Lass mal heute Bentley fahren Continental GT V8


Hello on this beautiful day (at least i hope the day will still be beautiful). because today i’m on the road with the bentley continental gt v8. i’m in austria and today i’m driving the grossglockner pass with this car, because i was given a challenge by bentley. i’m supposed to create really good content for an instagram reel with this vehicle. the reel is sure to be

Great if the weather gets any better. i will show you more of the vehicle in the following video. i don’t want to stand in the rain for long now. we’re just going to drive up to the grossglockner mountain pass. vehicle and i am thrilled about how comfortable it is. especially at high speeds, it is remarkable that you hardly notice any driving noise. pass. i can recommend

Everyone to come and visit it. you can also have bad luck with the weather like we did. but that can also change again quickly. whenever i’m here, i have bad weather on the way up and it gets better as the day goes on. the vehicle also has a driving mode setting, of course. it’s currently on automatic, which is this bentley symbol here. it already gets louder and you can

Hear the v8 engine roaring nicely. the car has damping with roll stabilisation. bentley calls this the “dynamic ride system”. there again, you can feel everything from the street. for a sporty driving experience, that’s not so bad.but if you’re going on longer journeys and want a more comfortable ride, it’s quite pleasant. those who want even more comfort can activate

The massage function of the seats while driving sportively up a mountain pass. you can even choose between different massage programmes. now we are just driving into the cloud and you can hardly see anything. but that’s not a problem, because it’s all about driving and i’m supposed to be looking at the road anyway, not the mountains. i didn’t expect that, because when

You see this big heavy car, you don’t expect it to shoot forward so agilely. the bentley continental gt was originally available that’s how it was known – in the meantime, the according to eu directives, this can no longer be permitted. that’s why the v8 engine is now available in the continental gt. it’s absolutely sufficient – and a nice v8 sound isn’t bad either.

By the way, bentley has already exists for 100 years – and these 100 years of experience in vehicle development are noticeable. in terms of efficiency and quality – we’ll come to quality in a moment. unfortunately, the weather is not very kind to us today. but it is still great fun to drive the mountain passes with this car. the colour fades slightly into blue. the

Colour looks even more beautiful in sunlight. that shows it off even more. everything is grey in grey here today, but there’s nothing you can do about it. with bentley in general, i think that big massive grill is so cool. i also find the shape very beautiful. bentley is already 100 years old and i think they have remained true to themselves but have still given the

Vehicle a very modern look. the continental gt is on the same size basis as the porsche panamera. the car has an active all-wheel-drive system, and with its weight it needs that to get up those mountain roads. and it can do that – i was able to test it for a few hours now. of course, sporty driving also requires a proper brake. and this car has really huge brake discs.

I particularly like the headlights, they look like a diamond. by the way, this is an optional design package. it starts, for example, with these elements here. you can see a diamond design like this here and also in the air vent. i have just said that bentley has remained very true to itself. these levers here operate the air vents. they are completely open when you

Pull them and closed when you push them in. this reminds me very much of the old operating units in the old timers. i also like this analogue clock, which makes the whole thing look very elegant. but this is not the only analogue display here. let me show you a cool feature. at first glance, the whole thing seems like one single component, but when you press this button,

The following happens… but that was not all. i told you that there is not only one analogue display. i’ll press here. and then there are three analogue displays, just like in a vintage car. a display for the outside temperature, a compass and a kind of stopwatch. it has a certain elegance to it and it looks super classy. when you press the other button again, you have

The modern look again. the design is consistent from the doors to the dashboard. i’m not a fan of chrome parts on other cars at all, but it simply belongs in this car. it looks really beautiful in this car – i can’t imagine it any other way. the high quality is also reflected by the finish of the seams. everything is made of genuine leather and feels very high quality.

The high quality of the interior also shows where the price of the car comes from. when you look up, you immediately see the high-quality suede roof. i assume that it is suede because it does not feel like dinamica or alcantara. it also smells like leather and not like synthetics. look at the great workmanship of the seats in combination the car has a sound system with

A total of 16 speakers. this means that if you listen to good music with bass, you can feel it even in the seat. personally, i always listen to music on long trips. i listen to music very loudly and with great pleasure. if the sound system is good, you can hardly describe the feeling. you feel like you’re in a private jet or a cinema – it’s hard to explain. in a living

Room, but it’s still a very sporty car. i would not have expected that. this is my first time driving bentley and i didn’t expect the car to surprise me so positively on all levels. comfortable to the max! massage seats, steering wheel heating – everything you could wish for. and yet you can drive up the mountain pass like nothing with this heavy car. the gt is a coupe,

But that doesn’t mean you compromise on space. there is not only plenty of room at the front. you can i didn’t expect it any other way, you sit super comfortably in the back here. we are no longer talking about a normal car mat, because you could really sit barefoot in it on long distances – it’s really super comfortable. there is also an alternative made of real lambskin.

The bentley continental gt v8 starts at a price of €167,000. doesn’t sound like much for a bentley, relatively speaking. but… …if you want a bit better equipment like this one with the design package and everything that goes with it, then you’re already at a price of 240,000€. in return, however, there is a lot of luxury, a lot of comfort and when it comes to

Sportiness, it leaves nothing to be desired. however, the car consumes quite a lot from a speed of approx. 200 km/h. with its 90-litre tank, it is stated to have a range of over 800 km… i drove to austria quickly but not excessively fast. it’s really hard for me to imagine a range of 800 km – unless you’re constantly driving at 100-120 km/h. many thanks to bentley

For letting me drive the car on the usually beautiful großglockner mountain pass. today, unfortunately, you don’t see that much from the mountains, but the roads were free and i really had a lot of fun. mountain pass with steering wheel heating and massage seats. what do you think of the bentley continental gt? leave a comment below. don’t forget to subscribe to my

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Lass mal heute Bentley fahren! Continental GT V8 By Sophia Calate