K&N Air Filter Installation | Audi SQ5

Join us as we perform the first “modification” on the Audi SQ5 by removing the stock air filter (which was extremely old and dirty) and replace it with a K&N High Flow Air Filter.

How much easier would like be if we had like a decent workbench yeah what is this the samsung digital inverter this is the samsung workbench oh i do like the um i do like the snack drawer snack drawer yeah i wouldn’t be eating out of here but you know you can hide some stuff in there another video back in the garage again this is a uh this is the true on the

After hours right yeah i reckon we’re just in here chilling we are 20 past five so yes yesterday we did the oil change a bit of a dilemma and we were going to put a um canyon air filter um into this vehicle but um we decided to do it tonight because we basically ran out of time so um old glennie boy over there he doesn’t even have the omni garage shoot on so he’s

A real apprentice today you don’t need to tell them that i could have anything under here you’ve given it away so pick up on the garage hoodies tomorrow okay so i’m just seeing what it’s gonna feel like so you’re gonna you’re gonna put this in for us i sure am i’m just gonna chill on the camera okay i’ll try not to break anything this is all you i don’t think you

Can break anything do you reckon no you’re a new round here right with this sort of stuff got the old ryobi ratchet there i’m actually glad i got that out because that thread’s really long this is my first time using this tool so this is our new uh this is our new ratchet and this is the tool we needed when we were setting up the biker chair the amount of uh

Yeah the amount of fixings that went into that this would have saved so much time so on this this is a 2014 audi sq5 it’s the three liter v6 um fuel petrol injected version because you can get this on a diesel but um this is the air box here and so inside there is the air filter so you just need to basically until undo all those screws around that box pull out

The box and put your new filter in it’s pretty simple right you know what i’ve never changed an air filter in my life so and i’ve just got a brand new k n air filter it’s already comes pre-oiled it’s also pretty good if your car’s still under warranty because it sort of is acceptable sort of holds up the warranty of most vehicle manufacturing brands and so it’s a

Really nice simple i guess very very minor upgrade for your vehicle right you don’t really get too much horsepower gain it’s pretty much no difference but the idea is that you just get a little bit more airflow through your vehicle you know what’s under here have you opened this i’ve opened it before just to make sure i got the right size okay so you know the status

I know the state of it yeah it’s pretty bad man the k m filter what’s the um expected life on it um yeah washable and then you need a re-oil it yeah so here it is here so it’s washable it’s reusable you just need a um i guess every so often you just need to clean it and you just re-oil it i’m pretty sure it’s like a hundred thousand hey what does it say on here

They usually give you a lifetime filter requires cleaning every fifty thousand miles far out okay is it 100 000 or is it more than that it says it will be warranted for a million miles oh there you go yeah so that’s basically the last time a very long time right forever yeah right we’ve got the um got all the screws off all the screws off i bet you haven’t i bet

You missed some you reckon are there somewhere in the oh yeah okay there are two the lighting in here man what’s going on no we’ll buy me some more lights then oh we need um we need anything ryobi lights the ryobi workshop hybrid workshop lights come back in stock we need two of those we did have you did have one but they’re broken it broke and there’s a couple of

Screws i think right at the back here yeah i can see i hear this one there and one there so because this has got a light on it which is great but the light faces you know it’s well it goes both ways there’s one here there’s one here it doesn’t really illuminate what you need any of that it’s got the old iphone overhead light brilliant i tell you when we don’t

Have those ryobi lights i cannot wait for those to come back in stock it’s indispensable a so these are all hex bits what have you been using what size uh that’s the five millimeter five millimeter yeah they don’t come in five millimeters oh it’s not a five it’s uh t it’s a 20. what is it it is a t20 2015 so the smaller one was a t15 and the bigger one was a t

T20 yeah and this is the one i need it’s the hex boots that come in millimeter sizes so yesterday was a six mil yes that’s all right that this one is a different size all right we should have all our fixed things out okay does this just pop up as well as a couple of clips either side of it oh yep one there and then you need to probably yeah i don’t think it

Was meant to come out that easy but yep came out nice and easy check out flip it around because you’ve got the filter in there so that is this eight of that thing let’s pull it out eh oh wow that is a mess look at it stuff’s falling out on the floor right there side i think it does we just it just slides out just here twist off does it twist out if i don’t

Know i think it’s a couple of screws on the back on there yeah so there’s a few screws on the top there that you just need to unscrew because that other side’s popped out nicely use the washing machine as a bit of a workbench oh that extra screw there you would have undone as thinking that it was part of the housing to come off yes but actually it was just a

