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Land Rover Defender L663 – Overhead Console Sunglass Holder Retrofit

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In this video we show you how to retrofit a sunlgass holder into your Land Rover Defender L663 if it did not have one fitted at the factory ! To by the ugrade kit please see below link.

Greetings you join us in our lovely land rover defender look at this it’s always a bit quick actually he’s a bit we have messed him about a bit though he should go down a bit smoother than that but this is our sunglass holder in our lowly model s but land rover in their wisdom have decided to remove this from the new land rover defender and we will have a look and

They’ve just replaced it with a slightly odd in my view um sort of perspexy window now we’ve mentioned this on a video before and someone said ah simon what they’re going to do is they’re going to put a wi-fi module in there now i don’t know if this is one of those sneaky engineers that writes to me sometimes i have to not declare their names obviously um and i

Wonder about it but but we know that the wi-fi modules actually live under this little cant rail here in fact oh look there it is there’s the well where is the wi-fi module it was the idea somewhere oh i think it’s up i think is that your side there destiny i think it’s that module there that is a wi-fi repeater and i’ve got one over this side the car back together

Right it may be they’re going to do that it may be they were just trying to save cost and maybe they didn’t have any part so in this video we’re going to show you how to retrofit a sunglass holder so you can enjoy those sunny days or the dark days i don’t know you because you anyway right so first of all we’re going to show you how to take this out then we’re going

To go over to the desk and we’re going to work this all out so we’ve done this before so to get this out you’ve got to sort of put this in now you want if this is a center line here you want to go just forward towards the front windscreen of the center line there stick this in here okay and that will release the clips we’ll have a look at the clips do the same on

My side oh there you go and now and in here yours will not be as complicated as mine because i’ve got uh we’ve got a couple of these old um wiring looms in so ignore mines in and what you’ve got to do you’ve got to press this little to remove this connector you’ve got to press down on this middle bit here okay so there’s a middle bit in the middle of the connector

And that will release that one oh we’ve got another connector as well all right and we’ve got to press there’ll be a little pressy bit there in the middle and we’ll press that down this poor thing’s been in and out right so that is our land rover defender so let’s go and look at that against some others we’ve got right so this is mine out of the stick now this

Is what big shout out to steve ashatino i hope i’ve pronounced your name right steve who sent us this now steve was he’s quite uh he’s on the new new defender forums and stuff and he just felt cheated every time he got in his car and he’d watch me in my videos with my sunglasses or in my model s and he’s got a trick v8 and he was like i could i could avoid it no

More simon and he went out and he said to landover look i’ve gotta have a sunglass holder so they sold him a whole new one of these complete with all the circuitry because for the defender they only sell this as a whole piece um 550 oh anyway bless him he said look simon i don’t mind taking the hit what i’m going to do is i’m going to send this to you simon on

The condition that you work out how to retrofit the sunglass and share it with everybody so that is what i’m doing today i’m keeping my side of the promise so now they may look the same these two but they’re actually different moldings so this was what was intriguing me so and i could only do this by actually having the part in my hand if you look here i’ve sort

Of colored these bits orange but you can see the molding is different and actually this rear sunglass casing here on this one is molded in so i i was a bit of a loss as to as to how you could retrofit or not have it and i i wasn’t sure whether this molding was there and it was covered and it’s actually completely different if you look at the side here these where

You’ve got holes for cog locations there’s something you can see that there and when you look on this side you can see the molding is different okay so then i have to think but you can see this is l663 because you can see this says overhead console for the l663 sunglass maybe sun 2b or not to be in this case um and it’s got the emergency call and it’s um it’s in

Jet it’s in black so on the defender there are two colors there is jet black and there is oyster um and we’ll look at that again in a minute right and you’ll notice we already know a little bit about steve steve’s flash look he’s got a sunroof he’s got what i’ve always got a sunroof blind as well but the stig bless him he hasn’t got any such trickery but you can

Swap these bits over but we’ll get into that right so what so steve said how can i without spending or having other people upgrade now we have worked out a kit so the first part of this video i’m going to show you how to fit our retrofit kit these parts that can be easily fitted to this and you are away to go without changing anything on your car anymore the

