Lamborghini Huracan STO vs 1000 HP Mustang Shelby GT500 | DRAG RACE

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Amazing lunch dog just launched the car barely any slip so that was a good one guys today dari is going head to head with a thousand horsepower mustang we’ve raced these on the streets before but we’ve never brought it to the drag strip so we’ll see what happens we’re probably gonna dig race road race like usual and good luck dari let’s see when the challenger

Pulls up yeah i think it’s going to be a good race i think the mustang is going to slip but hey you never know what’s going to happen we raised some crazy mustangs before bo that have had nitrous and nitrous adds another 100 horsepower depending on how many shots you put in the car so we’ll see what happens today we don’t know what’s under the hood have to ask

Him what he has and see what he says like we’ve said before every racer keeps his own secrets so let’s find out so make sure you guys like and subscribe and turn on notifications races are just going to get crazier challenges pulling up right now mustang shelby gt 500 just got 85 on it the tune i just like worked it out with one so i got 85 now big difference

Just burns so much quicker how much is it running to the wheel close to 900 really yeah close to 900 so to the crank you know like 10.50 close to 100 to the crank guys this thing is fresh it’s a 900 wheel most things are known for their power a lot of power they can put down guys especially when you tune them too so let’s just see what has under the hood yes

You got the fat supercharger on that um so basically what i did to it i got american racing headers or catalysts um then i got the borla attack exhaust i got a little bit of a smaller pulley so i can push more boost i don’t know how much boost i’m pushing and i got the quarter intake the jlt and then i got 1050x injectors and i have just recently got the e85 too

And then i got new tires which i probably got to get new ones again here soon because i’d be dogging like crazy well you’re going to be going up against me my twin turbo sto 2000 horsepower wheel yeah just kidding it’s completely stock you got about 300 more horsepower than i do but you’re like probably 700 pounds later a little lighter a little lighter probably

700 later at least it’s pretty light guys this is about to be a really good race really interesting to see what it does from the dig in the roll what do you guys want to do in terms of the roll races are you most comfortable with um two and two all right two digs two roll and what uh role you want to do 50 roll 150 roll 135 roll maybe you’re cool with that yo i

Was going to say why don’t we why don’t we change it up a little bit and start with the rolls first yeah sound good want to warm the tires up on the roll so the digs would probably hook up a little better both got a real drive car so yeah it makes sense so i mean it’s good for both of us let’s do it have some fun let’s stay safe done by professionals only don’t

Try it at home let’s go around 900 wheel horsepower mustang plus stl boom who you got that’s a rainbow limbo don’t forget there’s the stock so if you could pull off this wind that’s insane on the books the mustang should be beating you but if dave’s gonna pull this off we’re getting money right yeah money i hear you already know that oh my gosh did we take off

At the same time you did you did that was kind of a weird roll that was kind of a weird roll but you guys did take off at the same time looks like you both pressed to press the foot on the pedal at the same time so we’ll run that back let’s see what he’s got to say whoa what happened i saw him slip yeah he’s slipping hard look like the sto one though hey it was

A race but i think they’re gonna run it one more time that was crazy what’s up how was that it was good we won good it was a good run we definitely need to run it again um we won by about i think three car lengths and i think we might be doing a 50 roll now yeah so it should be sticking a little better on this one for the mustang because it has so much power to

The wheels let’s see what happens yo how did it do in the 35 bro we did you see the burn out well we were spinning like the whole way lance was like bro lance like stop stop stop because i thought it was going to hook up and it just wouldn’t hook up and then i just shift off yeah i saw you slip all the way down there yeah it looked like the mustang had that

One yeah what’s up christian what’s up how’d it go it went as i thought it would um he has a much higher horsepower vehicle i mean we did a 50 roll you know supercharger kicked in and took me he took me fair and square great driver so yeah that was a lot better a lot better we hooked up real good on that one yeah man so now we’re doing digs i want to i want

To check real quick because i want to try doing a dig with in drag mode and then i want to try doing a dig letting myself shift because if i do a drift uh a dig in drag mode it will not let me shift past 7 500 rpm okay because i ride this the rpm like limited to 8 500 all my shifts but in drag but it doesn’t let you do it but i kind of want to see what mode does

Better i’ll do a quick like trial run like this real quick all right go ahead good luck be safe so right now we’re gonna do a big race i’m gonna flag it down so let’s do it all right another gun sto takes it so guys that was a little bit of a weird start right at the line but when they accelerated the mustang came by and was winning about one or two car

Lengths so that was a good race both cars won their races in their perspective rolls 35 bro for the huda con 50 roll for the mustang do you guys want to run it one more time or do you want to go for the dick races now um let’s go ahead and do the big races all right good job you’re killing it it look like the lambo obviously took that one what do you guys think

Gt500 just launched and like it bogged out so get no chance yeah especially with that much power it’s going to be hard for him to get off the line this would be a good one all right guys dig race number two let’s do this that was accurate you guys stopped at the same time something might have went wrong with the launch control but let’s see what happened

Takes it on the second dig race looks like you guys did take off the same time that time so once they got no traction it has too much power to get off yeah i can’t do anything off the deck so it looks like the sto is winning off the dig and then the mustang is winning on the high walls nice to see you again christian what’s up bro good job yeah what happened i

Just looked back and there was smoke everywhere yeah he slipped a lot slipped a lot i said i said we run it one more time he said he’s down because yeah he’s gonna run on a different mode so let’s get lined up final race guys let’s go get it don’t bring the army let’s go what happened no traction no traction yeah that’s what that was going on the whole way the

Whole way too i don’t know i might just let it do its thing and go in the dragster mode hope it hooks up a little bit better this time good luck bro see it all right race number three let’s see what happens there you go such a light car catches traction keep in mind this is more of a track focused vehicle um you know the mustang pulling that much power

And launching that quick shout out to shout out to my boy in the mustang man for sure let’s go that was crazy shout out to our boy alex those races were insane we saw on the road races the power was really put down at the 50 rolls the utakan could not keep up but at the lower rows that ulicon took off because it’s so light and it could catch traction then we saw

The dig races as well the traction was such an important thing maybe if there was another track maybe if it was different tires on the wheels i don’t know you guys want to say something about the race i was pretty focused um i’m just happy everyone’s safe those are two races a lot of spinning a lot of spinning yeah um but hey we’re both good drivers and it goes

To show that if we can drive on these conditions on what we had today then you know it’s always important to be safe when you drive guys never take risks and just stay safe and have fun out there yeah crazy race today i’ve raced mustangs before two mustangs like the one from today crazy guys you meet him on the highway and like like always you’re probably going

To lose the race that’s where i stay i stay on the highways i don’t stay on the drag street the highways are like 60 rolls like i got it yeah so the highways in mexico yeah for sure yeah yeah yeah i feel that and that’s the end of it guys make sure you go follow alex on social medias we’ll see on the next race peace

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Lamborghini Huracan STO vs 1000 HP Mustang Shelby GT500 | DRAG RACE By Dobre Cars