King of the S-Class – Mercedes-Benz W140

On this episode of Star People Series, we explore the history of the W140 S-Class Mercedes-Benz. Designed by the legendary Bruno Sacco, the W140 is a modern classic that gets better with age since it’s debut in 1991.

This is a beautiful amg s63 w222 chassis baikal s-class there are technological marvels of innovation driver and passenger side airbags and traction controller just some of the first safety features introduced on the s-class before they became standard on every other passenger car on the road today on this episode we go from this model to this w140 s 500 the king

Of the s-class there’s an idea among mercedes owners and enthusiasts of a real mercedes-benz what that means is that a mercedes from the old days when engineers had more influence over accountants and the cars were built with little regard to material and production costs in short they were over engineered that meant that the customer bought a car with a solid

Build quality that would last several decades now a car that is often referred to as the last real mercedes is a w140 s-class a little backstory on the w140 it was designed by mr. bruno sacco a man who shaped the brand more than virtually any other in his 41 years with daimler benz besides a w140 he designed the w126 and w220 s-class his most significant design was

The w201 190 he also designed that w 2 or 2 w 2 or 3 w 123 w124 w210 the first sl k the first mls uv the c 126 c 215 he also did the r129 sl and his very last design was the our 230 sl the w140 made its public debut at the geneva motor show in march 1991 it cost mercedes-benz almost a billion dollars in research and development a large amount of innovation was built

Into it the w140 was also the first production car that had double-glazed glass for the windows and power-assisted closing for the doors everything in the car felt good to the touch and also felt like it could last forever at the end of its production run in september 1998 mercedes-benz built a total of four hundred and six thousand five hundred and thirty-two

W140 sedans and twenty six thousand 22 coupes in the eight-year production run but it’s launched the w140 was criticized for being oversized overweight and generally unfreezing to the eye well in my biased opinion i think it’s a beautiful modern classic that gets better-looking with age i mean look at the styling on this w222 it shares you can see it shares styling

Cues the same dna you can tell it’s a mercedes-benz you get the overwhelming feeling of quality and security inside this car the double glazed windows and the heavy doors make soundproofing very good a well-maintained w140 is still a viable proposition today this is so much car for the money towards the end of the production run the short wheelbase six-cylinder

S 320 came with 228 horsepower with 232 foot-pounds of torque mpg was 15 city 22 highway the v8 s 500 came with 315 horsepower with 347 foot-pounds of torque mpg was 15 city 21 highway the v12 s 600 came with 389 horsepower with 420 foot-pounds of torque mpg was 13 city 19 highway when interviewed for a magazine article mr socko was asked which one of his designs

Was he unhappy with his reply was the w140 and the reason he said it was 4 inches too tall the fingertip light power assisted recirculating ball steering makes this 4600 pound monster feel nimble the sheer depth of engineering on the w140 has really stood the test of time so which was the real mercedes-benz you know the one that’s been over engineered stood the

Test of time and still on the road today in reality and mercedes-benz is a mercedes-benz there is no obvious model except that enthusiasts always refer to that w123 as the ultimate over-engineered mercedes-benz built from 1976 to 1985 this model is still on the road today stronger than ever just go to any major city in morocco africa where there are about 55,000

W123 s still operating as taxi cabs today a testament to their reliability the industrial-strength w140 s-class the r129 sl and the g class are also part of that group of mercedes with a solid build quality three generations of prettier and more technologically advanced models of cumson’s but still the w140 commands the respect it so deserves thinking long term

Was very much a part of mr. sockos approach he rejected the idea of bells and whistles and the need to follow current style trends he firmly believed that the styling of a mercedes-benz should stay current or around 30 years or better yet it should be timeless special fans – prestige imports for the use of the amg s63 check out their amazing infantry at prestige

Imports calm james russell reporting on our city air cracks hey what’s up man what’s up i gotta go man yeah i’ll do a commercial pass somebody chat this is a celebration of a modern classic the official name is crazy color edition you

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King of the S-Class – Mercedes-Benz W140 By Star People World