Second thing is i will tell you where you can buy which parts to buy on ebay cheap second hand and how you can swap your electronics over from your one of these into one of these so we’ll do that as well but that’ll be next so first first off you’ve taken your console out of your car as we have just demonstrated and you have this right so we now need to fit our

Retrofit kit so our retrofit kit consists of a friction damper that’s white there you go a little friction damper it got a little cog that’s green it has got the fold down thing now this has got a spring on one end okay be careful with that okay we’ll need to look at that and it’s a felt like smooth we like that and then it’s got the rear sort of housing it’s got

Some sort of tricky little with some little holes in no idea what they’re for right so we are going to work out how to fit that right so here we go so this is our now you can see um you can see that it it’s got these two long tabs at the back i should have covered them orange so they’re not going to come out easily it’s the bits at the front here so this is clipped

In at the front now you can sort of there’s enough flex in there to just push it down and push it up so if i push the frame away from me i can just pop that up now it catches where’s it catching now oh oh have we gone the wrong way i’ve got to go i’ve got to go down you pull the frame away and go down look there you go and then it just and then and then these rear

Little tabs pull out there you go so you can see that’s how that pulls out and that is just a bit of shiny plastic okay so we don’t need that anymore right we need to fit this cog now luckily you can see courtesy to steve that look they they put the the place here where the cog goes so we have managed to source these cogs these were tricky to find and these insert

You’ve got little hooks on the end can you see this little hook there this little sort of so we’ve got we’ve got to go from the outside in it doesn’t matter which way you get it but these two hooks have got to line up with the lit the two the two points you’ve got one here and one here can you see those if i put my finger behind it there isn’t it yeah so right

So you get this little cog bit and you put it in there you line it up now you may have to get the bottom one in first yeah some of this may be tricky but and then you might have to just push on that top one just to get it to go in now on the genuine ones you’ll notice that let me see if we’ve got a genuine one here but on the cog now that’s mine on the cog look

This is it inserted now they cover it with a load of hot melt so they may be liable to pop out so it may be a good idea as land rover did it in the factory just to put some hot melt or adhesive over that we’re not going to do that so we’ve now got the cog in we’ve put our hot melt glue on or you should do at home the next thing we need to do is to put this little

Damper cog in this hole here so that should just pop in there oh there you go and that should be free to return free to turn and you can put a little bit of white grease on there as well so most of them from the factory have a little bit of white grease okay just to let it rotate freely and that provides the locking mechanism without that it would just open and

You’d close it and it would flop open again that’s the bit that gives you the sort of keeping it up right now we get to the slightly tricky bit okay so we have got the sunglass holder and it’s got a pivot pin here with a spring around it and a pivot pin here and basically we’ve got to get the two pivot pins in but the tricky bit is the spring so when you get it

The spring will be sort of resting here and you need to just release that okay so there you go it’s released and what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to get that spring and we’ve got to wind it anti-clockwise as you’re looking for it as you’re looking at it sorry backwards and we have got to get the spring to sit in this little groove here i’ve tried to highlight the

Edges of it but you there’s a little physical groove that the spring has got to sit in now it’s a bit tricky to do it and film it but what i’ve got to do is i’ve got a i’m going to get this sort of in position let me get that so i’ve got to get the spring now go anti-clockwise all right i’m going to try and get it in my nail okay so i’ve got the spring it’s held

Anti-clockwise and i’m going to try and get that in the pivot in the hole i can see it there okay now hopefully that spring has caught on the edge and it’s in the groove so you should better see it let me just put a bit of light on that see if we can see that maybe not but oh yeah yeah can you focus on that can you see that’s where the spring should be located there

Okay right okay and now what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to keep all that tension and we’ve now got to get the other pivot pin in the hole the other side and we’ve also got to get the cog over so what we can do is we can just deform the case okay we can we can stretch it enough all right and get the get the pivot in make sure the cog goes in okay and then we

Should be done it’s a little bit fiddly right so it should now we’ve had to put a bit of wd-40 we’ve got some silicon or you can put some white grease now first of all we test it and we thought it’s not working but actually this case is catching here and it does work and when we put the cover on it will be fine there you go so don’t panic yet right so as i was just

Saying the final piece is this cover and this cover holds the frame all good and gives you a little furry uppermost lining so if you the one side’s got these three ribs i’ve colored orange see the other side hasn’t on the three rib side goes to this outer face which will be the well rear facing the car but the face closest to you in the car um now you’ve got these

