Land Rover Defender 110 P300 0-60 MPH acceleration performance test

In this video we use an app to test the 0-60 acceleration time on our Land Rover Defender 110 P300 to see if it gets close to the specification 7.7 Seconds. We try in in 3 modes… SPORT… DRIVE and ECO…. and the results are….

Right we are in art land rover defender and we’re going to do some nought to sixty tonic don’t we george yeah yeah so i’ve downloaded an app i don’t know if it’s any good one i read some reviews and said it was sort of okay so we are gonna use this app here they speedometer one so we are going to do this test i’m gonna see if it works now we thought what’s going to

Affect our acceleration so force equals mass times acceleration doing a bit of revision for georgie right so we’ve only got the two of us in the car we’ve got we how much fuel we got we’ve got a third of a tank of fuel so things like this will affect your acceleration now land rover claimed that our we have got the petrol 2-liter which is called the p 300 engine p

For petrol 300 for 300 brake horsepower 296 but they’ve round all up so we like what else did we do we’ve got we’ve got we’ve got a jumper we’ve got my very fashionable jumper in the back and we’ve got our lockers for my off-road adventure but we generally not got any excess weight in the car we have turned the air-conditioning off the a/c off that’s the thing will

Probably work out get the app working and then we’ll try in sport mode and standard mode and we could try an eco mode as well as we see with the eco let’s see if we can get some figures on it right but the first one we’ve got a nice straight road with an open limit oh right so we’re all going right so let’s have a go here so let’s put it in drive now probably this

This app should detect we’re in the sport mode all right we’re all clear right now we’re also we’re going to use the speedometer on ways so you you won’t be to see my speed on man let me get that so you can see it better there george is that better so you’ve got that and that and let’s see if this works right we’re all clear that’s a much better idea joy never

Even know that now now they did say this needs to be held flat as the georgie’s gonna poop you up a little but we’ll be alright so but i think because of the way the xo malorum it the accelerometer in the iphone works is better when it’s flat so right we all set george yeah you’re holding on tight yeah three two one well not nary sorry i think wasn’t expecting

That well that done all 50 we didn’t right let’s do that again what we’re getting bout right we’re ready again so just check sure the engine start if you got the out there george so we’ve just played again so let’s go start again alright so there we go we’ve got it nice and flat in the car we got the aircon off we got i’ve never got no traffic coming here goes

Then i go to get a six man yeah i think so i don’t know if we did do it because i think this is under reading class reading this under recently so yeah i was watching when i did sixty here has that got your speed on it now let’s do a bit of speed correlation first so if i drove along it’s 30 36 well have you gotten your phone there george well we’ve got a warrior

At 37 is at best foreign ways and this is at 55 kilometers now okay so to get to 60 let me just double check if i get to 60 on this speedo yeah what’s that on that 55 this is 91 martin kilometers now on there and like 58 it’s not quite so i need to go a little bit higher on this speedo so i let off a bit early because i didn’t want to speed but that isn’t that’s

Overeating my god it will try again right take three so this time i’ve got to watch my speed and i’ve got to go above 60 on my speedo cuz my speedo is over reading so if i stop at 60 it’s not actually reaching 60 so here we go take three george so right let’s make sure we’re in sport mode right we’re all good with the engines warm right here we go check the roads

Clear wait for the engine to start here we go my man should have us there right nice pull up your agency was done we got man stop all right and then so if we look at the bottom here we’ve got miles per hour so it’s a sir six point six seconds okay so that’s not too bad and what we’ll do is we’ll do the same stretch of road the other way in case wind or anything

Else obviously this isn’t very scientific we haven’t got any flash gear george is telling me that car while we do super flash gps stuff but we’re on a budget here george we can’t have all that going on but the other thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna we’re gonna then compare it to the non sport mode so right what we’re all good like we’re in sport mode right then

We already were all clear let’s give this a go again depressed our kenema right we’re in sport mode everything’s ready the engine start here we go on two three there’s that one look at that one do the honors georgia lie turn round six point six seconds again again which is good that’s repeatable right we like they of us so go in the opposite way so if there was

A headwind or an uphill or down here we’ve counter acma so i think we’ve got a six point six seconds now that is better than the quote in seven point seven seconds that there quote in so i guess we’re happy about that right now let’s try amen but it felt quite quick it does kick back then enjoyed you guys do it yeah so let’s let’s try it now all we got someone come

To join the race don’t film i’m georgian gdpr we’ve got a aining driver we reset that george we’ve got that all reset we’re all clear let engine start get off the brake what one two three i mean there was that one showing do it you can ever look turn in here again again six point six seconds maybe doesn’t do anything cuz cuz i’ve got my foot to the floor he’s giving

Us maximum acceleration anyway so we’ll do that going back we have way one more time all right ring drive going the other way at the same stretch of road one two three the six seconds six seconds yeah so i’ve shaved half a second off by putting it in normal mode so there’s some variability in this but i think right so i think the next thing to do george is to try

In eco mode so we’ll just turn round and then we’ll try in eco mode and see what like this let’s try and select eco mode and see if at that so if we go on here and we haven’t played much with eco mode we didn’t do a driver that the other day eco program selected so we’re in drive we’re all clear my engine started we’ve reset that will reset that yeah right it goes

One two three wasn’t that your on my on yours six point six seconds six point six seconds mmm sarika so it looks like if we’ve got our foot down and we need to get get away in a hurry it looks like we’re okay whatever mode we’re in so i don’t know how weak of that is and we’ll just do that one more time the same way the other way down the road again alright every

Goats are in eco mode again facing the other way start the engine here we go one two three all right well that won’t do it six point six seconds this one six second so there we go a fairly unconcluded well i think we’ve decide what we ascertain with this little experimental we have ascertained that when you put your foot right to the floor it doesn’t matter if

You’re in sport mode drive mode or eco mode the nought to 60 is pretty much the same and using this app is six point six seconds so it’s certainly not slower with the available equipment i’ve got it does seem that this defender is if you’ve put your foot down pretty quick so there we go

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Land Rover Defender 110 P300 0-60 MPH acceleration performance test By powerfulukltd