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Kia Stinger GT2 / GT Exhaust comparisons

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All right guys so today’s video is a quick one and what i’m going to do is just show you some exhaust comparisons if you have a kia stinger my exhaust is up first mbrp catback pro logic ecu that’s why you’ll hear the verbals then the next stinger is going to be papa falls 2022 gt2 with the borla cat-back and arc mid-pipe so i will say i do have some down pipes

Coming or mid pipes coming from lasik so thank you logic stay tuned for that got a rear diffuser some other stuff i’ll show you later foreign foreign foreign hoodie speaking of borla so this is parker you guys remember we did the uh borla install video so this is the borla cat-back only all right dude let’s go wash this thing car’s dirty where’s

My microfiber gang at if you guys keep one of these in your car let me know below because that means you’re a true car enthusiast i always keep two this stuff right here is actually really fire it’s like an all-purpose cleaner safe on all surfaces so like i’m using it on my tux mats it’s got like a decent scent to it too but it really does a good job of cleaning

Microfibers are the best for like those fuzzies on the dash and on the screen stuff like that we don’t want to use like any sort of like chemicals you gotta have a microfiber bra okay i just wipe down my driver’s seat this stuff is fire i always use this yeah yeah dude leather is like a living thing man you got to take care of it just like your skin i’m all keeled

Up dude foreign now before we fill up the tank this time we’re gonna test it okay it’s gonna give me a copyright strike over there fill it up to here with water fill the rest up with e30 first i’m going to fill this thing up i better do this one just built it everywhere sorry osha oops 349 dude stepped in the damn e30 one thing about e30 oh my gosh what’s

That this is actually pretty interesting you see that line i mean dude it’s like a little above the 85. it’s like right above e85 so this is like pure e85 here at this gas station that explains why this car is running so much better with this e30 mix it’s like a true e30 so this is rare the e85 by my ex’s house is like e65 so good find the rear diffuser showed up i

Actually got some black aurora pearl that’s the name of this paint from tia when i paint it myself i’m gonna test it out because i don’t know man i’m in the midwest and it’s about to start salting and be kind of crappy out so i don’t know it was only 60 bucks to order the paint do it myself i’m gonna make sure it looks sick don’t worry and then we’ll see how this

Diy turns out yeah the leftover money i saved i bought a share of apple rear diffuser time honestly guys i have no idea what’s in here i didn’t ask because it was gifted by papa paul m s america so hopefully it’s painted stay tuned for more

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