LAST NEW 2022 Mercedes CLS NIGHT | CLS 450 AMG Drive Review Interior

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Magno kashmir color this is probably the last cls ever built 250 newton meters of torque ago hello guys welcome to merge bands king today we are here with the all new cls the facelift model and yes this is probably the last cls ever built because it looks very much like the gt4 or coupe a you can already see it from the new front especially with the white part

For the front diffuser very much like the gt-43 and check out the new girl it has beautiful mercedes stars in it so in today’s video i will show you the gt actually the cls in a nice drive here in zurich and just check out this collection in the store mybach collection beautiful so let’s unlock the cls i have the key right here this has the optional glossy

Black with metal design so let’s unlock it and we will check out the exterior first because it has very lovely power bonnet with the lines and this is not the amg version this one has the amg line it is the cls 450 4matic just check out the design here from the side beautiful very fresh coupe line it is also very long five meters in length so i will unlock it

Again so that we can also enjoy the exterior color because i really love it it looks like a matte color and the official name is designo magno kashmir just check it out from closer amazing and that takes us over to the side and yes these are the winter tires so very small in inch around 18 inches and this one definitely deserves around 20 inches beautiful

Coupe line and yes it has a spoiler underwear with a new rare design the spoiler is also in the body color so let’s check out what is another trunk i will unlock it again and put my foot underneath and there you can see there’s quite a lot of space very deep actually but i have to say the entrance is quite narrow and that has to do with the coupe line so i

Will close the trunk with the key amazing amg line exterior you can notice it here from the air gaps on the side for aerodynamics but this is not functional so let’s go to the interviewer and i will show you how it drives in night but especially with the doors open like this you can see it is a beautiful design it has a full on red interior with leather in napa

Check out the door trim with beautiful horizontal lines and the seats with the cushions and multi-contour so let’s go inside i will just close the rear door and this doesn’t have the soft closing doors you can have it as an option but it does have double glass for acoustic package let’s go inside and notice the sound isolation beautiful so it has beautiful

Amazing turbine stove air vents the steering wheel is in a round shape personally i would go for the amg line steering wheel with the flat bottom so let’s put on the seat belt and you’ll take it for a drive let’s press the button to start it sounds extremely nice also very quiet once the idol goes down because currently the engine is not so warm and here it says

The eq boost and that means it has an additional 22 horsepower at 250 newton meters of torque at go i will just put of the lights and yes it has the light assist so if i put my hand on the passenger side the light turns on amazing so i’ll put it into reverse and there you can see that the camera appears if you put it into drive and then steer around the camera

Actually changes from left to right so let’s take off and yes the cls 450 has a lovely sound it is also very comfortable and quiet but if you hit the throttle you really hear this rumble and just check out this very supportive looking side mirror really cls like i already mentioned the acoustic gloss so let’s take a right turn over here so in front of me we

Have two large digital screens both are 12.3 inches and you can change the gauges in front of you by hitting the home button and swipe to the right to steals and display over here you can put it for example into the sport mode as with the sport mode you get this more supportive looking design in orange and red personally also matching the ambient lighting

Especially the blue color i would say to leave it into oh not trip but to leave it to leave this thousand display into classic so in total the cls 450 has 367 horsepower which means it can do from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in just 4.8 seconds the top speed is limited to 250 kilometers an hour and it has 500 newton meters of torque of course not as much

As diesel engines and i really like the ambient lighting in this one line design here it has the heat steering in front of us we have the head of display on the left side you can see the newton meters of torque so if you accelerate it goes up to 500 newton meters on the right side you can see the speed limit and you can change all this by pressing the home

Button swiping up to head of display and there you can change the content for example to consumption navigation but i will leave it on u2 meters of torque the center i can put it into the speed and on the right side you can change it into suspension view are actually the road assistance but yes this is significantly smaller than in the gle and gls you can already

See it compared to my hand in the gle and gls you have it around this huge and that has to do with the gap which is relatively small and the technology and yes it has beautiful napa leather as an option also the complete seat and just check out the bonnet so as we are driving on the autobahn i will just hit the home button so that you can see more information

About our trip here it says info as you can see the wall decline currently we are going down with minus three percent and as we drive more than 120 kilometers an hour the suspension will also drop to minus one there it has the high beam taking cornice is really easy it feels so stable on the ground let’s accelerate already to 100 so easy downshift another

One another one amazing over here it has a 240 kilometers an hour speed limit because there’s a winter tires of course i cannot test it here in switzerland there you have beautiful napa leather seats there’s also a second view which says engine over here you can see the nude meats of torque you can also go to comfort because it has optionally massage

Seats and you can also say hey mercedes activate the massage i’m switching on the massage perfect so guys i hope you like the video with the cls 450 amg line exterior with the magno kashmir color and i hope to see you guys next time bye you

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LAST NEW 2022 Mercedes CLS NIGHT | CLS 450 AMG Drive Review Interior By MercBenzKing