Screw to screw that filter on here we go wow look at all the stuff we’re dropping everywhere what a mess so this is inside the air filter housing and there’s it’s not too bad there’s a few leaves and stuff but we’re just going to vacuum that out with the ryobi vacuum you just get it nice and tidy this is a little bit weird too isn’t it this um this looks like

A bit of a honeycomb type filter thing but it’s pretty dirty under there just a little bit of a vacuum out and go nice and tidy foreign and then check out the old filter this thing look at that do you want to hold it up show us the inside look at what we’re working with in there oh yummy i imagine this was wiping us with you and now it’s probably that color

But even with it just sitting on the washing machine there the little stuff that’s coming out of it look at it real quick wipe down in there as well foreign there there’s probably not much point but probably not oh what are you gonna do leave the leaves in there no no we’re just having a debate off camera just about this o-ring here whether it’s best to put it

Around the top of the filter here or to feed it within the threads on here so we decided that we’d get a snugger fit if we put it around i don’t actually know if that’s meant to be the right way yeah but it seems to seal that little gap up a little bit better it does it sits better in here right because all you’re doing if you’re putting it on there it’s trying

To force it into that area so you may as well push it and then you get a nice snug fit on this side here if you’re doing this wrong let us know in the comments but by then it will be too late anyway might have blown the engine again well we nearly thought we did that yesterday right we did two days in a row that’d be nice hey how hilarious was that that was well

It wasn’t hilarious at the time not the time of the noise anyway how much easier would life be if we had like a decent workbench yeah what is this the samsung digital inverter this was the samsung workbench oh i do like the um i do like the snack drawer snack drawer yeah i wouldn’t be eating out of here but you know you can hide some stuff in there foreign box

We had a little bag which had a couple of a couple of nuts in there because we weren’t sure how we were going to fix this given that this here basically threads we were panicking going hang on we’re going to put this old filter back in because we’ve got nowhere to actually fix this security but because you you pull out a screw from the old one and you’ve got a

Basically rather than going down into that side screwing into the filter it’s coming up from the screw is essentially already inserted into the canyon filter but they do give you some bolts so then tighten that up with just on the top there there’s two either side of that so that’s pretty good eh a couple of washers as well so we’ll stick the washers on there you

Just drop something by the sound yeah yeah that was what was that nut that we need like our head eyes on it we’re just having another base as well and there can you can you see that what looks to be like a maybe film it there looks like an oil slick in there that looks wet but i put my hand in there and it’s actually dried so it’s almost like the resin like part

Of that into that filter there just feels like plastic the downside to k n filters that are washable like this is that you have to re-oil them and i’m not a huge fan of re-oiling an oil filter i quite like the idea of the dry filters that are available can only make a dry filter or just the washables are they kind of make a dry filter but i haven’t seen one for

This vehicle there’s a couple of other brands like especially for the subies and stuff grim speed have got a dry filter and i think don’t quote me on this but awe make a filter for this car but i’m not sure that’s a dry filter either but um yeah i don’t know i guess the oil makes it like i don’t know filter better it was quite a fun process watching it oiled

One on the wrx but i don’t know it didn’t feel very precise it’s just messy and i don’t know i’d just rather just pop in a brand new air filter if you like you know how tight do you want these it’s not a title you want to go get a tool a bit more than finger tight i probably haven’t got a tool some more enough for those no i was just looking for that not gonna

Be in that but i also don’t want those bolts to come off and be floating around in the air box no what’ll do since this is your alley you get to come and check these good luck getting fingers on there though it’s difficult have a look at that soon oh they are miniature they’re tiny you got a tool for that i might do yeah probably oh i forgot the tool might as

Well use it i got the budgeter set up of all time but um i’ll get there eventually we’ll come back to you i’ve got the right size you only put on a ratchet as well i’m just going to use it by hand this is a ratchet yeah i know that’s what i said you’re putting it on a restaurant you’re not going to use it by hand no some leverage in it just i don’t actually

Know which way this is now do you quite frequently run those in reviews why is this not tightening yeah there you go use your hands get stuck inside you don’t need a ratchet in there what are you doing also going to put on what’s the torque spec for this i was about to say if there was a talk speak for that you would be uh i’d be all over you’d be all over it

How do you go well not too tight you want to be able to undo it just make sure it’s not falling off make you see if you’ve got like a thread at the top sticking out yeah yeah should i put some loctite on here yeah sure let me grab some for you put it back in thank you it didn’t click but it looks like it’s over where you really want to make sure that it’s

Fully clicked in there because that’s the only seal you’ve got yeah it is and then just down the bottom there you can see that that part there needs to be sealed up with the back of the box there can you see like down down here yeah you got it that needs to align into there so maybe we need to lift that it’s not quite it doesn’t quite sit at the back does it that

