhere between sort of two liters and four liters per 100 kilometers pretty efficient obviously you can drive it in full eevee mode as well head of display in the k4 i really like it you’re going to

Get it as part of the package might be something you’d expect anyway i love the way it gives you fully surrounded blind spot warnings it’s flickering there a little bit but i’ll give you a better look of it on the motorway now as well so i think it’s it’s a great feature to have you might inspect it on its own all right because it probably feels like a luxury

Item to a lot of people you do feel the weight of the car going around corners and coming into bends as well there’s you know you do feel the extra weight of the battery so there’s no point pointing this car if you’re not gonna charge it you don’t need charges then maybe the car isn’t for you also the fact that you know you could wait for the full ev version of

It but it’s going to cost a little bit more they’ve added extra insulation i think it’s fair to say you can you can tell it’s quite hard to the outside world at all actually this car has gone by here very faint noise of them that’s particularly important to key obviously with the full electric version of the car but very very quiet not overly harsh in terms of

Suspension setup but definitely that feeling of it going a little bit wide as you come into a corner with the extra weight that is noticeable blind spot very welcome frontal collision avoidance also included in the car you can lock the rear child’s doors by just pressing a button here there’s no more messing around with the little nib on the back of the seat

So that’s very family friendly there’s a mode button on the steering wheel that sports that will use more of the petrol engine there’s a lot more urgency to the car then there’s no normal mode it’s just sport and eco the lane keep assist as always drives me bonkers because it beeps just way too much it’d be great if you could reduce that to even not a beat maybe

Just a vibration through the steering wheel that would even that would be an improvement or just stay between the lines yeah i know i know but sometimes sometimes that doesn’t happen main thing compared to the previous model is exterior looks do you like do you prefer it i think the inside is definitely upgraded i mean you could sometimes have your eyes half

Open and you could be sitting in an ev6 with this interior same steering wheel lots of lots of similarities and enough sharp edges if that’s kind of now actually ev6 isn’t really the smoother looking car where it was the inero the last model so let me know what you think have you had the previous generation how did that work out for you would you jump straight

Into this new model do you think the design is quite different now to the the past and for that reason you’d be out i think the ev6 is such a good car it’s going to be tempting with the price just being a little bit close obviously a jump of 12 grand if you’re going for the entry level k3 fair enough but when you start getting into k4 and this uh and if you’re

Getting into the electric version of it then it’s getting a little bit too close for comfort compared to the ev6 from me which has the faster charging bigger battery more sleek looking design but really as a step up from the last nero there’s not too much to fault with this it’s kind of funny because where i wrapped up the last video with the ian arrow was at

A big ski slope in oslo and there was solar and electric everywhere and there’s two big chimneys built in the 1970s that racely pumped out a lot of smoke but anyway here we are the nero is here on irish soil it’s out now the electric version they say september i’d give it a few weeks because of production issues delays but i did see a load of these cars down

In dublin port a few weeks ago in fact i put it on my tick tock account i’m going to go follow that just follow me everywhere i think the k3 version is pretty well priced i think uh the electric version is actually quite close to the ev6 they’re still like going to be maybe five grand but it’s close and i think the ev6 is the better looking car but this has been a

Really big seller for kia the nero inero so i’d imagine people are still going to like this one probably not massively different um the battery range and the plug-in hybrid and the bev has not changed much still low 60 kilowatt hour battery in the electric version here’s saying they’re not actually sure of why they just reckon maybe kira kiki decided decided that

Uh that kind of range late 400s was was enough for most people’s needs whatever it is the nero’s here and i hope you’ve enjoyed this little look around us in sunny old dublin thank you very much for watching if you’ve got any comments or questions please do leave them down below and we’ll use just subscribe if you haven’t yet we’re heading for 30 000 subscribers

We are the second biggest youtube channel in ireland thank you very much for helping that happen and i’ll see in the next one

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