Two little arrow location pig pigs pieces pegs that need to come inside of this so you need to sort of fit it tilt it this way a little bit and make sure we get those i want to still be able to see those orange lines got one there and it’s tight on these metal clips at the side so we need to push it there right there oh see this one here it started to go the wrong

Side of the orange line so we need to make sure we can still see that orange line okay and push that one in okay and then we should better push the back location pegs in okay and that should be all done so if this has got any bow out here you you haven’t got these pins here located we know that don’t we destiny because we did that okay so there we go there we have

It and that should now be a overhead sunglass holder there you go so you gotta you gotta try it upside down there you go all retrofit it’s a bit fiddly but i think you’d probably do it better than i can um so right so that is how to retrofit it with that kit all right we’ll rattle through the last bit quickly right so this is the overhead console from my defender

Right this is the overhead console from an l551 and evoke two and this is exactly the same as steve’s so this is the one from steve and you can see that they’re very much the same but as i was saying i wouldn’t recommend using the electronics so the other way of doing it is you could buy one from an evoke or this is an evoke one they’re evoke one and they’re all the

Same molding okay all the discovery five is the same and the discovery sport is the same so you could buy another molding and i’m going to show you now how to strip it down i had to strip one of these down completely and swap the electronics over okay so here you go let’s do this quickly so you need a torx t10 screwdriver okay and i’ve colored the screws orange so

First of all we’re going to take off this plastic casing which is one two three four and that will remove the plastic casing talk see things now all the screws i’m going to take out are all the same oh we’ve got our right if you do buy a secondhand one be careful with the beige colors because land rover in their wisdom made the discovery sport in these two very

Similar colors so make sure you get one in the oyster color that’s the color you want i don’t know what they called the other one can you remember smoked gray or something all right whip those four out so the actual frame we’ll see is all interchangeable but the electronics is specific really to the vehicle so this frame is now loose you can see that’s loose but

We need to remove these little ultrasound sensors and they just clip in so if you pull the wire gently okay you see that comes out we do that one we can just pull those up and they just clip in now this one was a bit trickier this one’s got two little it’s got two little pegs one each side a little locating pins that you sort of have to spring apart there right and

That’s that out now now you can remove this connector or you can remove this whole little upper module here so if you put a screwdriver in the gap here okay you can just prize this little module out okay and that will come out with all the all the wires if we pull them out of their little locations and this may be easier okay okay and that just moves to the side

We can then lift out this now this little this is the microphone i believe so when you’re on the phone you can hear people can hear you and that’s held in by these three springs around the side here so you have to push those back okay and that will release this microphone and then we should okay then you’ve got to remove this connector and you need to push not on

The top here because that doesn’t seem to have any effect you need to push in the slot here okay and pull there and that pulls out so you can see where i’ve done that there that’s where you need to put it and that should remove that’s most of the electronics or that part of the electronics there okay so we’ve now got this you can see then we’ve got another now

For some reason mine didn’t have screws it looked like it ought to have two more screws in but you’ll see these are all the same as those other screws i’ve taken out so if you this may be easier than messing with yours is swapping the whole frame maybe not it’s a shame land rover don’t just sell the frame that we’ll get left with here all right okay now when we

Looked at it we’ve got these ones with one switch two switches three switches no switch we’ll see it doesn’t matter because you can swap the bits over from yours that’s what we’re going to try and get to ask that all right that’s it i’m missing one okay that should then lift out okay like so and that’s got some lights and all your switches and everything in there

Okay now this is the main rear of your now we can take the sunglass holdery bit out we know how to do that we did that before and did that off again that that comes up doesn’t it that’s the mistake i made last time i go up or down down okay i can release those okay he’s still stuck hang out that goes down okay right now what you’ve got here is quite sneaky you

See these little orange clips in here in this little groove you’ve got these little orange clips now what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to like push on those and that and that and it should release it see i can push that through okay and there’s three of them in a row here you go that’s that one okay and and what that does is that releases this little pot um

So you can see that that is the basic frame so i think all the basic frames are the same you can then swap the bits over you want but the thing to remember is that you must retain the electronic components from your car so there you go that is overhead consoles how to strip them down how to do it and get your sunglass holders you destiny cut me off short you can do it good luck with that

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