Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder 5.2 V10 610 TEST Wesoych wit

Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder 5.2 V10 610 hp

Hi bartek urban, let’s test lamborghini huracan spyder! in fact, the full name is lamborghini huracan lp 610-4 spyder 610 means power, i.e. we have 610 hp, and 4 is the drive type, i.e. all-wheel drive in the case of this copy, the number 1 553 849 is still missing, a small digression – we say lamborghini, not lambordjin bartek teaches, bartek entertains. end of digression

Huracan is a model that replaced the first baby lambo or gallardo in 2014 because huracan evo has been on the market since the beginning of this year, i.e. 2019 because it has a factory bodykit which includes a front splitter, sills and this wonderful spoiler such a modest aerodynamic package costs a trifle pln 198,391. with a central fixing screw is also included in the

Price. beautiful wheels. there is no angle from which it would look bad, it‘s beautiful. wonderful. this is exactly what every lambo should look like. it is a pity that the key is exactly the same as in audi. for half a million pln i would expect something slightly better, a more individual key. i know that r8 and huracan are a twin constructions, but you can’t see

It, and you probably don’t want to know it either. and you probably wouldn’t want to know how little space there is in huracan spyder. are fully lowered to the bottom and in addition the backrest is tilted too much for me – i still don’t fit the backrest should be much more upright, but now i can’t fit in and i miss about 6-8 cm, so the ideal height for huracan is about

175 -177 cm everyone who has more, unfortunately, will be disappointed. but there’s something you can do – you can open the roof it’s electric and opens in 17 seconds, or at least so i counted. importantly, a car without the roof is just as beautiful, and maybe even more than with a roof. and you can hear the engine much better, but you will do it later the roof

Can be opened and closed up to 50 km/h, so you can also brag while driving. it’s time to look at the interior which makes the same stunning impression as the exterior. everything is sharp and aggressive, exactly as lamborghini should be. there is also no screen protruding like a santa’s hat in the center of the board, which would only distract there are other screens,

Fortunately not touch screens. one is digital clocks that have several views and graphic design like from a computer game. here we can also turn on the view from the reversing camera of very poor quality in general, this whole system is of course from audi and it’s mmi or multi media interface. the second screen is a small display in the middle of the board showing,

Among others, oil pressure and temperature as well as voltage. lamborghini is also a champion when it comes to the location of the buttons and so or example, the indicators use the button on the left of the steering wheel, like in a motorcycle, and not using a stick as in 99.9 % of cars in the world what’s more, the driving modes are also changed from the steering wheel,

But this time at the very bottom which is extremely uncomfortable while driving, because the cabin is tight i specifically say italians, because in ferrari the indicators or wipers are similarly solved. another “great” solution is a place for a drink under the central tunnel you can’t put anything open there, because when you put it inside, you’ll spill it well

Done, lamborghini. i also think that you don’t drink or eat in the car. especially in such a wonderful one, we could make it dirty. but as i said, you don’t drink or eat in this car. there is no time for this. by the way, one place for a drink, a net for small items, an ashtray and a lighter socket are part of the travel package and the smoking package – the price is 450

Euros. of course, usb connectors could not be normal either, we have an adapter cable with the audi logo. beautiful. oh, and the storage space is about the size of a box with pencils. a small one. finally the icing on the cake, i.e. folding and materials the materials are good, although there are worse plastics, but still the worst is folding, here everything creaks and,

Unfortunately, also while driving. of course, it’s a joke, because in the front there is a 150-liter trunk. from this level we also get to the battery and the windscreen washer fluid. this, of course, is hidden on the rear, under quite a small cover and this is the only disadvantage of the spyder variety compared to the coupe, because the coupe engine hatch is strong

And after opening it you can see the mighty unit beautifully you don’t even have to open it because the cover can be glass! unfortunately, this cannot be done in a convertible. a pity, because it’s a naturally aspirated v10, 5.2-liter with 610 hp and 560 nm of torque the tested unit was equipped with an optional sports exhaust, but without it lambo also sounds wonderful.

Starting it with the button is also wonderful, it’s unlocked like a rocket launcher. the manufacturer says that lambo accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds, 0 to 100km/h – 3 s, and 6.3 seconds from 100 to 200 km/h, i.e. 0 to 200 km/h in 9, 3 seconds has slightly improved performance, due to better grip and thus better traction? i know that the start is so brutal that i

Felt sick. i’m not kidding, a few starts and the man is sick. the spyder variety is a bit heavier than a regular coupe due to the roof structure but you don’t feel it and the reaction to gas is lightning fast! fantastic. probably none of the potential customers wants to know it, but i was curious – how much huracan burns on the route at 120 km/h and cruise control it

Drinks 11 liters, and at 140 km/h 14 l. this is not bad, thanks to the gearbox and the cylinders turned off. when driving quietly, the car works on 5 cylinders, which means that it burns much less anyway, look here at just over 50 km/h, the 7th, final gear is already hit. the gearbox is a two-clutch construction that works with incredible speed and power, it also has a

Pretty mixed shuttlecock, or basically buttons. which is for retired people, sport for doing beautiful drifts, in corsa everything is aggressive, hard and fully manual. we change gears only with these big paddles on the steering wheel. typical track mode. however, if you think huracan is too low for city driving, you are wrong normally the ground clearance is only 135 mm,

And with the aero package probably even slightly less but lambo has a way to do it – with one button on the board we can raise the car by 4 cm to 175 mm importantly, with a raised front you can travel at speeds up to 70 km / h. this is one of the options that the twin audi r8 doesn’t have. the tested huracan has a four-wheel drive which is solved with the help of the 5th

Generation haldex. huracan, however, can also appear only in the rear-wheel drive, although to be honest when i see what this version can do on corners, i would stay with it ok, but it’s time for money, which is something gentlemen don’t talk about. in the case of lamborghini, as you guessed, there is no such thing as too expensive. the tested copy cost over 1.5 million

Pln, and it can be more. you can see the full specification of the tested item on the screen. the prices are net and gross, in eur and pln – sorry, but i got such file from lamborghini. as you can see, there are not even parking sensors, cruise control, dab radio and so on as standard and the base costs more than a million. not bad, right? but if you want a lambo you

Have to be ready to spend money for example, we change oil every 5,000 km and the cost of a small inspection is pln 6,000 warranty extension for 2 years – pln 30,000 and this is a great price if you look at the value of the car as you can see, these are sums that would give us a new car every year as i said before, welcome to the world of lamborghini! it’s impossible

To list all the disadvantages of huracan, there are so many but just start the car, listen to how wonderful it sounds, drive and you’ll forget about all the flaws. this car is like a drug, until you try it you won’t know you want it. a wonderful machine. and what’s important, it’s suited for everyday riding, because in normal mode strada it’s really humble and

Doesn’t want to kill you, apart from health and happiness for you and your family, of course, because this is the most important thing i also wish you such a huracan under the christmas tree. well, unless you’re over 175 cm tall, then let it be aventador!

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Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder 5.2 V10 610 TEST Wesołych Świąt! By Autowizja