Land Rover Defender 90 review // Who wouldnt want to add 3-inches


We’ve got the land rover defender 90 the two-door version is it two doors or three doors well i guess three doors or is it two-door you decide let’s get in go for a drive oh boy oh supercharged supercharged and turbocharged right it’s got both well kind of getting ahead of ourselves here what’s under the hood of this defender a three-liter supercharged turbocharged

Inline-six with a mild hybrid system and an eight-speed automatic transmission 395 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque standard all-wheel drive and you have to put premium fuel in this defender you get about 716 kilometers 445 miles to every fill now you would think with it being an inline six first of all that’s a good choice and then you turbo charge it

And supercharge it you would eliminate turbo lag but no there is turbo lag with it still is yeah still is we were actually surprised we’re like is this the supercharged turbocharged engine it is and there is turbo lag but the best way to get around it is pop it into sport mode but then it uses more gas so about a year and a half ago we drove the defender 110 when

It first came out this is the two or three door version what do you get with this what are the key standard features the base trim comes with a 10 inch touchscreen a 12.3 inch digital driver display heated seats a heated steering wheel a wireless charger apple carplay and android auto a meridian sound system a panoramic sunroof 3d surround camera and blind spot

Monitoring and rear cross traffic alert there are so many different things you can choose on this there’s off-road grass gravel mud sand rock waiting configurable we got a lot and what are we gonna put it in gonna put it in s for subscribe and if you can hit that notification bell you’ll be notified when all of our reviews drop and then you can watch them and we

Do this the couple carve you twice a week the first one drops on wednesday we put another one out on saturday so make sure you like and subscribe most important thing is to hit that notification bell but also follow on instagram it’s motor mouth underscore andrea to get a sneak peek behind the scenes for me it’s motormouth underscore auto and the links are below the

Like button this video is brought to you by carcass canada get the dealer’s cost list of rebates plus discounted interest rates use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches the link is in the description below we’ve got the available air suspension and adaptive damping on our defender it’s an added feature it also comes standard

With terrain response it allows you to pick and choose what terrain programs you want based on the road conditions you’re dealing with we have the available train response too which you can put it into automatic mode and let the defender decide for you what terrain program best suits the conditions that you’re dealing with i went on a range rover event in arizona

Going through this rocky countryside and we had an instructor with us and his advice if you have the optional setting is to just put it in auto he said it’s such a good program that it does everything on its own now one thing that you’ve got to remember uh who’s owned this company in the past ford has owned it and you see a lot of those terrain settings that they

Now use in the broncos and their vehicles bmw used to own this company now you can see things like hill descent control and terrain management and their products so this is a company that really pioneered all of this stuff decades ago and they should get credit for it so would you get the coil springs or the air suspension i would get the air suspension and the

Adaptive damping i actually find that it really has a comfortable drive to it i find it a little bit top-heavy in the city so that adaptive damping gives more precise control and eliminates some of that body roll that you would expect for such a large vehicle like this height wise so the there’s two settings that this system has that people don’t often talk about

It has a mall and outlet mall and that’s really where these things are going to kind of go i mean how many people are actually going to take this thing and do the things it’s designed to do i say very very few of them mall and outlet mall are the two settings i think would get used the most probably i’m sure that there are some people that are taking this off-road

And land rover says that this is the most capable and durable vehicle that it is ever built now this comes with a ride height with the coil suspension of 8.9 inches with the air suspension it’s 8.5 inches but you get to add an extra three inches of that to 11.5 inches now guys who wouldn’t want to add an extra three inches so i mean really come on like do the

Math on that spend the money get the extra inches and the water depth is 35.4 inches which is excellent you know very good there i don’t care about all of that stuff andrea you don’t no you know what i want i want this because it looks so damn cool zach is in love with this this this is like a toy truck i would have as a kid it’s like a truck and now there’s like

