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Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

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This is a land rover discovery spall but i reviewed it a couple years ago so don’t really know what i’m doing with it now and if it’s like a newer version i just can’t tell i know how to find out i’ve got a brand new car wow app and what i can do with this is actually use the camera to read the registration of the car and it will bring up exactly what car it is

And it says yes very much is a land rover discovery sport se model 2020 version so it is the brand new car even goes with the deals on the car that’s available you can look up offers on use versions leasing all kinds of stuff you can just compare everything on this app if you want to as well as look through different reviews and watch videos best thing about it is

It’s completely free and you can get it now for your phone if you want from the google play store or the apple app store in fact click on the pop-out banner up there to go download the app or follow the link below the video however because this is new doesn’t mean that i’ve now got to review it which means more work than i planned today right and let’s start this

Review by talking about the discovery sports design because at the beginning i was just playing with you of course i knew this was the facelifted car because i’m a professional motoring journalist for instance i can tell you that land rover has given this car a new rear bumper they’ve also given it led tail lights down the sides it’s largely the same apart from some

New alloy wheel designs that really kick as well at the front it is a bit more distinctive they given it the face of the new discovery which is a bit like the evoke as well with a wider grille make it look a little bit more chunky and sleeker headlights and a new front bumper design as well i do think it looks better now in terms of pricing it starts from thirty

One and a half thousand pounds that you can save an average of two grand off on from carlisle and you’ll be able to see that if you check the app just go do it come on it’s enough for that sales kind of pitch sorry but it’s worth its go check it out when you first go i’m into the new discovery sport you think wait a minute it’s rather similar to the old one but

That’s not really a bad thing because the design is quite clean quite simple then you do realize that things are new this whole area is new this bits new that’s new this duels new quality-wise lay there out on the dash quite nice there is a little bit flimsy behind there that’s squidge on there this is all right to the touch on that it feels a bit cheap there you

Know it’s pretty bloomin good actually it’s not quite as robust feeling as the interior in a bmw x3 but it’s still easily good enough and it’s even squidgy down it oh look that’s nice and way let me do this the center console wobble test that feels sturdy anyway let’s talk about specs as standard all discovery sports get a tenant entertainment screen there’s also

Keyless start look there’s the key i’m just starting it without having to turn the gate that’s so like martin actually this has been available he is finally all discovery sports also get front and rear parking sensors plus a reversing camera if you move it for the s model then you get android auto and apple carplay as standard otherwise land rover will charge you

Two to pass them all so you infotainment system now comes with built-in navigation and heated door mirrors which has great on a day like today actually he’s really quite nice and warm and they fold as well look there they hardly fold in very far so it seems sort of pointless the s also gets heated from seeds and they have 12 way electrical adjustment and fall over

Hmm so if you don’t like dead animal you can have a vegan friendly interior move up to the se model and then you get a full digital driver’s display rather than just analog dials with the weird digital screen between them you also get premium led headlights and scrolling indicators just like on an audi and then there’s the lazy person’s favorite about tailgate yes

You know what that voice is all about the top-of-the-range car is the hsc and that gets 20 inch alloys are standard you also get a meridian sound system and adaptive cruise control now as a littlest right now with these cutaways as you move up the range from the engine of a car to the hsc the card look better inside and out with just some nicer bits of trim also

You can get an odd dynamic pack which makes it look more sporty yet again inside and out with symptom or sporty trims the choice is yours anyway let’s continue the review by talking about the infotainment system now the things i like are the graphics nice and sharp it’s got a nice screen as well the colours are good oh i don’t like so much is the fact that the

Shortcut buttons along the bottom are a bit hard to press when you’re driving along you can swipe like that and that’s pretty easy to do but you might notice it’s a bit laggy this screen you really know to sit on the sat-nav it’s like some ancient smartphone that’s really quite bad that is also a satellite navigation system is only ok it’s not the best at taking

Around jumps and stuff like but what you’re gonna do is just use android auto or apple carplay and google maps or ways to actually have better mapping moving on to the digital dolls there alright i like them actually they’re clear you can see what’s going on you can control various functions using these buttons on the steering wheel but i’m not so keen on these

Because you can press them to increase the volume you can actually reduce it by sliding but you’re never sure cuz it’s not that responsive and it just drives you mad it’s just do it one way or the other or do it properly also some of the menus or the digits of drivers display can be a little bit awkward it’s not as logical to use as that in an audi q5 and if you

Click on the pop-up by now up there you can see my full in-depth video review of that car now what i do prefer on this compared to the very latest audi’s is the controls for the dual zone climate control so dual zone climate control is standard on every discovery sport and unlike the way you have the numbers in the dials but it’s dead easy to switch between the

