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Foreign ceo mercedes-based india mr venkatesh kulkarni execute director distinguished dignitaries invitees and all my dear friends it’s really a great pleasure for me because the last many years as a mission i am trying level based mobile industry into alternative fuel electric is the indigenous fuel and because of fossil fuel we are facing not only economic

Problems but also the problem related with the air pollution 35 to 40 percent of the pollution is because of the fossil fuel and this is the time that our government has policy that is import substitute cost effective pollution free and indigenous and that is the reason that we are encouraging the automobile industry for making more e-vehicle and change of fuel

Also is equally important i am sure in due course of time the day will come that our import will be reduced i don’t want to make any comments but the day will come that india will be green and now in our power basket 36 to 40 percent power is solar power and now the mission is our prime minister dream is that make it 60 percent of solar power and that is one of

The reason that we are marching towards green and that is the important thing that we need to start and we need to have the vehicle on electrics this uh mercedes bench first electric cell and car eqs 580 which is locally manufactured in india that is also a pride for all of us and i am giving my special thanks to all young talented engineers the skilled manpower

From our country for making this car mr martin we have the highest young talented engineering manpower in the world is available in india and this pimpa are very competitive very very competent and intelligent and hundred percent they will contribute to your industry by large as a research and development research because in a lot of people are doing excellent

Research i always tell it to the people to import on philosophies one is innovation entrepreneurship science technology research skilled and successful practices we name it as knowledge and conversion of knowledge into wealth is the future and one thing which i always appreciate from germany total world business the three percent export is from germany i got upon

To visit germany they are very very competent people as per the technology is concerned and what is the best thing which we should learn from them is this hundred and one percent perfection now compromise with the quality every german machine every car everything is perfect 101 percent perfect that is the most important thing which i love and i like it i am really

Appeal to my indian people that we need to understand what exactly this implementation which is very important for our country i had got opportunity to launched the first bs6 model of mercedes-benz in india at that time total automatic industry was making a position to me that this will not possible many times i received many delegation and every time the big

Joints from the actual industry was telling me sir from bs4 go for bs6 it will be really difficult task it is not going to happen i said no problem foreign fast charging and 300 kilometer and driving range is up to 582 since 679 kilometer it is also a great thing and i feel that this is very useful for the common people also the only request to requests

To you one is you increase the number as production then it is possible for you to reduce the cost people like we are middle class people even i can’t afford to purchase your car so if your number will be increased your cost will be reduced and the other important thing is now the indian atobail industry is in the process of development presently the size of

Industry is 7.8 lakh crore out of which 3.5 lakh crore is export and growth rate of industry is 10 percent and this is the industry which create employment for four crore across all economic groups and this is the industry which is giving maximum revenue to the state government and central government as a form of gst so we are the largest manufacturer number

One in the in the country in the world for two wheelers and three wheelers the 50 production of bajaj tvs and hero already that is export and today we have 400 startup the young talented engineers making e-scooters now they are going to make three wheeler also and so beautifully designed so i feel that this is one of the important industry for the country we

Are the seventh largest manufacturer of commercial vehicle and as a minister i have a dream and mission to make this industry of 15 lakh crore 15 lakh crore is very important because i am making lot of express highway to create more demand for you we are making express highway from pune to bangalore within four hours we will reach to bangalore here from pune so

Pune to ahmad nagar two hours so 100 people are going to be preferring this type of car segment and it is also very useful for them and for that reason i i will request you that there is a huge market now the growth in electric sales 15.7 lakh electric vehicle register in india overall sales of evs is rise 335 percent so in future for this car you will get good

Market electric two wheelers 660 percent rise electric three wheelers 150 percent electric four wheelers 300 percent and electric buses 1600 percent ly in the country we have one lakh 50 000 buses just 20 days before i launched double decker electric bus in mumbai and my prediction is within five years at least because of electric the cost is less for one diesel

Bus in mumbai best is giving 115 rupees per kilometer the cost per diesel bus and we receive the tender for non-ac bus 39 rupees per kilometer and ac was 41 rupees per kilometer so my suggestion is also because now this is the plant only for the car but there is mercedes bharat bench and already they are doing there is a huge potential for electric buses that is

The future and government is making special policy for that because we need to encourage public transport in the country so for that reason i will request you there is a huge demand regarding battery chemistry also you have done excellent job now we have lithium ion battery all type of research is going on through dmi on aluminum iron zinc oil and the battery

Chemistry is one of the technology there are a lot of research laboratories and iits a lot of companies are doing excellent research in this subject presently i got upon to visit in faridabad indian oil laboratory and they have aluminum air technology that is also economically viable so i feel that within two years there is also a lot of good research in this thing

