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Kia Sportage SUV 2014 review:

Kea has come such a long way in recent years and the sportage has to be its best model yet so look at it studying isn’t it and there’s more to like about it than just its eye-catching design for starters it has a really big boot and there’s no lip for you to have to lift things over if you do need more space of course the rear chairs do fold down and releases

Actually on the back of them so it’s dead easy to do with a six flat you’ll notice they don’t go completely level but there’s no step between the boot area and the back of the seat so you can just slide items straight to the back there’s easily enough room here in the back of the sportage to carry three adults in comfort you’ll notice i’ve got decent headroom

And loads of nearing but the key thing is this the floor is almost completely flat so you get the center seat ain’t worried too much a vital rather be in the front so if you give me a hand i’ll show you what else is good about this kit lots of stowage cubbies there’s room for you crew fish in the central armrest the door bins are large enough to hold big bottles

And the glovebox is chilled by the air conditioning speaking of which standard kit is generous across the entire range as well as aircon all cars also get cruise control bluetooth connectivity for your mobile phone and esp and the skid control it’s very easy to find an ideal seating position and there’s lots of adjustment in the height of the driver’s seat so it

Doesn’t matter if you’re small can still see over the bonnet as for quality there’s some nice soft touch material surrounding the dash and everything feels really well screwed together that there’s no surprise really that kia has the confidence to give this car a 7 year warranty you can get the key with a choice of efficient engines the pick of the range being the

One point seven liter diesel as it comes with stop-start technology which helps boost economy okay so it might be quite big but the sportage still easy to drive around town with the controls they’re nice and light that makes it quite simple to navigate through traffic get good view over the cars because of the raised seating position and of course the jacked up

Suspension means have to worry about speed humps but the tough looks aren’t just for show because as well as a front-wheel drive model you can also get a 4×4 version of the sportage if you want to go off-roading it comes with a diff lock if the going gets really tough and there’s hill descent control which ensures you get down a slope safely out on the open road

The sportage performs well it’s got pretty decent handling because the suspension is quite firm which means there’s hardly any body roll through corners for such a tall vehicle lots of confidence-inspiring grip as well however the steering does feel a little bit numb and as a result it’s not as much fun to driver say a ford cougar and that brings me on to the cards

Downsides and one is their higher speeds you do get a little bit of wind whistling the bluff sides also i do find that the ride gets a bit jiggly over rougher services and as a result you can feel your fatty bits kind of wobbling about really though all these niggles are quite minor and easy to forgive when you realize just how much the kia sportage cost or doesn’t

Cost concerning what you can get for your money in fact we like it so much here at car buyer that we’ve decided to crown it and car the year for 2011 you can’t get a much better recommendation that haha

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