Temperature and the fan because just press an actual physical button also the drive mode button it’s a physical button so it’s dead easy to hit when you’re driving along as well looking then you control it using the other dial dead simple like that feature a lot in terms of connectivity it’s quite a bit look in here you have your usb we’ve got wireless charging for

Your mobile phone down there in ear you’ve got two usbs there’s a 12-volt charging socket as well and that brings me neatly on to the practicality land rover’s increase that could be spaces in this car and apparently there’s 48 meters of space in the pre-facelift version there’s still plenty of room but even better here so you’ve got two cupholders here because

They are varying depth so that’s the shallow one for the really small cup this is medium sized cup and then there’s a deep one for the grande lattes there and it really does grip the cup that is good i was a lot feature if you’re ashamed of your cup holders you can hide them with this tray oh yes i don’t need to look at those horrible cup holders now and if you

Want you can actually do this remove this section entirely so you’ve got a huge bin there which i suppose you could put a handbag in there if you had a handbag yeah then the door bins massive i mean absolutely bloomin massive that’s my glass there fits easily and it’s rubberized at the bottom so things don’t really rattle the glove box it’s an alright size they

Used to be an extra little space there but they filled it in for this latest version of the car but you don’t really need it because it was always a bit pointless anyway there was a getting comfy behind the wheel onto the steering wheel in every direction there’s quite a lot of movement in it and a lot of movement in the driver’s seat as well you’re gonna be able

To get comfy with your big or small importantly you can really jack it up quite high so if you are indeed small you can get a decent view over the bonnet so actually now i feel like i’m in a proper land rover discovery not just the sport it’s that high anyway let’s check out the back seat this is a very comfy car here in the back i like the fact you can slide the

Seats you can recline them lots of room as well look here drew good knee room good foot space good and if you need to carry three at once then limitlessly isn’t too bad there’s not too much of a big hump in the floor like in some other suvs you can get away with it and the body is wide enough to cope with three in the middle row out one so i’m more than happy back

Here and there’s a few useful features i like the expensive feeling pockets on the back of the front seats the fact that you’ve got huge rid organs not quite because the front but they are big and you got a little bit of extra storage there which seems pretty pointless i don’t know why i mentioned it really you’ve got a 12 volt socket there as well for charging

Mobile devices and if you fold this down those arrests put on this little storage space there two cupholders which is less pointless and if you need to carry longer items of course look at this you can fold this down and carry things through there and two people either side if you want to you can fit a baby seat in the back very easy just flip off always that’s

What you do that i much prefer the fold up ones are the ones you just like push through the seat base sometimes because that really hurts but once they’re exposed eyes are fixed anchor points easy to mount a seat to and you can even fit a huge rear-facing scene here no problem at all without having to move the front passenger seat forward and you can fit two child

Seats in here and there’s enough room for an adult in between them to keep them bloody quiet children will actually yes big rear window to get a good view out that the politican be looking at their ipads anyway now when i was a kid i used to like to have the windows down in the back but in this car they don’t go very low that’s it that’s all you get which is a

Bit rubbish enough for that i want to say something else this car can carry seven people at once and it’s quite easy to get into the back row and just do that clamber in oh look i found a poppy means i don’t need to give to church i can just wear this and pretend i’ve done my bit now i’m not going to the i will give don’t worry god so many drunken oh this is the

Headroom is rubbish this is just for children i don’t know where my feet are gonna go knee room is just about alright it’s the foot space it’s just terrible and look how lumps sitting it’s like i’m just sat on the floor it’s definitely nowhere near as comfortable back here is in the very rear of i hyundai santa fe and if you click on the pop out banner up there

You can see my full in-depth video review of that car though some people just won’t accept a high and die in replacement for a land rover well i’ll still go back here yeah couple of cup holders and there’s a 12 volt socket there so they can charge their devices to something complaining about the fact that they feel are they’re being tortured yeah it’s an occasional

7c to this anyway i don’t have been hearing in longer i’m gonna get out one lately let’s move on to the boot when you have this car in 7-seater mode the actual capacity is pretty rubbish look at this terrible small boot really with all seven seats in place and then tried to fall down the rear seat you can do it however if the person who’s been sat in the middle of

Row has reclined their chair like that and then you try and do it it won’t work so you’d have to do that which is a little bit annoying but not the end of the world however with the six fold down look at that loads and loads of room it’s quite practical as well with various tie-down points the ordinate here some strapping on there you don’t have much space in there

Because basically it’s your tire repair kit though if you want to you can pay extra and get a full sized spare wheel you can fall down the middle row just at the touch of a button so here is go and the other one but it’s almost pointless because yet again you have to go round to lock them into place it’s not completely flat floor either as you can see there’s a hole

