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Land Rover Defender 130 Build

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The Beginning of our Land Rover Defender 130 Build. In this episode, we face a very irritating door problem. The doors are not locking and unlocking properly, our tub ain’t straight and our windscreen wipers are faulty.

We’re taking the door card off because we want to see why this door is not locking something’s faulty yeah the stupid um central locking which i don’t believe in is making drama and we want to change the these things that shouldn’t be in a defender though really okay so what’s going on here we using our old door cards from my old defender 110 because

They’re in really good shape and i would put some chicken plating yeah a couple years ago so we’re pumping these out just clean them and give them a bit of a spray with some interior exterior spray yeah that’s it and then door’s gonna be finished inside all the little clips and stuff and then we’re gonna put the door cards on and then move on to the next

Little task time for alastair pancakes before we continue we first need to get some spares we were at eleanor the other day um it’s a land rover space dealership where i’ve been getting all my parts for a couple of years so shafiq the gentleman beyond the space counter sorted us out with a couple of parts it’s definitely not going to be the the last box of

Spares and parts we’re ordering this is just a little start front door rubber we’ve got right hand um ball joints for the steering arm and um the track rod these are the left ones for the track rod one set is for us so one set for a customer who’s landing i’m working on but rear sway arm bushes a lot of got two drop arm bulkheads for the front these are

More rubbers for the rear and then we got ourselves eight linkages for the sway out front and back fours for us for the 130 and falls for our customers a little 90 i’m working on like i said two rotor filters and that’s for us then we’ve got ourselves a couple of door grommets for the door cards so the last little box is we’ve got ourselves some full kit of poly

Bushes from pearmark i used to do the rubber ones for years and years they never really let me down but the pain i go through and the tears of putting new bushes in and taking the old ones out so we’ll test them out and yeah they’ll give our own little personal review about the poggy this is rubble bushes ugh back to the doors now the main thing because i

Put a couple of these in it’s just to make sure that it all actually lines up you don’t actually want to bend this little piece of you don’t want to bend this rubber it’s metal in there then it’s a bit boring so now i tend to start at the bottom or work my way up otherwise you start at the top go all the way down and it seems to stretch yay doors are done

So what’s next steph all right so what we busy doing is we’re going to take the center console out because in about a week’s time the car is going to the mechanic um just because he’s got all the cool tools and he’s amazing guys so he’s going to put a new gearbox in it’s just the upgraded one it’s ashcroft gearbox compared to the standard one because i’ve had

It in the other 110 set up the clutch to fix a oil leak on the transfer box so cubby must come out and we’ve already undone this these long load results cubbies out and now we just got to get a access panel here which is underneath our awesome carpeting and then a couple other things and it’s ready for the mechanic so our task here is straightening the tub the

Tub was fitted completely skew brackets were the wrong way around so we loosened the whole tub swapped some brackets around lined up nicely got some brackets welded up just to strengthen it up a little bit swapped it all around lined up perfectly and the top is lacquer straight moments later there we go this is the bracket we flipped you can see it’s been

Sitting more on me instead of the whole rubber so i’m gonna flip it around and hopefully it all works out cool got it is it sitting flashing better the tub still ideally goes forward but we’re gonna keep it in this place oh it’s definitely got so much more on it okay let’s go do the other side are you flipping the other side as well yeah oh okay so

The task we’re busy with now is fixing the windscreen wipers first toss was to dismantle the dashboard quite a big job to get to it remove the windshield wiper motor grease it make sure she works out lacquer and a couple of things we learned from there is you get a different types of spindles you get from at 10 degrees right to 40 degrees which changes the

Sweep of the wipers on the windscreen thanks for watching and we look forward to seeing you on our next episode don’t forget to subscribe and join our adventure

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Land Rover Defender 130 Build By Just Us.