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Lamborghini Huracan STO v Aventador SVJ: DRAG RACE

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Hi how are you matt watson here from car wow so i’m sat in a lamborghini huracan sto and next to me is a lamborghini aventador svj and we are gonna have a drag race oh yeah this is gonna be awesome so it may seem a little bit unfair you know this sto it has a 5.2 liter natural aspirated v10 with just 640 horsepower and 565 newton meters of torque and it drives the

Rear wheels only via a 7-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox still this is quite a light car it weighs in at just 1.4 tons it’s expensive though 260 000 pounds now to tell you about the aventador let’s chat to its driver it’s mark mccann from mark mccann 64. the youtube channel you need to check it out anyway mark how are you i’m very well thank you these are your

Cars right both these lamborghinis are yours you’ve lent us though you just want to see which is quickest and drag race right i do but i think i know because it’s wet so i can probably tell you already well do you know what you’re betting it’s the aventador but i won’t be so sure you see the dual clutch automatic gearbox in this will give it a good launch that thing

Does launch hard but can be a bit trickier with its single clutch robotized manual see i know some facts about your cars how about the other facts can you tell me all the stats on your svj please so we have 770 brake horsepower 690 newton meter torque 6.5 liter v12 so the stats are looking good over this side just a quick query on that a little birdie told me that

It’s actually 720 newton meters of torque that’s not what google said to me hmm let us know in the comments below right we’re going to put ping comment which one’s right i’m not entirely sure anyway so you’ve got four wheel drive and you think that’s going to give you the benefit in the web well do you know what the runway is drying out if i can hook up i reckon

I’m in with a chance anyhow how much was the aventador svj if you don’t mind me asking so this one was uh 380. wow and how much does it weigh a bit more than yours you didn’t look at that stat up did you i think you’ll find it’s 1 525 kilos to be precise though lamborghini does state dry weight so that doesn’t include fluids which is a bit of a cheat really the

Italians like to give the best numbers possible they’re a bit like the americans in that regard they like to overstate things now i want you to do me a favor you’re enjoying these drug races you know these kind of cool cars in order to get them we rely on owners such as mark now mark’s got a youtube channel mark mccann 64. you need to check it out right so if you

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Site now before we race there’s one thing we need to do and that is the car wow customary sound check so let’s rev up this 5.2 liter naturally aspirated v10 oh yeah let’s give off the limiter oh yeah there we go so does this v10 sound better than a v12 mark do you want a river for your aventador can we have a bit more of that i didn’t quite hear that at all go

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If you want to do that you can click on the pop-out banner up there for the link in the description below alternatively at a later date just simply google wow me car wow and we will wow you oh actually there’s one more thing to do let’s warm up our tires mark do you want to go first i’m not sure how well you can donate in that because it’s four wheel drive um but

Yeah don’t kill your transmission yeah you’d basically just showered your car in stones and save yourself some tires yeah you’re trying to poison me that was wicked i think we’re warmed up don’t think i can do as well as that but i don’t know what gear to do let’s go about all the revs should we try it first i don’t know yeah mine’s not as good as this even

Though rear wheel drive i actually meant to go back over there but i didn’t quite make it anyway that will do now before we erase just want to say thanks to my mate connor who sorted out this race you can actually check out his instagram and all the cars he deals with i’ll put a link to him in the description it’s c connor 150 or connor on 50 instagram yeah

Check him out come on go straight yes yes did not expect that uh mark you had a bit of a nightmare with that i think didn’t you we had a little bit of wheel spin to say the least cold tires that’s why do you want to do it again yeah i think we do one more okay it’s brave guys want to be um humiliated twice it’s like the um baby beating up its bigger brother

Let’s do it that’s close come on go straight it’s all over the place come on oh got him what happened there mark it was like kind of neck and neck then he like slowed down at the end that was past the finish wasn’t it it wasn’t he backed off too soon come on i’ll give him another go come on oh i’m going sideways oh no it’s got me well you got me that

Time mark you got me that time yes vj is still the daddy in it it’s a good job because it’s about half as much again isn’t it yeah so then what exactly happened well the aventador won completing the standing quarter mile in 10.9 seconds or the hurricane took 11.1 seconds however on a warmer day the svj actually managed a 10.4 seconds so now we have a rolling grace

From 50 miles an hour with the cars in their most relaxed setting if these cars have a relaxed setting the least aggressive setting anyway automatic for the gearbox so get to fifth i’m going to count it in three two one go oh neck and neck on the kick down i’ve got to jump on in dive to the half mile here’s the mile there’s a lot of speed there whoa whoa whoa

Whoa so this car kicked down really well even though it was in like the most relaxed setting and then it just flew this thing is rapid what happened to the svj it’s like it didn’t even kick down the gear i think it was having a siesta it was definitely in no rush did it kick down a gear no it was happy where it was might not have mattered if it had twin turbos

On it would have had the talk to pull through it but it sounds like it just stayed in gear and just accelerated through its rev range this time we’re going to take all the kick down and stuff out the equation so we’re going to race in third gear from 50 miles an hour in the sportiest setting so i’m going to count it in three two one go pickup’s amazing on this

Oh it’s closed come on here comes the spj now can i beat him to the half mile oh no i’ve got it sorted come on here’s the mile what’s the difference so when you’re telling it to change gears it does a lot better doesn’t it i reckon i am more cleverer than the technicians at lamborghini yeah that gearbox is a little bit old it is a bit odd the gearbox in this

Is really good the deal clutcher but that’s just got one clutch and yeah it’s not the best but it’s brutal when it changes isn’t it when that was going all i was doing was laughing and smiling it was unbelievable i think he managed to beat me to the half mile but it was blooming close but at the mile yeah you had a clear lead on me now we can have a break test from

100 miles an hour when we reach the line full emergency stop which car will stop in the shortest distance i have literally nowhere to put this i’m having to hold it not ideal 100 miles an hour here we go surprise surprise a lot of car one a mark i thrashed you there by good few meters how do you feel about that i’m not ready to talk about it yeah this is getting

Embarrassing well this is the lighter car so it kind of makes a bit of sense doesn’t it thank you for that i’ll take that it’s the heavyweight but there is one way where that car is definitely better than this one so it’s this isn’t it look so normal normal this this is just normal same with a bit of v12 actually i like a bit of scissoring that’s it scissor away

Mark scissor keep scissoring now if you’d like a high performance car that is a lot more affordable than these lamborghinis click on the pop-out banner they’ll follow the link in the description below because i found on cairo where there’s a great offer on it a nice sporty coupe that you probably could afford i hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like

Let me know some other videos you liked in the comments below click on those windows there to watch more videos don’t forget to follow mark’s channel link’s in the description and if you’re thinking of selling your car you can do it through car wow click on that box there and add a little bid on your car to make sure you get a great price for it and then i’ll come

To yours take it away put them on your account simple thanks for watching

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Lamborghini Huracan STO v Aventador SVJ: DRAG RACE By carwow