There needs to come across a little bit into there and then there’ll be the same over here oh does that feel good that yeah weird that you push it differently i just jiggled okay now let’s not lose that remember there’s a clip at the bottom there okay i’ve got both clips up push that in now push the piping press clips geez got it re-tightening up everything and

Uh then we’ll go on a little mission to uh find a screw somewhere down there that i just dropped somewhere down there yeah so glenn’s going down now on a bit of a bit of a hunt yeah man we’re just doing a quick oil change quick oil change on here so pretty experience with skid plates wow we wouldn’t have to do this if i ripped it off completely the other day we

Wouldn’t would have gone straight to the ground so as i was unscrewing this i could tell it was kind of just here and we got real lucky man real lucky is that what you’re after you after one of them yeah there’s the one we want me to drop it down there again well should i do you want to screw that in before i like reseal it up here you just wait down there mix

It up so a little key because i’ve done this multiple times where you drop bolts and it goes all the way this is a plastic liner on here so if you tap it you can get a feel for where the bolter because it rattles that only works part of the time because this has actually got a one of those like foam it’s like kind of felt line there pad on top so if it had landed

On the foam pad and i went like that you wouldn’t be able to hear it but in most cars where it’s all plastic you go okay well it came to the bottom which is key number one key number two is oh yeah it’s just there so i can just scoot in there and boom there we go there we have it do you want to hurry up because it’s wet down here you’re right you’re wet now all

Right reattaching the skill plate oh what good come on i love this restaurant saving my life my annuals yeah we would have done that by hand previously i reckon oh i said this in the last video get yourself one of these i wish i’d got one ages ago don’t buy any other tool until you buy one of these right that’s a wrap that’s a wrap that was easy what do you

Like in your wraps hmm you said that’s a wrap so what do you like in your wrap chicken yeah tomato the mayo bit of hp sauce oh yuck yum a little bit of salad yeah a little bit of salad like some don’t you don’t know how to win like the say you got like nice hot chicken right in the wrap and the salad gets like wilted yeah i do hate that so you got to put the hot

Stuff in there throw the salad on and quickly eat it quickly eat it and then go make your second or third don’t make three and eat them do you know what color life’s doing i’m saying he loves like a good medium rare salad no yeah so he liked it he’ll like put like here we have like chicken and like a sandwich with salad and he’ll go and toast it no you gotta

You toast it then you put salad yeah you can’t be having medium rare salad it’s not a toasted sandwich oh yuck but like he he reckons the same thing like when you buy like a big mac right yeah and the big mac’s like hot and steamy and fresh yeah and then they put a salad and then you drive home so what does he do i just wanted to heat up the lettuce having like

Hot steamy lettuce in a burger by the time you drive home it’s like wilted and floppy eat it on the way home and i’m like no you can’t be putting a salad in a sandwich and toasting it agreed that’s disgusting eh yeah are we having wraps with them no no but you just said that’s a wrap i know but i’m feeling angry for wraps now so now we’re talking about sandwiches

We are but anyways air filter’s done oh that was easy it shouldn’t take too long as long as you get the little channel at the back of the box are slot in yeah don’t drop any bolts at the bottom otherwise that’ll screw you over for like another 10 minutes or so i think the tip on this one here if we were going to do this again in a million miles when your arcanium

Warranty is up i’m not having this car for a million miles yeah no sure 1.6 million case now everything you are still on it world’s longest vehicle yeah that’d be great it’d be great video yeah sure anyway i’ll drive a audi 65. she was from my old life anyway i think the tip on this is that i would when putting this e-box back in i would put it back in and then

Reattach this yeah i wouldn’t reattach this because you just it’s too hard to try and wriggle into the right space in the event what do you reckon this would take us 15 minutes oh i think we’re filming as well and having a good old yarn yeah shouldn’t take too long so that’s a wrap on this video with medium rare salad and um and i’m ready for a wrap and if you

Want to go back and check the other full uh the video we made yesterday on the oil filter go back and have a laugh at that because we make quite a few mistakes there it’s an entertaining one but anyway if you like this video subscribe to the channel so you get the updates when we’re releasing new stuff drop us a comment what do you reckon about the medium rare

Salad i reckon that’s a good yeah good starter i’m definitely not tim carl on that yeah no definitely not we’re on the same and um just keep watching the videos because you really have us out by by viewing it and that helps us to progress so we can deliver great content for you guys what’s next on us no i don’t know yeah probably a wash yeah wash will be good it

Is filthy so maybe we’ll come back through with a wash and talk sometime soon on the sq5 maybe all right thanks for watching catch you later

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K&N Air Filter Installation | Audi SQ5 By Omni Garage