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C’est officiel, la nouvelle Mercedes-Benz Classe A 2023 arrive pour une mise à jour aussi bien esthétique que technologique. La compacte étoilée se refait une petite beauté afin d’assurer la pole position. Es-tu convaincu du nouveau style extérieur et intérieur pour cette nouvelle Mercedes Classe A 2023 ?

Hello to all friends today i present to you the new mercedes class a vintage 2023 it is of course a rostanding come on let’s go so it’s official today thank you present to us the restinging a makeover of the new mercedes a-class and the new mercedes b-class come on, let’s go around together the aesthetics of the different changes so we’ll see it right away first change

Already it’s going to be on the front lights with much more lights stretched ones which give a slightly more sporty look if you have by choice which are slightly modified then we are on very minimal aesthetic changes there the big change is rather there you see it before your eyes these are the little stars in the grille that’s a novelty compared to the mercedes a-class

Here too this little shiny black piano black plastic element and then that’s about all in terms of the change we’re going to do after the turn at the rear look z little change away the other change on the lights with a new design led lights as standard of course here we are on a 250e version in other words a hybrid version c that is to say that you will have a trunk with a

Loading volume of 300 ml, a trunk that does not change in the end and that will be the case for the other engines for the mercedes a-class, so we will have 7 engines on the french market, that is already quite a lot we will have two gasoline engines with this time as a novelty the 48- volt light micro hybridization which is appearing and which will allow consumption to be

Lowered to therefore the class a 180 and its 4-cylinder engine developing 136 horsepower and class a 200 with 163 horsepower good news for big wheelers since mercedes keeps on the french diesel engine market the class a 180d engine with 100 dry horsepower and the 200d with 150 horsepower on the hybridization side we will of course have the 250th hybrid engine which keeps

Its capacity of 15.6 kw with this time a slightly improved autonomy in electric and then will always keep in this 4-cylinder engine this time with a displacement of 1.3 liters for a cumulative power of 218 horsepower is of course the amg versions the a35 amg and the a45s amg formatic more does not seem to have planned high tariffs so you are well reassured good once you

Have seen the exterior a few changes okay the interior is changing more seriously so suddenly you have backlit door sills that you have the seats that don’t change the interior you see it first thing that jumps out at you that’s is this new steering wheel new steering wheel used on the s classes and the new c classes the new glcs so obviously it was logical that mercedes

Made this change to this magnificent 6 -spoke steering wheel a q steering wheel ui will make it possible to have several functions and several navigation tools with this new screen or of course we find the different display styles and that’s rather a good thing well there was a mix of things if i can tell allow the expression you can see it here mercedes kept that second

10.25 inch screen we don’t finally have the screen we could have had on gl or an s-class or a class enough attention we don’t not on the new class a we are just on slight interior changes we take back the small backlit turbines at night that’s pretty cool another small change inside you see it here they removed the touch screen the touch pad it is a bias one for mercedes

Since they say that we already have this navigation system here we can control the screen on this right part of the steering wheel we can also manage the navigation by touch as i do on the moment and then we can do the hey mercedes e t mercedes listen find me a pizzeria i found these results here here the system is quite efficient no need to search on the screen while you

Are driving so what is rather interesting is what i meant earlier thank you for being put a lot on the efficiency of the mbx2.0 system so an update compared to the new classified our classes and the new glc and what is rather not bad is that the system is rather reactive good while we are debating look in sports mechanical action nicolas who is filming the new class b and

That we will see right after in this in another video anyway nothing sure on the french market to see this very specific version called amg street style edition on the basis of a mercedes amg a45s which sports a very specific color specific people specific calipers in short you understood it sends thunder we are in the tuning e t c’est amg is equipped with the various amg

Night edition one and all packs and the amg aerodynamic pack can’t wait to see it on our roads in france here you go friends i hope this little presentation video on this aesthetic and technological update on this new mercedes class a 203 you liked in any case if this is the case of course the little thumb there for the support of course do not hesitate to react in comment

To give your opinions on this restyling of the mercedes class a that for you thank you mercedes has taken a big step towards an aesthetic technological update or for you it seems a little too light for your taste here do not hesitate to discuss in comment with kindness go ciao ciao

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