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Land Rover Discovery Sport review:

Now it might be badged as a landrover but you can pretty much think of the new discovery sport as a more practical version of the range rover evoque that has seven seats somehow despite taking up less space on the road and a bmw x3 the r7 chairs inside the land rover discovery sport so what are they like so then the rear seats well as you can probably guess already

They’re not exactly built for adults i mean i’m certain the flog one knees almost run my ears my head is pressed up against the roof i could probably go short journey but not too far even though i’ve got decent knee room because this seat is slid all the way forward but kids or kids will be absolutely fine back here and he can get some creature comforts as well

Such as face level air vents there and a control for the fan the usb input here as well so they can charge their mobile phones or their playstation portable and there’s also a good old-fashioned 12 volt charger there and some cup holders which will take a 750 milliliter bottle which is good so rear seats they’re good for kids not so much for adults let’s check

Out the middle row as you can see the seat slides forward so even someone who’s very inflexible like me can get it in and out quite easily just put that back now if i just slide across you will see that or knee room that’s about like you get in a city car but don’t worry because you can slide these chairs all the way back you haven’t got anyone in the rear seats

Or just small children there and what you’re left with is much knee room as you get in a range rover well i’m still on social points as well climb the seats if you need to chill out even if you have them fairly upright you’ll notice i’ve got plenty of headroom i’m 179 centimeters for reference even if you’re sitting in the middle seat there which is raised up

Slightly there’s still enough headroom as well and if you look down here sometimes these cars have huge humps there this one it doesn’t it’s quite small and the reason that’s there is because you need somewhere to send the power from the engine to the rear wheel remember this is a four-wheel drive and that’s where the prop shaft goes while we’re looking down here

Actually you’ll notice this car actually has a couple of usb ports there for the people in this middle row seats and a 12 volt socket which is handy and another thing that’s handy is that if you want to go skiing and still carry two rear passengers you can fold down this middle seat if you don’t need to carry skis you can just pull out the armrest and you’ll see

Just excuse me a moment it has a couple of cupholders there and there’s some extra storage under there you’ve also got some really large door bins here in the back and now let’s look at the other cubby spaces in the car there’s a large glove box and also some large front door bins there’s a more storage in the center console and underneath the armrest you also

Get two cupholders one of which covers a secret hidey hole the discovery sport is good for carrying stuff as it is for carrying people you might think i’m talking absolute rubbish because if you look here you’ve got about as much boot space as you get with the smallest city car but when i fold this third row down yeah look now you’re talking that’s about as much

Space well put a bit less than you get on a bmw x3 but if i slide this middle row forward what you now have is more space than you get on a bmw x3 you need even more room you can just lower the middle row seats just at the press of a button you do actually have to go back around to lock them into place there you go you might be thinking oh my gosh look at this big

Hole there that’s going to be a bit of a problem but then you want to get rid of it you just slide these seats back and what you’re left with is a fairly usable low bay and the overall volume is bigger than you get with all of its rivals and it manages to do that and still have room for a space saver spare wheel which is under here inside the land rover discovery

Sport is suitably stylish this simple clean design which follows on from that range rover evoque and it’s packed full of the latest tech as well even the entry-level se models pretty much have all the essentials that you need such as part leather seats get cruise control climate control heated seats there’s rear parking sensors da beam digital radio you’ve also

Got this new eight-inch color touchscreen which well it’s just so much better to use than the old system they used to get on land rovers it’s not quite as good as a bm delete i drive but i’m still quite impressed with it se tech adds satellite navigation automatic lights and wipers front parking sensors and a powered tailgate for a modest price increase however

Don’t bother paying extra for models with the panoramic sunroof and full leather as these are quite a bit more expensive obviously safety is really important on a big family car such as this and the good news is the land rover discovery sport gets a full 5-star euro inked-up safety rating it’s also got loads of airbags including air but for the drivers knee curtain

Airbags which go all the way to the back and even an airbag in the bonnet to help pedestrians then there are some systems to prevent an accident in the first place as a lane-keeping aid which will stop your weaving out a lane on the motorway and a system which can actually detect if you’re about to have an accident and will automatically apply the brakes and then

You’ve also got land rovers famous terrain response system to give you maximum grip depending on the surface you’re traveling on if you want your 4×4 to not only be able to do the school run but also to be able to go off-road then accept no substitute get yourself a land rover because the discovery sport will be able to go with the likes of a bmw audi mercedes

Or lexus fear to tread so then the discovery sport is the king of the offroad but how does it feel when you’re back on the road you just seem to sit up a little bit higher than you’re doing rival suvs and that makes you feel a little bit more regal and overall the driving experience is very good it’s it’s a comfy car the suspension deals really well with speed

Humps at lower speed the ride does fidget a bit but it’s not too bad and on the motorway he just feels planted it’s also reasonably quiet there’s not too much wind noise or tire roar you just get a little bit wind whistle there’s large wing mirrors and the handling well you didn’t get well quite a bit of lean through the corners but it grips well enough and it

Goes exactly where you’re pointed and it’s it’s very easy to drive down a twisty road however there are some downsides the manual gearbox isn’t great so you’ll want to spend extra on the nine speed auto and currently you can only get one engine a 2.2 litre diesel it provides decent performance beaten rather than noisy while land rover say it will do more than 44

Miles per gallon we average less than 30 but that’s not all so the plastics that you do get in this car a little bit cheap considering how much this thing actually costs finally there’s the price because the discovery sport is a bit more expensive than its main rivals but because of that super desirable land rover badge you should be able to get more for it when

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