Land Rover Defender 90 Wide Arch Bodykit & Black Pack

Here at the Bodycentre we are big fans of the new defenders, so when we know one is coming, we are always very excited. We believe that this is the FIRST defender 90 that arrived in East Anglia! It came to us straight from the showroom, at the request of the customer, for a full black pack together with the installation of a wide arch body kit.

Hi everyone sam from the body center here now they say this could be the first one in east angular i don’t know whether that’s true or not i know it’s the first one we’ve ever had so this video is all on the brand new land rover defender 90. now you probably guessed it with it being here it’s going to be changed from stock um now we’ve got the textured arches the

Front wrist silver bumper trims we’ve got all standard colors everywhere so we’re going to be completely taking this brand new car apart we’re doing the black pack we’re also doing all the textures on the car plus the wide arch body kit genuine from land rover the calipers are going a different color we’re fitting the recovery hoops on the back they’re going a

Different color it’s gonna be absolutely awesome i can’t wait for you guys to see this one um also while it’s on site it’s going into tbc detailing um our relatively new business which is absolutely booming by the way so if you’re looking for some paintwork enhancement correction ceramic coating hit us up we’ve got a big weight but we’re now taking on a new man

And um we should speed that all up so yeah the defender’s gonna look absolutely perfection an eight-year ceramic coat protection going on it as well um i’m joking i’m joking no it’s not going this bad but it’s going to be different let’s go foreign so guys as you can now see i am in the mixing room um as you can see here we have our glazerate scheme

And behind me over there we have our speedsector scheme now with us being land rovers approved body shop um they prefer speed sector on all their on all their vehicles so every single land rover that we do here we do use speed sector 480 line um it’s obviously a premium brand probably one of the best you can buy in all honesty uh we’ve been using it for many

Many years now so we’ll we will be applying speed sega um in the booths now i think we’ve got all three booths loaded up with this job actually we’ve got all the the extended arches all the plastics of the cast and the door moldings um corners of the bumpers we then have the center sections of the front and rear bumpers they’re actually going to be going gloss

Black to break it up from the santorini body color so the bottom corners of the bumper are going to be santorini car color and the center section of the bumper just a straight gloss black probably a navic black like a land river black um i think that’ll look pretty cool i think it was all santorini it’d be a little bit too much um so yeah they’re all set up to go

We’ve also got the the tow hooks and the calipers they’re all prepped down as well drew’s done a great job on them we’ve actually now got a brand new sandblock where it’s a glass blast like a sandblasting cabinet um where we’re it’s speeding up the process and giving us a much better finish and then than the normal sort of daying down of the calipers with these

Being brand new they didn’t need a lot in all honesty so a good clean down a little key up and they’re ready to go they’re going to be going sunburned orange which i believe is a mercedes color we’ve done quite a lot of that recently and people are loving it it’s a real real cool color so yeah the calipers and the tow hooks are going that color um i think that’s

It paint wise and once we’re finished in this stage and the car isn’t going to tbc detailing as you can see here um our newest part of uh of our business here and we actually launched it as a separate separate business itself which is actually going very very well i think we’re around about three months smoking me more than that booked up at the minute uh for

Ceramic coats paint corrections violets etc which is amazing so go check that out here’s adam now he’s camera shy so he’s gone but yeah guys it’s all going well i hope you enjoyed the video please hit that bell button so when uh when we post more videos you’re gonna see them subscribe comment share do everything you need to do guys really appreciate it over to

Adam so guys as you can see over my shoulder and apologies again it is very noisy in here um but yeah as you can see over my shoulder nelly is now fitting the defender up we’ve done the full black pack color co conversion which is looking awesome um again with the the sunburn orange calipers and rear tow hooks looking awesome you’re probably wondering what all

That sheet is over the car we are completing our premium package to this defender a tbc detailing uh we’ve already completed the three-stage paint correction so it’s not coated yet so danny has sheeted the car up just to give it a bit more protection where nelly has to now put his hands all over it to fit the kit and do the build up um just saved a bit of time

In the detailing side doing that cut first then we can just go over where nelly’s now working hope you enjoyed the video please hit that subscribe button let’s go so another quick update guys we’re still in the strip and fitbit with nelly the car is done but because we are such generous people here at the body center we’re actually fitting um the air compressor

To the back of this defender 90 which was a job for the dealer um obviously with this dealer bid in cambridge it’s silly sending it all the way back there just have this fitted so um we’ve took on the task and we’re now fitting it let me turn this camera around and show you the inside so so guys we are now in the detailing bay um as you all know and if

You don’t know you should know tbc detailing it’s another part of our business here at the body center danny this man here he’s the one performing the magic as you’ve seen throughout this video this defender is sprinkling his magic as you’ve seen obviously throughout this video um this brand new defender id has received the full black pack which including the

Silver bumpers the wide arches everything’s been blacked out looks awesome the calipers have been done uh the rear recovery loops at the back same colors of calipers load of stuff being done but it is in here now having its three-stage paint correction and ceramic coating using the matrix black which has an eight-year protection it’s looking absolutely awesome we

Actually done quite a lot of the machine polish while the the bits of the car were down in the paint shop um and then danny’s now sort of saved the ceramic coat for him now to finish his final final touches final polishing coats to then apply the the ceramic coat and it is looking insane here we’ve just been around it with the light again as you all know black

Cars are extremely hard to get in pristine condition um but they look the best when they are in that pristine condition so putting this coating on is gonna save this paintwork hope you all enjoyed the video so far please subscribe to our youtube channel follow us on our social media pages tbc detailing give us a follow on that as well on instagram and facebook

Keep watching look at this creep so so so so guys what did you think of that pretty dramatic ending no jake didn’t edit this one this one was me i’m taking a glory for that um a lot of people have been um praising jake for some of the videos he’s had coming out at the minute jake’s helping out massively thank you very much jake how awesome does this

Defender look it looks so much better with all the color-coded arches especially them wider arches the black pack it’s made a dramatic difference and the color i love the color works perfectly with the santorini black body color absolutely over the moon the whole job the customer equally ecstatic he loves it um yeah all good so just a little add on to the end

Of this video guys um as you all may be aware already we are the jaguar and land river authorized repair for the whole of east of england so if you have a defender any kind of land river any kind of jaguar this is the best place to bring your vehicle any um existing body and paint warranty will be upheld keeping it in the jlr network all the products we use are

The best that you can physically buy all the repair procedures are all followed strictly by jaguar land river’s guidelines we also won 2020 jlr body shop of the year so if your vehicle does come to us this is the best place for it to be thank you guys for watching and we’ll see you next time

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Land Rover Defender 90 Wide Arch Bodykit & Black Pack By The Bodycentre Ltd Norwich UK