One thing which i will request you about scrapping policy now as far as our record is concerned we have one crore two lakhs vehicle ready for scrapping we are only 40 units but my suggestion and i feel that my prediction is we can open four scrapping units in one district in india so easily we can open 2000 units and because of that presently we are importing

Copper aluminum steel plastic and rubber so my suggestion is by scrapping if the automobile giants like you if you can open joint venture with four five ten twenty units and they will give your aluminum copper rubber everything for recycling your cost of the component will be reduced by 30 percent that can be a great benefit government is encouraging for that

And i feel that it is really important where you we will get the cooperation from your side the semiconductor is also one of the problem just uh two months before we have a meeting with the chairman of intel with it minister and i was telling you about our automobile sector government is giving special pli scheme where we are going to encourage semiconductors i

Feel that in due course of time that can be possible and even in the scrapping unit the rare earth metal such as neodym is also you will get it from ndap magnet in electric vehicles which you are using so this is can be also good thing once to only request to you my dream is to in place of petrol we want to use hundred percent bioethylene and this puna western

Maharashtra they have a lot of sugar factories they are making ethanol and just three months before we receive one technology from russia where the average of petrol and average of ethanol was sent so i given this proposal to indian oil and ram kumar from faridabad laboratory they make all the laboratory tests and now certify so the cost of the petrol is 120

Rupees per kilometer and the cost of ethanol is 60 rupees per kilometer so petrol creating more pollution ethanol is green fuel it is from the farmer from the agriculture and we want to diversify agriculture towards energy and power sector now the bajaj hero then tbs they have got flex engine motorcycle and scooters now i have just actually two days before it was

Decided to launch a camry from toyota on flex engine but because of cabinet meeting in the next month we are going to launch that that is on 100 bioethanol and creating 40 energy electricity so my suggestion is as early as possible please consider this viewpoint because our government is not going to encourage petrol and diesel vehicle because of the pollution and

Because of the rates because of the import cost we have 16 lakh crores we are spending on import of fossil fuel and creating pollution in the country so that is one of the reason is i will request you can go for the flex engine it can be really a good thing good thing we are also in making of e highway now the siemens has given me already given me the presentation

We want to make e highway and the trolley bus my department is now in the process of sanctioning 260 proposals for ropeway cable car finacular rail and even for bangalore and pune also we think on the line that describe us in the sky having the capacity of 200 people because we cannot increase the width of the rope so these are the new technology we are already

Working on that and i feel that with the electric and with the flex engine 100 you will get good market in india so my request is to please consider this because this is very important not only economic point of view but ecology and environment point of view also today i am really happy that this electric car from mercedes it is going to be 100 you will get good

Response from the people the green hydrogen is also the fuel for the future you are the expert people who know the futuristic technology we are very much insisting upon green hydrogen brown hydrogen is from the petroleum and black hydrogen is from the core but a green hydrogen is from the wastewater and organic waste and biomass also the green hydrogen is the

Main dream for india presently we are the energy importer but dream of the prime minister and our government is that india will export the energy as a green hydrogen so today we are giving lot of support for ethanol methanol biodiesel bio lng bio cng electric and green hydrogen huge potential is available and people like you already have a good technology and the

Good market is available i am confident that hundred percent it is win-win situation for the all stakeholders i am really happy for launching of this electric car i am giving my all best wishes to you and the electric is the futuristic technology for our country hundred percent of people are purchasing each scooter e auto rickshaw e-bike e-car and now everyone is

Interested now they don’t want to purchase petrol and diesel car so this is one of the great success as a i am working as a mission from 2004 for bio female and electric when i start this lot of people asking me a lot of questions journalist people asking me but now one is no one is going to ask any question because they are convinced that this is the future this

Is cost effective import substitute pollution tree and the indigenous in due course sometime we will be in position to have new battery chemistry and you are also working on that 100 it is going to reduce the cost i’m really happy i’m giving my best wishes to all your management in india making this model in india as a success story this young talented engineers

From india who are doing their excellent job making good quality good technology and good quality you are the perfect people we need to learn all this thing from you i am giving my best wishes to all of you thank you very much namaskar thank you very much honorable minister gadkarichi i think as always he has impressed us with his vision and his strength um

You also found a few nice words to germans which obviously is great some happiness with me because of course when we are here we bring a german engineered product a mercedes of latest quality which is not only electric but as you also said it’s the future electrification and today we are celebrating that they as the moment where we open our factory for this electric

Future and i would like to take that opportunity to thank you very much for honoring with your presence this day the rollout and i would ask a quick hand of applause again for uh three thank you

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