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Kia Telluride Real World Highway MPG Test

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What is the fuel economy of a Kia Telluride? How many miles per gallon does a Kia Telluride actually get on the highway? Does a Front Wheel Drive Kia Telluride actually get its EPA MPG?

What’s up everybody good evening we are currently in a 2022 kia telluride front wheel drive 3.8 liter v6 according to the epa 26 miles per gallon highway and we’re going to test that theory tonight i just filled up the gas tank reset the trip computer and we’re going to see how we do so i’m gonna cover probably 130 miles or so i’ll check in with you in a little

Bit when we have some progress alrighty so we are an hour into this according to the car it’s averaging 31.3 miles per gallon i’ve covered 64.1 miles i’ve got the adaptive cruise set at 71 but as you can tell by the elapsed time and the total distance covered i haven’t maintained that speed but i’m relatively close to it smooth ride so far so we will keep it

Going and see what the big tell your ride actually does all right we have run into a smidge of traffic i don’t foresee this being a big problem i kind of hit this the last time i did one of these drives at the same spot i think they’re doing construction here so this should clear up pretty quick the car thinks it’s averaging 32.5 miles per gallon and from what

I can tell this kia doesn’t know from live traffic so i didn’t get a red bar to warn me about this on my factory navigation system but that’s okay it’s a very minor inconvenience all right so sit rep the uh little traffic incident with the construction was no big deal maybe five minutes of stop and go but no problem wrapping it up here covered 116.4 miles the

Car thinks it’s doing 32.1 miles per gallon which it probably is reading a little high because they usually do but even so we may score uh quite a bit higher than our epa rating so bring it on back to the old gas station fill it up and see what we got all right so look at that it’s magically daytime when i got back to the gas station last night somehow it had

Gone completely out of order so i drove home which is like a mile away and drove back here this morning to fill it up at the same gas station so this is mostly highway with like two miles on city streets and we covered 135.4 miles and it took 4.550 gallons of fuel so that seems like it probably beat its epa estimate let’s see here 135.4 miles divided by

4.550 equals there you go 29.75 now i’d like to point something out somebody commented on one of my videos that i did on another car like this saying well how do you know who’s right you or the car because the car thinks that it got 31.2 and i’m coming up with 29.75 this is what’s correct and the reason why i’m confident in saying that is i have done this

Over the years not even just for youtube videos for my own entertainment i’ve done this in so many cars different makes models whatever on average 1.5 miles per gallon high is about what they read and that’s almost exactly what this thing is it’s 1.45 miles per gallon high on its digital readout so 29.75 miles per gallon on the highway is very good because the

Epa rating is 26 so we almost hit 30. that’s pretty nice not bad for such a large vehicle obviously i was by myself i’m sure if you had a whole bunch of kids or if you were towing stuff then you wouldn’t get as good of mileage but pretty impressed with the old kia not bad at all so anyways thanks so much for watching my video i hope you enjoyed it please like

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Kia Telluride Real World Highway MPG Test By Dietrich’s Car Channel