Lamborghini Urus review – 0-60mph, 1/4-mile and Brake Test

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This is a lamborghini urus and it’s a bit like jeff bezos’s spaceship blue origin you see it’s massive it’s extremely powerful it’s slightly controversial and it’s completely unnecessary but there is something slightly cool about it now in this video i’ll give it a jolly good reviewing i’m going to talk around the exterior the interior uncover some trinkets inside

Which might reveal who actually owns this very car i’m also going to drive it brake test it and launch it from north to 60 and over the stunning quarter mile many many many many times to see if i can break it because i’m a good friend like that now if you like videos on cars such as this please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn

Your notifications on that way you won’t miss a single upload anyway i’m matt watson and you’re watching car wow buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one-stop car buying comparison site let’s start this video by talking about the design of the ura so for an suv it’s very sporty looking i

Mean look how raked that rear window is it’s got this big diffuser as well this one is in carbon fiber look at that and common fiber here on this particular car common fiber roof spoiler as well i mean who could own this car all day every day i think they’re actually missing two letters from here it should be an m in there and an a there one thing doesn’t annoy

Me about this this vent stick of truth i’m gonna poke this person’s car with a stick of truth it’s not just press cars that get that kind of treatment you know from the side you can be no doubt that the urus is the sportiest looking suv i mean just look at that falling roof line it’s so aggressive isn’t it now as standard you have twenty one yellow wheels moving

All the way up to 23s though if that’s not big enough for you you could do like this owner hasn’t fit some 24s 24s they’ve also seemed to fitted some carbon extra bits down here side skirts carbony bits here i think this might be carbon wrap on here and carbon wrap on the door handles it’s actually quite hard to tell because it’s pretty decent actually hmm wonder

Who would do that here at the front this car has a real angry face in fact the design mimics that of an aventador only it’s raised up obviously this one has some extra bits of pieces on it such as carbon trim or should i say carbon chin it’s actually called a nero body kit it’s added to the price of this car so the starting price of a neuros comes in around 178 000

Pounds this one has had an extra 80 grand spent on it i mean it’s got lots of kit and lots of extras on it and i’ll explain some more in a bit now if you’re thinking about buying a new car or thinking of selling your current car click on the pop-up banner up there to get a car wow you can make sure you’re paying a fair price for the car you’re buying and that you’re

Getting a fair price for the car you’re selling if you wanna do it at a later date just simply google help me car wow my team and i help you choose the right car for you and get it for a fair price from one of our trusted dealers here on the inside this aeros is just as dramatic especially in the way this owner has specked it up great choice of colors i love the

Red the black and the silver trim really really smart i like the general design of it as well where it’s multi-layered stitching in the leather on the dash it feels very very high quality it’s all quite simple to use as well yeah it’s touch screens here for your central infotainment system and for your climate control but you’ve got haptic feedback which basically

In english means that it vibrates a bit like your mobile phone when you press a button so you know you’ve pressed it the infotainment system very easy to use navigate through and digital drivers display nice and clear cool lamborghini style graphics so all this tech reminds me of the tech in an audi rs q8 though i think the owner of this car would probably be in

A bit of denial that this is basically an audi really with a lamborghini badge there driving position is good though you can get these seats nice and low for an suv but also nice and high if you’re a short ass like me actually when i pick this car up the seat was really far back so whoever owns it it’s really tall now let’s talk about storage so door bins yeah

Big door bins look at that and um extra sensitive baby wipes whoever owns this car has um just had a baby we’ve got in here lots of coins for random parking or whatever you’ve got some more storage under here which the owner’s got like airwaves like airwaves and there’s a 20 and a fiver note there as well some cash at the ready what we’ve got in here is a decent

Sized glove box and they have what’s this this is like deodorant with quarter moisturizing cream for extra sensitive skin more chewing gum and what’s this what’s wrong berry drops these are like the kind of travel suites that you used to have in the 1980s that you wish you just had something like some jelly babies or something nice old-fashioned someone is about

My age then that yeah really nice interior what’s that you’re more interested in the engine all right let’s talk about that now as you’re probably aware audi owns lamborghini and they’re all part of the volkswagen group what we have here is the same twin-turbo four liter v8 that you get in a porsche cayenne and an audi rsq-8 however here in the lamborghini it is

The most powerful version you can get of that engine 650 horsepower 850 newton meters of torque drives all four wheels for an eight-speed torque converter automatic gearbox with launch control we’ll come on to that in a second now one of the complaints about this engine is it’s not the most raucous or noisy however the owner of this car has fitted an aftermarket

System to this ura so let’s hear it go let’s start the engine yeah that’s it yeah nice that sounds well fruity now you probably guessed already the person that would do that is someone that appears in our drag races isn’t it it is of course yanny from yanni mize now i’m gonna launch this car he doesn’t want me to but it’s part of the reviews i want to know

