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KIA Sorento 1.6 T-GDI PHEV 265 AWD TEST PHEV czy HEV

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2021 KIA Sorento 1.6 T-GDI

Yes, i will test sorento phev today, although not thoroughly the full sorento hybrid test was already on my channel and i x-rayed it quite thoroughly so today i will focus mainly on the plug in system and add some new comments about let me just remind you that the previous sorento was a regular hev hybrid. so let’s go. the only visual difference between the hev and phev

Versions is the small inscription plug in on the flap and a second fuel filler i mean one fuel filler; the other one is of course the charging socket. and that’s all. everything else is the same and sorento still looks very good the only detail i don’t like is this silver strip on the bumper, which seems to imitate the exhaust. but even if it wasn’t supposed to imitate

It, it just looks ugly, especially on a different color, e.g. black. okay, it’s time to take a look at the trunk and here kia has a huge plus the trunk is only 4 liters smaller than in the hybrid and 12 liters smaller than in the diesel i don’t know how they did it, but i respect it, because usually the trunks in the plug in versions are smaller than in the regular ones,

And you can’t see the difference here sorento is, of course, a 7-seater and when we have all the seats unfolded, the trunk has a capacity of 175 l and a place for roller blinds if we fold the 3rd row, it is 809 liters, and if we fold the 2nd row, we have caves of 1988 liters for example, we can easily put a large bicycle on 29 ” and we still have a dozen or so cm of free

Space oh, and of course, the trunk can still be opened either with the button, or we can approach it with the remote control in the pocket and it opens itself after a few seconds. it is really convenient. inside, there is exactly the same amount of space as in the regular version and there are exactly the same convenient solutions, e.g. the second row is sliding and has

Backrest adjustments it is very easy to move this row to get to the rear, all you need is one button. in fact there are two buttons with the same function – one on the top and one on a buttom of course, i don’t fit in the back, but this is a place for children. oh, and on the back handles there is piano black, that’s evil. anyway, in the previous test i mentioned piano

Black on the board, the car was new, so there was no scratches yet this car is a few months old and look at this. all scratched. in addition, look at the screen and the pain of all touch tablets, that is, eternal imprints. but this is easy to overcome, it is enough to buy and stick a foil, such for the phone you don’t see any prints, and it’s easier to clean. in the

Previous sorento i didn’t complain about folding, but i have to correct it – in this plug in, which is several months old, the middle tunnel creaks. that’s a shame. but the dashboard itself is not bad, it still looks very good and is quite easy to use quite because the tactile buttons next to the a/c or the screen disturbed me, as well as the slightly slow operation of

The main screen, did not. but i like the interior overall. inside, the difference between the plug in and the regular version is just one button used to turn on the electric-only mode, as long as we have enough power. the second difference is the phev view that can be turned on on the screen. there we will see everything about our drive, power, we can set when the car

Should be charged at home, what power we want to use, where we can find the nearest charger or see the power use history the digital clocks are exactly the same and have the same view with the second fuel tank the clocks still work super fast, which can’t be said about the home screen, that one was a bit slower. the regular hybrid as well as the plug in the combustion

Engine has a capacity of 1.6 liters, electric motors are different, because there we had 60 hp and here we have 91 hp. the result is 8.4 seconds, so is 0.2 seconds faster than declared by the manufacturer and only 0.6 seconds faster than the 230 hp variation, but 35 hp is not a big difference what’s more, the torque is still the same and both hev and phev have 350 nm.

Seriously, you will not go below 9%, usually you will have around 12-13% when the current level drops to 10%, this hybrid recharges itself a bit from the engine but it doesn’t do it as for example renault, where the engine suddenly goes into high revs, in addition, there is a great recuperation and it’s automatic because the gearbox does not have b mode for recovery,

And we cannot turn it on from the on-board computer. we also cannot turn on the battery charging mode from the engine, well, we turn on this function, and the combustion engine charges the battery as a result, it usually takes a long time and the consumption is doubled, so it’s basically stupid. but when you have non-emission cities and you want to go to the city center,

That’s what it looks like o you drive around the city and pollute twice as much, so as not to pollute in the center. i will get back to fuel consumption soon, let’s talk about performance. due to the fact that the electricity never ends, we always have the same performance. however, the performance on the route is not phenomenal and you can feel that the car swells up

Over 130 km/h anyway, it was similar in regular hybrids, the combustion engine is simply too small. anyway, the flexibility and performance are very similar and the plug in is only slightly faster. that would be correct, because the plug in is heavier and weighs 1982 kg, so 135 kg more than the regular parallel-type sorento hybrid. just to remind you that the difference

In power is 35 hp, so the power-to-weight ratio is very similar. in the plug in 1 hp must pull 7.5 kg, and in the hybrid 8 kg coming back to the weight, it is bigger because we have bigger batteries. the hev version is 1.49 kwh and the tested plug in is 13.8 kwh. this means that you can do 50 – 55 km on the electric engine only. my record is 55 km, but i usually was

Doing 45-50. although i was more interested in fuel consumption when the power ends, or rather when it drops to 10%, because as i said, it does not go below. on the screen you can see the results of my consumption from the last days the highest results were of course the route to the sea, part of it was highway, and part beltways in the city, my consumption was between 5

And 8 liters, and on the route 7 to 10 liters. so on the route the results are very similar to the hev version and they are not great, in the city, hev used from 7 to 8 liters, which is about 2 liters more than the plug in version this is both a lot and a little, although remember that with a charged battery, the battery charges from 3.5 h to 7 h, using a household socket.

The plug in version already has an awd drive as standard, which was an option in the regular hybrid there, the base has a front drive, and you can buy awd, and the plug in already has awd in the base the drive is an additional construction, i.e. the rear axle is attached with a multi-plate clutch. on the digital clocks we can see when the awd drive is used, and actually

It runs almost all the time even a gentle start and we can already see how the back is tightened. let’s get back to the weight, because there is another problem as the plug in sorento is 135 kg heavier, it can pull less, this time 150 kg less hev already had a weak towing capacity, because the weight of the trailer could not exceed 1650 kg for comparison, there is still

A sorento with diesel and it can pull 2,500 kg. huge difference. there is also a difference in the fuel tank, because the phev has a capacity of only 47 liters, before we go to the price, three words about driving characteristics. the new sorento is a car for rather calm people who do not like to go crazy in the corners on the other hand, it is comfortable, but also

Feels a bit heavier i think the regular sorento was slightly more comfortable. both version, so hev and phev have the same ground clearance – 174 mm sorento phev costs a minimum of pln 197,900, which is pln 27,000 more than the hev with awd it is also 6,000 pln more expensive than the diesel, which was priced at pln 191,900 and to be honest, i would rather buy a diesel

Or a regular hybrid. the phev version is interesting and kia has plus from me, because we do not lose practicality as it often happens in phev’s. the trunk is almost identical, the space inside is the same, the performance is still the same the hybrid system does not allow you to reset the battery level, and the car has an ordinary four-wheel drive and a regular gearbox

This is cool. unfortunately, we pay pln 27,000 more for a smaller fuel tank, a heavier car, worse driving properties, lower towing capacity and, in fact, the same performance yes, we can drive around 50 km on the current alone but the surcharge is so big that in my opinion it is not profitable. if we are going to drive mainly in the city and we are not going to pull a big

Trailer if, on the other hand, we do a lot of routes and, for example, will haul a large trailer, then you have to take diesel.

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KIA Sorento 1.6 T-GDI PHEV 265 AWD TEST PHEV czy HEV By Autowizja