Then is kicked up slightly but it’s alright you will be able to slide things into the boot but it would be better if it was completely flat and that brings you on to five annoying things about the land rover discovery sport if you want usb ports in the back of this car which of course you do land rover going to charge you two in japan for them which is a bit crap

On a car which cost this much if you’ve got the rear seats in place there’s absolutely nowhere to leave the load cover so i’m just gonna have to leave it there where the heck are the gear selector pedals for the automatic gearbox oh i remember only the our dynamic version gets them so if you want to change manually in this car you have to tug on your knob i’ve

Noticed that when the roads a bit dirty and you’ve got bad weather you tend to get these weird like streaky lines on the bonnet it must be something to do with the way the air flows over it you’re going to be forever cleaning this stuff off because it’s just adorable do you like a nice mood powerful 6-cylinder engine mm-hmm well you’ve come to the wrong place with

A discovery sport because you can only get it with four-cylinder engines thankfully this car has plenty of cool features to help make up for all this it’s five underneath here is a pedestrian airbag so if this car does hit someone they don’t end up in their head of the hot engine bits underneath got annoying people in the back seat kind of blocking your view so you

Can’t see behind don’t worry the optional clear sight rearview mirror relays a camera feed from the back to the mirror screen look at that now you’ve got digital display i can see exactly what’s going on brilliant bugger off another core cam related feature is the ground view so it uses the fee from the camera in front and effectively fills it in as you pass over

The ground so you can effectively see underneath the car there is the parcel shelf i don’t want to run over that you’ve got conflict in the floor now it’s written the road ahead and it’s filling it in so look you can see the parcel shelf passing underneath the vehicle yeah it’s really handy when you’re off-roading or if you’re kind of trying to park in tricky space

Will drive over curbs or that kind of stuff this land rover discovery sport will basically kick the ass of anything similar from germany when it comes to off-roading it’s got a bit of four-wheel drive system as well and a wading depth of 60 centimetres that is really really crucial on the school run the new discovery sports fuel tank is 20 percent bigger than before

So know what 67 liters which means that you don’t have to stop so much at the fuel station also you can now get it with mild hybrid technology on most engines which also helps boost the fuel economy brilliant now let me explain the engine choices to you so it’s sort of simple you can get a two litre diesel engine with three different power outputs there’s a 150

Horsepower there’s a 180 horsepower and a 240 horsepower version the 150 horsepower engine is available with front-wheel drive only but that just gets a manual gearbox every the discovery sport has an automatic gearbox with eight speeds and four-wheel drive there’s also two petrol versions yet again a 2-liter engine and they have 200 horsepower or 250 horsepower

Now this is a d1 80 se four-wheel drive auto it costs 43,000 pounds but i’ve plugged the details into the car wire configurator and gone off the back for 40,000 pounds so saving of 3 grand now if you click on the pop-up banner up there i’ll follow the link below the video you can try it the car configurator on any car in fact you can head over to our site car

Wacom to compare offers deals finance and reviews on all sorts of new cars the discovery sport is very easy to drive in town you sit up high so you get a good view and there’s lots of glass any slight snow problem is the rear window put isn’t quite as big as you think but it’s still fairly easy to part because you’ve got all those driving aids to help you out also

The turning circle is actually quite good so it’s easy to do a u-turn if you need to the suspension is soft enough over bumps and generally it’s quite relaxing the gearbox just blend the gears together pretty well where it’s not so good this gearbox is when you floor it it has to hesitate a bit and then it takes off it’s better than it was before but sometimes it

Holds onto its gear for too long and it’s not the best automatic gearbox also the engines they just don’t feel as powerful as you think they’re going to be giving their horsepower figure this 180 feels more like 150 horsepower and then there’s the economy it’s a diesel to later i’m expecting good things i’m not getting it i’m getting 31 miles per gallon which is

Not great i can’t complain too much about comfort levels on the motorway it’s actually quite noisy do get bit of tyre noise from really listening for it but it’s not too bad and the seats they are good for long distance journeys what is a bit surprising about this car is that it’s actually pretty decent on a twisty road as well it grips well enough because of the

4 or dryer system it doesn’t lean too much in the bends tour car but he doesn’t have the element of sportiness that you get we sitting like a bmw x3 in fact if that’s your thing click on the pop-up banner up there to watch my detailed review with a bmw so then what’s my final verdict on the land rover discovery sport should do that avoid it consider it shortlist

It or just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you should shortlist it the extensive revisions to the car have made it quite a bit better than before now some of you watching this video might go why haven’t you guys cleaned this plumbing car it’s very lazy well we had and then we drove it about 200 meters to our filming location here and it’s covered in dirt

Again so for the next three or four months you’re going to have to put up with dirty cars yeah okay anyway if you wanna watch some more videos there down below and click there to check out the best offers on a discovery small that’s enough

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