March 13th, 2021

Hey guys welcome back to our channel my name is kendra this is nathan and today we’re headed on an adventure so we have been discussing getting a 12 passenger van for several years since we’ve had six children i it’s a dream vehicle for me i have wanted a 12 passenger van since i was like 15 years old i grew up driving my mom’s suburban um then i’ve always had a

Minivan so i just feel like gotta go bigger um but anyways so it’s time to pull the trigger we are headed to lincoln to test drive one we’re gonna bring it back for 24 hours have our mechanic look at it and then we’ll see if we pull the trigger on it but we’re hopeful it’s kind of incredible because it’s really hard to find a 12 passenger van that isn’t white

We have found one that is silver so that’s super exciting um we’re trying to make this trip really quick back and forth so we’ll take you along and i can’t wait to show you guys do oh my goodness we’re in it look at the space what do you think of babe i love it you look so sexy i’ll flip you guys around and show you a little bit oh i’m so excited okay i’m

Just thinking i should wait till we get home and then we could give you guys a full tour after we get it are you ready to drive this beast on the interstate yep oh my gosh the trunk space too that’s going to be phenomenal all right while we’re on our way home i thought i would tell you guys kind of a cool story of this whole scenario so we’ve been talking to a guy

In omaha that sold vans and um early january we said we weren’t quite ready to pull the trigger but would be soon and he gave us a list of ants he would have for sale so when i contacted him this week he was like uh i actually can’t sell you guys anything because i can’t sell the vans that i have right now because manufacturing was down last year and so it’s he’s

Not capable of purchasing new vans so he needs to keep the wants he has right um and so i i was like oh gosh i don’t know in nebraska it’s really hard to find a van in a good price range um out of state it seemed like there was better options for us but i didn’t really want to go out of state um i didn’t want to spend days going to see if we wanted a van if we

Did not didn’t end up wanting it you know that whole scenario so um i contacted this guy in lincoln this morning and he’s like actually yeah we have this van and it’s in our price range and it was supposed to be rented out yesterday but the guy never showed up so come ahead and come get it and he switched the guy out for a different van because that guy ended

Up needing it still but uh it was like the lord held the band for us today and it’s all kind of working out and yeah anything else to that it’s driving beautifully i can’t wait to give you guys kind of the whole tour of it i can’t wait to share with the kids the kids are gonna be so excited this has been like a pipe dream today we have been talking about it and

Talking about it and talking about it so like that is actually coming fruition it’s just so great i’m so excited babe i love you all right so we just took a little cruise around town with everybody in the back they’re in the back plenty of space goldie is so happy aren’t you goldie she got her own spot doesn’t have to lay on the floor she got her own four seats

Got her own seat yeah we have uh four extra seats which we will easily fill those often but um it’s so nice to have space isn’t it guys yeah i was gonna show you just a little bit uh nathan needs to do some work once we get home so i was going to just show you guys um some neat little things about the car and then i’ll kind of give you guys the rest of the tour

Um so we have a backup camera right here it also tells the time date it’s bluetooth compatible so we can hook our phones up to it and talk and put our podcast and music from our phones on it which is super nice um oh and then this fold and phone holder do you have your phone have nathan show you guys how it fits our phone oops done typically there so it kind of

Yeah you guys can see where dad says so that’s nice we were gonna buy you know a dash holder right here for it so we don’t need that um i was able to use the cruise control on the interstate nathan was able to too and we both really liked that um you can see over here that it shows miles per empty we got to reset some sensors um we did something with the tires this

Morning that we need to go get that sensor turned off so we haven’t done that yet we’re going to fill up with gas i’m going to show you guys where the gas tank is while we’re doing this so here’s the gas tank is that what you call it it is right up against the front door um which you have to open the door to be able to close it right nathan so like that um and

Then i was going to show you guys on this side we have a cup holder which is pretty nifty nathan said that the seat is pretty spacious the only thing is is he’s got long legs and it pushes up against this so um that is one little minor complaint that we have and so much places to put stuff in and goldie she’s found her spot while we’re filling up gas you happy

Dog another thing i was going to show you is we have the door is hard to open but we have a step that goes up and they need to go into the gas station and grab something to drink so yeah you’re cold buddy aren’t you yeah mommy so here is kind of the control system for the front the back is controlled up here one of the cooler things that we’ve noticed is it

What is it if you turn on how do you do that so you can turn it on all for all of them um it should be that but they’ve been screwing with theirs oh okay so maybe we can’t do that um it has two 12 12-volt plug-ins and then a usb plug-in which is awesome the um what is this called gear shift is right there it has automatic lights so that’s nice don’t have to

Remember that the windows this is really different but so this part of the window doesn’t roll down but this little part does which is yeah different i love all the places to stick things like it’s got a mom of a lot of kids in mind anyways cup holders all over and yeah do you have anything to add to that nathan that we’re going to point out this week we’ve

Never had a vehicle this new um it’s five years newer than anything we’ve ever had so it’s kind of nice like with the usb and stuff like that and um the engine’s very powerful feels like there’s no need for more power so that’s good what size of engine is it or what did you say 3.7 liter v6 which ford has come a long way with cool and um on the steering wheel

You can control the radio and cruise control was there anything else oh you could accept phone calls on it which we loved the crew central i think i already mentioned that that the cruise control worked really really well on the interstate anyways that’s it for now i’ll show you guys the rest of the van here soon and obviously it is big three kids my youngest

One oh and story just farted and sparrow’s in here sparrow lay down so they can see how big it is this is this makes my grocery shopping haul so much more doable so yeah you can’t lay flat or straight these doors come on out guys boom it looks so nice oh we are gassy okay it’s getting dark but i hope you guys can see this good we are supposed to have rain in

The forecast the next several days so i wanted to get this done so you guys could see it so anyways the far back like i said has four chairs it also has a 12 volt charger um and cup holders on either side this middle row has two seats right here and another one right here they all um lay back like an airplane um seat would and then this front row has three chairs

Um that we have car seats they several of them have the car seat buckle you know things so you can underneath there you can do it so anyways okay guys we are home and we have given you the tour i hope you enjoyed that and if you have any questions um ask in the comment below we’ll try to answer them this is our first four transit we have purchased so we’re just

Kind of long for the journey and learning as we go but i am pleased with what we got so far anyways thanks for watching if you have not liked to subscribe please do and we’ll see you next time

Transcribed from video