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My friends and I decided to go on a trip to Mexico and Launch my 500HP Audi S4…

We’re gonna give the car a little launch what’s up guys welcome back to the channel so today is going to be a pretty busy day first of all we gotta clean this girl she is a mess yeah that’s not that’s not a good look and then we’re heading out to the car meet spot which is a parking garage and hopefully some people show up um a lot of people wanted to go so it

Should be a fun drive and when we get down to where we’re going we’re gonna give the car a little launch i haven’t launched it in a while um just because it’s not crazy good for the car but i realized that i haven’t launched the car on the channel yet and a lot of people want to see how it sounds when it launches how it looks when it launches and of course how

Fast our 0-60 time is so that’s what we’re gonna do today so stick around and i’m gonna go ahead and watch this girl she’s a wreck oh look who it is he’s probably asking where i am hello where are you at i’m coming how are you going to be late here on me you said it was at 5. i’m fashionably late i’m literally turning in right now sorry but it’s just being

An action right now anyway all right sweet just three s4 is chilling s4 s4 s4 so these are rep wheels right or are they not these aren’t reps aod hand i thought they are they’re pretty legit i mean they make some like nice wheels they also make pretty good priced ones too so what am i looking at here like why is your stock why is this here yeah well that’s

Supposed to be attached to this yeah why is it what the attachment didn’t come for it so oh watch your profanity just leave it only warms up the cats anyway so i’ve ran it like that for like a year and yours is solid mine’s like rubbery yeah silicone let me hear your exhaust but i’ll leave that open so you have the ecs tuning resonated one yep fouled one what

Valve’s open or closed that’s open i’ll close them it gets so quiet that’s a big difference that’s a really big difference it sounds like if i’m driving dude it’s like wider than stock we got one more it’s a tc it’s not even a manual what is that oh my god yeah oh the dust oh that’s the quarter mile dirt road that we live on here we go we’re gonna give you

Guys a nice little launch five miles away so we made it we’re fine all right who’s on the video what do you mean hold like hold the camera but i’m saying i’m not i’m not leaving my car here well then he’ll do it and you guys will video it and then you guys pop in the cars and he’ll ride in here or he’ll drive your car yeah because i’d like it to be someone that

Hasn’t written it before yeah that’s true so aidan do you want to hold this camera and like video my car and then he’ll ride in since he hasn’t done a launch in it yeah all right ready kate let’s go boy that turn right here you’re good oh yeah are you ready ready it takes you back oh my god oh geez oh my gosh and i was only three seven dude it’s done 3-2

Before wow bro it gets me every time too dude the launch is like rolling poles is like fun and all but launches are out of this world every time let’s get your chest sucked back show me your gas tank let’s see how low it is bro it’s on e bro it’s gonna like even make it start his car and i don’t forget ready for it all right wait for it uh wait for it wait for

It no you’re fine though you’re you can run on fumes i just got there it is i know but look at that bro it’s like he’s still even on the e it usually pops up when you have like 50 miles left yeah i’m chilling yeah that was definitely fun caden’s never had kate’s never had a launch in this car so it was good it wasn’t the best 0-60 time but i mean it is what it is

It was still 3-7 which is pretty good but this car has done 3-2 before and i’ll put a video up here in a sec on it but yeah this car has done 3-2 before and hopefully when i get this uh killer chiller in we’ll be able to go sub three sometimes but right now as it stands it’s probably right around 500 horsepower crank so 450 wheel that’s what my tuner says as well

And he’s worked with a lot of cars and dynoed a lot of cars so i trust his word so he says it’s right over 500 and that makes sense to be able to do 0-60 and 3-2 we still got a few more mods that’s going to give us about 70 to 100 more horsepower which is gonna be really crazy and i plan to get this car dino’d soon not dino tuned but just dyno to see what’s putting

Down but a lot of places are booked out until next spring so hopefully we can hit a dino eventually ashton’s getting his gas look at the sky dude yeah that was crazy dude did you get video of him uh no i didn’t i got a bunch that was nuts though dude and popping wheelies like that bro there was a bike dude that bike a video watch this video dude i have a video

Too he tried to erase me he smoked wait wait he raised you no not well we were more upset i want to see this video he splits right between us when we’re doing a video yeah it was insane he got so close i started doing a pull he was already going like a hundred i was going started doing a pull i was catching up and passing him and then the bike just like oh yeah

Dude it was sick okay check it out all right let’s see uh he passes like we were saying bro okay there’s this one what’s it in this video yeah yeah right here we got a video okay so he’s like on my ass right now that’s okay just watch so i step on it right here get right there and i start pulling and then watch he was chilling oh yeah he was only 150 dude he

Tried he kept trying to race me he’s like i was like he like got next to me and i was like videoing him right and he just like kept looking at me was like this he kept going like go like i’m like nah nah i just got video hey you started doing wheelies going 45 miles an hour i’m like bro you’re crazy he just hauled us dude that was the crazy i didn’t even know he

Was coming past us i stepped on it started passing him and he’s just like oh my god that’s the most that’s the most ballsy biker i’ve ever seen i saw him and so i started to move over to make it easier for him well we are finally back home and it was a crazy day to say the least but hopefully you guys enjoyed it and if you did please give it a like and if you

Haven’t already hit that subscribe button and the bell so you know i make a new upload and i will see you guys next time drive safe you

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LAUNCHING MY AUDI S4! (Reaction) By Jake Schnatter