What it is from naught 60 and over the standing quarter and he’s going to be a bit cross because he asked me not to so to try and make up for that what i want you to do is click on the pop out banner up there to go and subscribe to yanny’s personal channel and say listen please let me off for launching your car we needed to see it all right go make sure you do

That and subscribe now i’m gonna launch this card to see how quick it is a little later on in this video before then though there’s some other things we need to look at the auras comes with carbon ceramic brakes as standard and the discs are the largest on any production car 440 millimeters gripped by 10 piston calipers at the back the discs are 370 millimeters

And they’re gripped by six piston calipers i’m gonna do a brake test though i’m not sure these tires are as good as the standard pirelli p zeros definitely not as good as a michelin’s so i wonder if that’s going to affect the braking performance so bear that in mind yanny okay some new tires if you can get them to fit these wheels which you probably can’t now i’m

Going to break 1070 miles an hour full emergency stop come on what distance will it do this in let’s have a look stopped from 70 miles an hour in 46 meters which is hmm all right now if you want to see another suv perform better click on the pop-up banner up there to see what car it is and what distance that stopped in it’s actually quite impressive cigars the

Urs is the very pinnacle of suvs from the vw group they’ve chucked all their chassis technology at it to make it handle not like an suv at all so it’s got active air suspension so you can read the road and alter its setting as you’re driving along or you can just pre-select it if you want to also you’ve got a four-wheel drive system with a torque sensing diff in

The middle and it’s rear-wheel drive biased there’s also an active limited slip differential at the back with torque vectoring so you can send power to the wheel with the most grip to help push around corners you’ve also got rear wheel steering so at higher speeds the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the fronts to help you turn into the corner and at lower

Speeds again in the opposite direction a bit like a forklift truck to make the car more maneuverable and then there’s the active anti-roll bars so what they’ll do is stop the car leaning the bench it can prop at the corners of the cars but when you’re going on a bumpy road they can decouple so the wheels are free to just move up and down to help smooth things out

It’s all very clever let’s see how i just bang myself on it that’s one thing about this car it’s got lots of sharp edges so if you do get your funny bone it can quite a bit anyway let’s drive it see what it’s like let’s go and abuse you on his car sorry annie i’m gonna drive it like a stolen oh first thing normal urus the exhaust is good is a waffley sound this

Aftermarket one that yanny’s had fitted definitely if you got noticed it’s worth fitting an aftermarket exhaust to get some more pops and fangs and theater out of it i tell you what the steering’s really good it doesn’t much feel but it’s precise and it’s quick and the car’s fairly agile that rear wheel steering does help get the car turning the thing that’s most

Surprising is even though i’ve got the cart out with the smooth setting for the air suspension it’s cooling completely flat which is just nuts for a tall suv like this it’s got to be to do with the active anti-roll bars which prop up the corner that starts to lean watch out birds get out of the way this has got to be the best handling suv while it’s between this

And this suv click on the pop-out banner up there to see what the other best handling suv is oh the engine in this is a bit more potent though let’s try the brakes for cobb ceramics they’re not too grabby not quite as smooth as steel brakes but if you’re driving this on a twisty road especially somewhere in the alps or going downhill you’re gonna appreciate the

Cobb and ceramics standing up to all that heavy braking now i’m gonna actually put the car into relaxing stronger mode so everything’s just chilled and this is the thing with the urus all the other lamborghinis they’ve got more theater with their natural aspirated engines and their supercar focus this just chilled suv when you’re just cruising around honestly the

Suspension is very very good at dealing with bumps the steering’s light the visibility is generally pretty good apart from the other back window which is danny this is really not very good but dormer is huge and while the seat can be quite low you can jack it up so you can get a good view out of it i can see why yanny loves these things you know he’s a lamborghini

Man this is his dream come true because really like aventadors and those kind of things around town and london nightmare this perfect well unless you get on a really narrow road and then you’ve got to be a bit careful because it is a bit of a wide old beast the car not yanny sorry one of the great things about the urus is that you’ve got lamborghini performance

But in a practical suv body so here in the back look up straight headroom’s just about okay for me people have six foot might find it a little tight terms of knee room can’t complain look how much knee room there is now this seat is my usual driving position but let’s put it in the position it would be in if yanny was driving a big old lad like yanny big as in

Long legs that’s what i mean long legs that’s all yeah it’s still fine now this is the five seater so you can carry three people in the back at once but there’s a hump in the floor there which gets in the way a bit and then you notice look at the headroom limited like there we go seats are nice and comfy though if you’re in one of the outer seats pretty good and

Look there’s some various bits of practicality so you’ve got your armrest there and that’s covered so you’ve got your cup holders there and if you need to carry longer items fold this down you’ve got through loading and then there’s some other bits of practicality like this look nice expensive feeling pockets on the backs of the seats large door bins as well you

Have full zone climate control all digital of course speaking of digital check this out this car has the rear entertainment package four and a half thousand pound option i hope yannis boys appreciate this you know they get to enjoy this from that in my car anyway let’s let’s check out the boot so you get an electric tailgate obviously you should do it at this

