Lamborghini Urus engine in a 800HP Audi RS7 LAMBO KILLER Ep8

Talk about a cool and fast daily driver ! this mental Audi hatchback with its twin turbo engine out of a Lamborghini Urus has all the gadgets and tricks a modern day European car needs, but the packs the supercar punch !

We’re in a what is this thing it’s audi house audi rs7 obviously picked it up we basically did intakes down pipes tuned on the engine tune on the gearbox and i just drive the pants up and these audi’s like the mercs the audis and porsches and the weather you pretty much uh just got packages you can just add to them now very unlike the mustang and the you

Can’t just go up to a shop like i go for a stage two on my winslow please yeah yeah so i use a mob called mr tuning gallery racing just different if i took you to the workshop you’d eat off the floor yeah okay different level you know yeah but you’ve also got beautiful 67 mustang fastback an xy uh that really cool gt uh falcon and a few other toys like

You you’re a big car at a heart aren’t ya yeah yeah absolutely um and i guess you get to experience you know for me it’s what my dad experienced to your mustang it’s known it’s a beautiful car um but you’re also about to put a godzilla supercharged motor in it um godzilla 7.3 um hareb’s already dropped the blower off to my place the 6r80 that’s arrived from

The states i’ve got power by the hour to build that should be pretty scary and if i can pull it off power windows paddle shift um apple carplay reverse camera and when it’s all done you’ll sell it to me the lambo killer which i love the plates by the way yeah my boy that’s right yeah you’re either butt hurt about it twin turbo v8 we’re sitting on 792 and

1020 newton meters of torque so it’s not bad not bad for a daily but you know my wife think so yeah that’s the cool thing my car’s got about half the horsepower my ears are bleeding after going in the highway holy he’s like just one little push oh dude that’s way louder i don’t know if you guys can hear that but all of a sudden it just came alive these are

All-wheel drive as well aren’t they so pretty much anything off the line you got it i love the way the turbos sit right on the top and the cool thing about is you were telling me this is the same motor that does in the euros yeah so this the rsqa the sa and euros all share the same the interiors of these out is always just it’s you know you can see why

Tony stark drives these things it’s very futuristic isn’t it like the big the big screen it all folds in the beautiful dash and the carbon you know patterns all through it and is it all alcantara all our tower through headlining um and different style of carbon fiber you can feel it yeah i can feel it all the way down in my plums getting all swollen with

A light blue hue to them the bit that honestly caught my eye was just how aggressive this thing looks from the outside like it looks tart as hell dude like all the grills black you’ve got little aspects of carbon everywhere you’ve got those enormous brakes those really cool black wheels it’s sitting nice and low it’s just it looks better the sunroof it’s

Actually part of it looks like the whole roof actually lifts up it’s not just this little flap yeah yeah it’s it’s all it’s a really pretty car but in today’s modern era these are somewhat the muscle cars of today especially in australia you know we like we’d love our four-door muscle cars yeah yeah and this is a four-door fast v8 that looks badass well i think

Anyone that’s really into cars they’ll inevitably end up having some old muscle car yeah and then some modern all right guys thanks for watching dude thank you so much pleasure thank you we’ll catch you next time

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Lamborghini Urus engine in a 800HP Audi RS7 LAMBO KILLER Ep8 By cris cross art