Lamborghini SVJ v Suzuki Hayabusa: DRAG RACE

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Hi how are you matt watson here from carlisle so i’m sat in a lamborghini aventador svj next to me is a suzuki hayabusa and we’re gonna have a drag race because that’s the way we roll around here on car wow in fact if you want to make sure you don’t miss any of these crazy drag races ensure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn on notifications

On that way you won’t miss any single upload now let me tell you about this lamborghini has a 6.5 liter naturally aspirated v12 with 770 horsepower 720 newton meters of torque drives all four wheels for a seven speed single clutch robotized manual gearbox don’t know why they call it all that nonsense it’s it’s a paddle shift auto anyhow that’s launch control which

Is good what’s also good is the weight so this car only weighs just over 1.5 tons and it’s rather expensive it’s 350 000 pounds and it’s been led to me but my mate mark mccann and you can check out his channel in the description put a link to it right he does some crazy stuff with this like abuses it badly anyhow let’s chat to the chap on the bike because he knows

About it so it’s chris northover from bike world you should check out their channel as well so chris how are you all the better for being on the runway with you matt all the better because you think you’re going to beat me in a drag race on that right i’m not sure about that i’m hoping i can i’ve got a bit more of an advantage off the line than i had last time so

I’m hoping that if i can get a good start i should be able to stay ahead of that because last time you drag raced me and you were on a was it a kawasaki supercharged h2s i don’t know is that some kind of like train line hs2 or something what’s it called that bike that you drove drove road last time so yeah that was a supercharged kawasaki h2r last time just over 300

Horsepower in my defense quite a tricky bike to get off the line it sounds like i’m making excuses now you’re definitely making excuses so tell me about that bike you’ve got now so the higher boost is actually a little slower than the h2r on paper it’s 195 horsepower and weighs just over 260 kilos but the advantage it has is it’s low and long which means it goes

Off the line really well how much is one of those so the retail price of this bike as it is here is 17 000 pounds well let’s see if 17 gram can beat 350 grand definitely in the uh straight line speed definitely not in the comfort states though this isn’t actually that comfort the seats are quite firm anyhow if you’re thinking about buying a car or maybe a bike and

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Take your car away and put the money in your account it’s so easy if you want to do that at a later date just simply google wow me car wow and we will wow you wonder if chris will wow me with this bike riding skills it’s pretty handy and brave buy sell car wow as ever before we race let’s see the customer car wire sound check so i’m going to start off by revving

Up the glorious v12 of this lamborghini chris make some noise with your bike and it’s four cylinders i thought the lamborghini spun up quick but that is mental what’s the cc of that the engine capacity is 1340. well i guess then this does have a lot more inertia i suppose but anyway it sounds better than the bike come on it does hopefully it launches better as

Well let’s do this there’s no way to put this in this car there’s no glovebox mark when you’re racing this where do you where do you put your um radio yeah it’s pointing between his legs oops there we go come on for the cars hawk no here he goes of him i’ve got absolutely smashed i can’t believe how well he launched that he was like almost level with me how

Do you do that on a bike motorbike superiority restored how do you launch a bike with one wheel drive as good as a heavy car with four wheel drive and massive fat tires it was so close though for that first 200 yards i really thought i was like come on but i i i just that was a wicked launch could you do better than that i might be able to get a bit more yeah i

Don’t think i could do better so i don’t want to do it do i do it again yeah definitely oh crap all right let’s do it again that was about large here he comes was that a very slight jump start there i had to do something to be in with a fighting chance but let’s just check with the stewards whether i did in fact jump um can we get a steward’s inquiry did

The aventador i.e me jump at the start you did i did not jump the start chris like what are you worried about you’re still blobbing one just not by so much as the first time i’m surprised how much this keeps going your launch is so good keeping that under control is just insane all i have to do is just release the brake and hold the wheel straight you have to do

What do you have to do of all the bikes though this is easiest but you’re always like on the back brake balancing the throttle the clutch keeping your weight forward okay you’re right stop showing off now i don’t need to hear any of that all right go away in other words it takes a lot of skill to launch that not to launch this and i still lost so then what exactly

Happened well the suzuki one completing the standing quarter mile in 10.4 seconds for the lamborghini took 10.7 seconds now we’re going to rolling race from 50 miles an hour car bike in third gear three two one go oh he’s gone he’s gonna smash me to the half mile victory to the bike i think the bike’s got it this on this car for sure you pulled ahead of me

And then i think if we would have maybe gone for a mile i might have reeled you in a bit i can do over 200 miles an hour in this apparently this is captain 186. so i’ve been humiliated in the drag racing and the rolling race my turn now matey boy never before have i been so excited about doing the brake test let’s do it don’t fall off okay let’s do this come on

Lamborghini we’ve got this now if you’d rather watch another drag race with the bike click on the pop-up bar up there for the link in the description below if not stay with me we’re going to do this break test it comes the line so not only do you not have protection of a steel cage around you you’re not able to stop in such a short distance that’s why bikes are

Dangerous everybody so they are bloody good fun if you want to see what kind of fun that chris gets up to on bikes of all kinds then you should check out his channel bike world the link is in the description as ever if you’re thinking about buying a car check out car wow i’ve actually picked a performance car which is really good value for money i’ve got a great

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Lamborghini SVJ v Suzuki Hayabusa: DRAG RACE By carwow