Price really shouldn’t you there’s a bit of a load lip that much but you’ve got this nice shiny scuff plate so you don’t damage your paintwork oh look i’ve got some bits and pieces in here i think this cushion yeah it is now in terms of the capacity 616 liters it’s actually pretty decent however the boot on an aston martin dbx is slightly bigger still and if

You click on the pop-out banner up there you can watch my full in-depth video review of that car and that brings up the five annoying things about the lamborghini urus well i generally like these sports seats here in the front the design the headrests slightly protrude forward so it pushes your head forward a lot so you end up in a bit of a bad posture situation

Well i like the look of this nero design body kit and the extended cells there is a bit of a problem with the look when you go to get in they stick out quite a way and i’ve already jabbed my shin on air it’s very painful and i i do wonder that when you’re getting there you might accidentally like tread on it and snap it well i quite like the fact you got this like

Safety cover for the starter button i’m not convinced by these switches here and especially not by this stupid reverse lever so this is just for reverse this this whole thing for reverse to put it into drive you just pull up on a paddle i actually hate this yeah as standard you can’t actually fold the rear seats down from here in the back which you might want to

Do so you have to walk around and use the lever just here at the bases which is also used for reclining these back seats and when you do fold the seats down there’s this little gap here where you can lose certain things in fact what’s this what’s it lost in the air pound shop no i way why yeah he’s been to the crown job there’s so many addy parts in this car

Like all the switches audi but this bit this is just ripped wholesale and then what you’re gonna have if you buy this car is motoring journalist friends such as me saying things like do you know what the chassis is actually the same as on the volkswagen dwarf so yeah you’re going to end up having to constantly say to them well what car do you own bro hey don’t

Worry there’s still plenty to like about this car here’s the car wow five call features as i’ve already pointed out quite a few times already in this video the urs is based on an audi rsq8 however lamborghini have used a lot more aluminium in its construction and that plus the use of lighter carbon ceramic brakes means that it weighs 115 kilos less than the od

Still comes in at 2.2 tons though you can get the urus with an off-road pack i’m not sure they sell many of those outside of the arab emirates but there we go now some of the car gets a nerve mode which means snow but if you have the off-road pack you get two of the modes one is italian for off-road the other one is italian for sand whatever those words are i

Don’t really know what they also give you is increased ride height so when you have it in the off-road mode and you’ve got the off-road pack you can actually increase the car’s ride height by 40 millimeters over standard also the throw pack includes some underbody protection should you hit a rock or something like check this out guys look frameless windows how

Very sporting and lamborghini like is that this is less lamborghini light though look soft closed doors luxury you think the boot height is a little bit too high for you to lift heavy items in don’t worry there is something called a kneeling mode which basically allows you to lower the car its air suspension at a press of a button down it goes it’s still going

Down kneel before me car kneel molly down there love to match the hexagonal design in the front of the car there’s actually loads of hexagons here inside the cabin as well so hexagonal shape on the center boss of the steering wheel the cup holders are hexagonal rather than round this is hexagonal the shapes here on the infotainment system hexagonal these hexagonal

Hexagonal air vents hexagons here on the seats hexagonal door handles just hexagons everywhere this iris is supposed to do not 60 in 3.6 seconds but i’m going to find out for myself i’m going to launch it with my specialist timing gear up here i’m going to take extra precautions so i’m just going to keep safe with this danny has a massive head look both physically

And metaphorically anyway so let’s launch it here we go they’re on the brake it’s in course mode no sc draw the throttle launch control is possible oh here we go 3.75 to 60. did i bog down a bit what’s the quarter mile eleven point eight seven you know i’ve raced with yanny a few times in this car and sometimes it nails the launch we go come on baby lambo

All day every day then other times he complains like oh he’s bogged down and i always thought he was just giving it all that but it does sometimes just bog down a bit ah took a second to get away can do better one more go yeah that’s better 3.57 oh yes and 11.72 for the quarter mile that was better if it doesn’t bog down it goes quicker he didn’t lie don’t

Look stupid yeah i definitely look stupid don’t i so then what’s my final verdict on the lamborghini urus should you avoid it should he consider it should he shortlist it or should he just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you should shortlist it i mean it’s an immense high-performance suv that really does feel like a lamborghini now i’ll probably save

Some money and just get an audi sq-8 instead now saying that’s going to annoy you in fact do you know what he’s been really kind let me his car and i’ve got to criticize it slightly and been a bit rude at times about him sorry jenny please forgive me please in fact you can help me get him to forgive me by making sure you go to his channel and subscribe there okay

Yanny channel the link is in the description please do that and thanks for watching hey if you enjoyed the video please give it a like also let me know if any other videos you’d like me to do in the comments below if you click there you can watch some more videos and if you click on that box there you can actually sign up to the car wow newsletter where we’ll keep

You up to date of all the latest news and reviews from the car world in between these video uploads so just click on that sign up it’s completely free and of course you can cancel anytime you want to thanks for watching see you next time

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