Land Rover Discovery 4 – the One Millionth Discovery

Land Rover Discovery 4 – the One Millionth Discovery produced at Solihull. To celebrate the enduring success of the Discovery, we created a unique show stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed which recreated the Solihull production line. The stand evoked the atmosphere within the Solihull manufacturing facility and how a Discovery 4 is put together, complete with overhead lifts and illustrations of how chassis and body are brought together.

Goodwood festival of speed the theme of our stand this year is all about discovery and particularly around manufacturing here in the uk but it’s a celebration of everything about solihull particularly we’ve got people from solihull here working on the stand talking to customers in 1999 we set out to build a vehicle that could be the most versatile vehicle anyone

Would want through generations we’ve actually developed it progressed it to the vehicle that we have today which is one of the most ultimate vehicles you can actually use the tailgates changed dramatically from series two we’ve taken the spare wheel we put it underneath the vehicle good style loin of the lower tailgate so you can reach into the boot which creates

A lot more ease of getting into the rear end of the vehicle and you can also when you drop your suits if you’ve got a lot of stuff in there mexican luggage in and out at the industries of the discovery is this unique ladder frame chassis the benefits of the ladder frame chassis is its strength and durability combined with its monocoque body the venting system

Obviously we’ve got a massive grill at the front to take lots of air in because it’s a big engine and we’ve also built into the wings side vents so we always get a constant flow of clean air so it takes dust it takes it in and out and you’re constantly got cleaning here which helped took the performance system working the engines designed with a larger sump so it

Distributes the oil to the right places when you’re going stooping cloyne or you’re coming down a steep hill the air suspension has been developed for our vehicles for you know decades it actually gives the customer much more comfortable ride it allows to take shocks away from the road so it’s more stable if you’re off road if you’re going through deep water you

Want to make sure that you’re not flooding the injured with water or sucking water in so we put it on the side of the vehicle to make sure it’s above the bare white we’ve got three sunrooms on this vehicle and a pan roof at the back so everybody can experience where they are and what they’re doing in the vehicle having three sun rooms and a pan roof obviously we

Need to make sure that it’s strengthened we’ve got strengthened cross members in the roof of the vehicle and also the glass on the vehicle is its equivalent to an echo flying vehicle you know it’s a books actually standards to make sure everyone is safe in the vehicle it’s what we call discovery standard so as they’re capable the car is the millionth discovery at

Minimal changes just tires they went from slowly all plans to beijing without any problems i definitely another car like it you

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Land Rover Discovery 4 – the One Millionth Discovery By Land Rover UK