A real version of it i like the look of this as well it’s just not practical as a two-door we’ll get into the back seat in a bit but it comes standard with led headlights and led tail lights fog lights 18 inch to 22-inch wheel standard 20-inch wheels it has standard all-season tires but of course you can opt for off-road if you like this one has the roof rack on

The top that just makes it look cooler it’s got the box on the side which is kind of ridiculous but you know i wouldn’t get that but some people might think that’s very cool yeah it’s got the really cool mud flaps that make me feel like i’m going on the perry dakar rally when really i’m just going to the outlet mall but hey that’s cool too the look of this thing

I mean land rover does a fantastic job on all of the land rover range rover products they just look cool yeah they do actually and very copied like you think about the range rovers yeah they’ve been copied like by kia and volvo i mean they’re really innovative yeah very unique looking vehicle for sure now we have a full-size spare tire back there which is nice

To have but boy does it ever affect the visibility of the vehicle and then the headrest as well between the headrest and the spare tire yeah limited visibility out the back for sure all right uh the doors are big of course this is a two or three door it depends what you want to call it but the the doors to get in are absolutely massive and heavy it’s a real retro

Thing this reminds me of cars when i was a kid two-door cars were very popular it’s cool i really like what land rover has done to the interior of this it has leather seats but a canvas style trim so it’s easy to wipe down the materials in here and the floors are not carpet there’s there’s floor mats on top of it but they’re actually rubberized you’ve got this big

Piece of reinforced metal behind the dashboard that says defender embossed in it yeah and then lots and lots and lots of storage areas that’s very well laid out i find the the reach to the radio a bit far and it’s on the other side of the shifter so ergonomically that’s not perfect but i i can get past all of that because i’m so cool driving this i really think

That land rover does a great job with the comfort level in this vehicle i think that the seats are comfortable they really cradle your body i can see it being comfortable on a long trip i like the steering wheel feel and i also enjoy sitting up and over the dash in this vehicle yeah they call it the command seating position that’s one of the hallmarks of land rover

Range rover and why a lot of people come back to this brand just because of the seating position the back seat is enormous it’s the getting in and out is a bit tricky the front seats have a caddy system that toggles the seats forward and back electronically that’s helpful but climbing in and out is a bit clumsy and a bit claustrophobic when you’re back there sure

There’s loads of leg room but you feel kind of trapped in there especially with that box down the side and then when it comes to cargo space it’s really lacking there very tiny if you have a full load you’re going to need to get some sort of storage unit on top of the roof because you’re not going to fit all of your luggage in there i don’t think you could even get

Two carry-ons back there like we can fit our camera bag and a tripod barely and that’s it and the interesting thing is when you fold the seats down you would think they would engineer it to be perfectly flat so you get a massive amount of storage space because the back seat is so big but it doesn’t it it tilts on an angle it’s a it’s a weird setup and that part

You have to just get your head around that you’re driving something so cool but not the most functional so who is going to buy this thing let’s get into it time now for questions coffee and cars your questions from instagram definitely a design to attract the retro set this has become really important to attract with a name plate with history do you feel this is

A great strategy or not trying hard enough to move design forward i think that this design is fantastic it’s so unique all i want to say is i want one he really likes this yeah i really like this you know what it is so cool if i was a younger man and i had a say you’re a professional you could afford this put it that way you had a job maybe you’re a young lawyer

A young dentist or a doctor and you thought i want something cool this would be high on my list i would lease it i wouldn’t worry about it i would just give it back after three years but this is cool as hell it’s funny that he says that because he’s always said to me you wouldn’t buy a land rover because i wouldn’t reliability issue i would lease one but i think

It’s pretty cool too and i agree with zach i think it’s gonna attract the young professional yeah the guy with the beard and the tattoos and the rolex watch that’s the guy and you can accessorize it any way that you want we’ve got on the side that storage unit by the way it doesn’t affect visibility somebody asked that on it a little bit just a little bit i found

