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Kia Stinger GT takes on Audi S5 Sportback, Korean over Germans? Drag and Roll Race.

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Kia Stinger GT takes on Audi S5 Sportback, Korean over Germans? Drag and Roll Race.

So so me hello everyone welcome back to another video welcome back to another interesting race this is going to be very unique because you guys asked for this you kept asking me since the rs5 video how fast or how much faster is the s5 compared to this or maybe they’re the same we don’t know i’m not giving any spoilers or anything but that’s what we

Are here today at toronto motorsport in ku ontario canada to find out if the last expansive stinger gt is as good as the germans you see these two cards are sportbacks both of them they technically somehow fight against each other they compete for the market although the stinger gt it is slightly less expensive compared to the audi s5 not as expensive as the rs5

But it’s a very interesting race i’ve always wanted to do this because i’ve done the rs5 and i’ve done other drag races but this will be a bit different and especially thanks for this video goes to a couple of people that made this happen uh the owner of the s5 um adrian with the sportback if you want to know more about him the link will be in the description

Box and maybe you will love those wheels you know where to find him and to eric with his uh kia singer gt was kind enough to allow me to use this for this video if you want to know more about them the link will be in the description box you’re going to find out more about the stinger gt because it’s quite an impressive vehicle there’s some minor changes to the

Exterior to this car there’s some design changes on the front and the diffuser in the back but the car overall it is stock the audio on that side has an intake but makes like four horsepower more it’s more for airflow rather than actual tune so you could say the cars are fully stock in terms of the drivetrain and the engine the tires are not the original from

The manufacturer there’s uh the one in the audio are different and in this one are a bit different so this will be a very interesting race i don’t know if that makes a huge difference in terms of the power but again i don’t think it’s going to be a close race i’d say the audio will take this i just want to find out how much faster is the audi s4 s5 sport back

And let’s uh get going the first run we’re gonna do is in drive mode of course we’re gonna do a roll and a drag boys i am ready so the first run we’ll do is in comfort mode uh traction on i’m good to go on this side what no no no no i’m taking him that’s not possible are you kidding me oh what no no again no okay this is a joke what no no mmm okay now

He took me on it he just didn’t have the proper lunch control but i’m inch i’m getting closer to him uh so what right beside each other this is crazy this is not real this is not real what the hell is going on here right beside him again and i’m catching up what this is crazy this is insane this kia is ridiculous impressive i am completely blown

Away as of today this kia is so crazy amazing i never thought i had a chance against you and i’m shocked at this i’m so impressed very very impressive like i i thought i was like okay i’ve got a good head start but that car incredible adrian thank you so much for coming i appreciate that and thank you to everyone today um including ryan and eric and everybody

That helped with this this was so impressive this kia is quick and we found out today thank you very much man that was it guys this is quite interesting you guys always say like i drive the slow cars or the losing cars this time is one of those that it’s actually a tie i love this thing i love doing this and i love the fact that i can find out stuff like this

Doing drag races this kia is quite impressive and again stock that’s the shocking part about this with that in mind thanks for watching stay safe cheers

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