It to be okay and it’s also ridiculously small like yeah you know you what are you gonna put in there like a subway sandwich i don’t know i don’t think hipsters do that i think they get like tacos maybe let’s let’s move on is there a v8 option there is it’s called the p525 and it’s a 5 liter v8 with 518 horsepower it’d be a thirsty one that engine’s been around for

A long time but it’s also uh you know kind of like an iconic engine yeah and uh you know they’ve used it in a range rover as well it’s a great motor but this is the future andrea smaller more efficient and if you get the v8 in this two-door it’ll cost you over 130 000. you know a young dentist he could afford that maybe we might have some bills to pay from university

Still we put out a lot of content each week on the motormouth youtube channel and it’s so easy to find all you do is go to the youtube search bar and type in the name of the channel motormouth then the brand you’re looking for in this case it would be land rover or range rover and all of our videos pop up it’s that easy how’s the expected reliability some of the

Previous generations have been terrible including friends who have forced dealers to take the vehicles back under the state’s lemon laws well we actually have friends who have had several range rovers and their last one was so bad the dealer had to take it back and they flipped them into another one but they know they love the brand so they got another one they

Got another one they have a mini as well i mean it’s just a brand that has problems jd power the dependability study that came out this year has land rover in last place so uh there needs to be some improvement definitely with this brand lease it best advice if you like it and you’re a young hipster but there’s definitely a thing you know pain versus pleasure here

With land rover products where people are willing to spend that much money because it obviously gives you more pleasure than heading to the dealership and getting it repaired yeah that’s what our friends like they like it so much they’re willing to put up with the pain for the pleasure and now it’s time for our hot topic what’s this one andrea is range rover as a

Brand going to dive into the hybrid ev market soon so the parent company is jaguar land rover jaguar is going to be transitioning totally to electric vehicles in the next couple of years and this is going to follow suit right well they are going to have an electrified version so it won’t be pure evs with land rover but they are planning on having a fully electric

Vehicle by 2024 and then adding five more evs by 2026 that’s at least their plan and then by 2030 to have electrified vehicles available there is a plug-in hybrid range rover available right now and i’m happy to hear that land rover is going to continue with plug-in hybrids and not just go with pure evs the reality is if you want a two-door version of an off-road

Vehicle there’s really only a couple of options but we chose some off-road capable utilities for your consideration four vehicles for you to consider up first is the ford bronco two-door with the 2.7 liter ecoboost engine and up to 330 horsepower it has a starting price of just under 45 and a half thousand dollars the jeep wrangler sport two-door with a 3.6 liter

Pentastar v6 285 horsepower and a starting price of 40 and a half thousand dollars the toyota 4runner with a 4 liter v6 and 270 horsepower it has a starting price of just over forty seven and a half thousand dollars the mercedes-benz g wagon with a four liter bi-turbo v8 416 horsepower and a starting price of a hundred and fifty-five thousand dollars so there are

Four off-road capable vehicles for you to consider so how much can this thing tow it’s a lot by the way how much gas does it drink we’ll get into all of that with our vital stats let’s start with pricing the base model starts at just over eighty two and a half thousand dollars canadian and just over sixty nine thousand dollars in the us price is tested just under

Ninety six and a half thousand dollars canadian here’s the fuel economy thirteen point five liters per 100 kilometers in the city 10.8 on the highway that’s 17 miles per gallon city 22 miles per gallon highway the towing capacity is impressive at 8 200 pounds the warranty is 4 years eighty thousand kilometers or fifty thousand miles lightning round two things we

Like two things we like to see improve i really like the comfort level that this defender offers i think it’s just cool as hell i’d love to see land rover improve the visibility coming from the back seat and the headrest i think they should improve their quality that’s their number one job if you’re looking for a capable vehicle that’s very unique looking look no

Further than the defender 90. there are a lot of things that this doesn’t do well but people who buy this won’t care about any of it this video is brought to you by carcass canada get the dealer’s cost list of rebates plus discounted interest rates use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches the link is in the description below

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