LCR – Audi SQ7 vs Porsche Cayenne

Hey guys this is chris for so the last review i did i was talking about why i swapped the c63s estate for what most people think is exactly the same car in the same color but a coupe version loads of good reasons um in this review i want to talk a little bit about why in the same weekend we swapped the cayenne which was a kns diesel for a

Sq7 now before i get into it one thing about the sq7 that is worth knowing this is the third time that we’ve tried to buy one uh the first time around we bought a really nice gray 67 plate but the preparation from the from the garage was now the showroom as well was was appalling so we sent it back after the second time we had to try and get it fixed i had paint

Patches and blah blah it was just pretty bad so that didn’t happen second time we bought a really nice black again 67 plate and that has some weird brake juddering issues that we had to send it back for uh it took about seven weeks they still had the car still haven’t fixed it we had two courtesy cars one q7 three liter diesel one q8 both cars had to go back

For various issues as well so we’re like okay guys we are we’re done i think we will uh wrap it up we’ll get a kn for now it looks like a great car we’ll just we’ll just have that but i think the problem we had is that there’s always that something like we should have had the sq7 should have an sq7 so it was never quite right with the kn and the other the other

Thing is with with the k n i’m just going to get into it for a second the it’s it’s a great car don’t get me wrong it’s a 4.1 liter v8 very fast handles well very comfortable good space inside no real complaints from that side but then i think one of the things about porsche i’ve realized is that every option needs to be ticked in order to have a reasonable

Car that’s the similar specs to most other cars on the road so as an example we didn’t have heated mirrors we didn’t ask because this is my first experience of porsche and we kind of figured it’s 2016 it comes with heated mirrors but we’re wrong but also the steering was weirdly heavy i mean much heavier than i would expect when you’re at a slow speed at speed

It was a nice weight great weight drove really well when you’re trying to park it felt like you know back in the day when you had no power steering and you’re kind of really fighting the wheel to get it done it was a bit like that which again didn’t seem right for the type of car it is and the year of the car as well then we realized that there is like a power

Steering plus option that comes with the upgraded model so things like that just used to bug the hell out of me i’m like how is it that these options are missing i mean i get it that you know there’ll be some high-end options that we may not have but power steering and heated mirrors come on so so yes there’s always always that thing in the back of my mind in

My partner’s mind is like oh it’s good but there’s something missing never you know we like it but don’t love it so sq7 we said okay let’s take another look this was me more than her but uh i started looking at it again we found a few nice ones we’re like you know what look if we get a good deal and because of the prices have gone up a bit in terms of resale

Values right now but also buying as well we said hey we get a good deal let’s swap it in so obviously we got a good deal and we and we just we went for it and the reason we did even though i had a couple of bad experiences i’m like okay you know what there’s a whole bunch of things that i love about the sq7 one is just the way it drives so it’s just a nice

Smooth comfortable drive and flows you know i mean the sc7 has 435 horsepower and it’s a four liter v8 diesel so it has tons of power it has you know always on tap always ready to go any speed you’re doing the car seems to just react straight away that’s what i love that’s what my partner loves is that’s just kind of what we’re looking for in the car the one

That reacts the second you want it to go and i think the sp7 for all its weight and how heavy and big it is as a car it is actually still relatively nimble it still kind of moves it still goes when you want to it’s just a nice car to drive from that perspective so smooth definitely comfortable 100 as i said it’s a good good sized car and the thing is it’s it’s

A 7 seater as most of you probably know and it’s a reasonable size across all seven seats you have i think six iso fix points in the car for all of the moms and dads out there you’ve got a tribe of kids and it’s just it’s a good space it’s a it’s a very nice place to be it’s very very comfortable you sit a tad higher than i would like to in the car so in the

Cayenne you felt like you sat in the can like this whereas this one you kind of feel somewhere about here you feel like you’re sitting on the seat rather than in the cockpit that’ll be probably my only gripe about the car itself but that goes away very quickly once you actually start driving once you kind of get into it it’s just it goes it works well we don’t

Have the panoramic roof after uh either which is the other thing i would say if you’re going to get it if you can with the panoramic roof get it with a panoramic roof because it just makes a big difference it’s a massive roof and you’re sitting in the middle row or the back row it’s nice to be able to see out get some light in the car and everything else that’s

The one thing that if i had a chance to get one with all the options i wanted i would have got that as well because again it’s a 67 blade the other thing which is something to keep in mind especially if you’re sharing the car with a partner or someone else is the memory pack now again i think we i’ve been spoiled a little bit by mercedes because at the amg level

They all seem to have the memory pack as standard it’s just kind of throw it in there whereas what we found with we made this mistake on the first car we got it didn’t have any memory seats we’re like yeah that’s fine don’t need them until we actually realize that okay because we’re sharing the car it’s just that annoying thing where you have to try and get back

To where you were that seating position you had before and you just can’t so i i would suggest if you are sharing the car memory seats is uh i would say worth looking into but the problem with the sq7 is that not all of them seem to have the memory pack plus the bose plus the sunroof etc it’s either eve raw so we found really nice cars that had the sunroof but

No memory pack or ones had memory pack but no sun roof and et cetera so go it kind of goes on so that’s kind of the thing with the sq7 is that there are again still some options that you would expect to be relatively standard that i’m not and some combinations you think people just naturally go with what they don’t so that’ll be my kind of the downside of the

Sq7 for my site in terms of this experience this time around but aside from that as i said it’s a really good car it’s uh it’s economical and for a four liter v8 it’s uh you know it’s it’s a nice smooth ride it sounds great obviously the sound is synthesized but you kind of a forget to a degree and b forgive it because it just sounds really really good you can

Always hear no that coming around the corner i know it’s here so it just it sounds really nice it’s got a nice bubble to it and with the 20 i think the 22 inch rooms as well it just looks really really sharp as well so you kind of forgive a lot of things around the sound etc because it’s such a nice package uh the one we’ve got is ink blue which is a very very

Dark you would swear it’s black and i also i swore it was black until i called the showroom and they’re like yeah we have one black one but that’s not what you’re looking at that’s blue and yeah we argued a little bit because it was black but when you look at it in the right light it is definitely blue they were right i was wrong but it’s a really nice case a

Really really dark blue very very sharp and with the kind of the black gloss finish around the mirrors around the grill and everything else it just sets the car really nicely so yeah definitely a good car from a performance perspective definitely good from a comfort perspective i said the seven seats are usable the middle row is uh three full seats compared to

The km which was kind of two and a half can have tons of leg room that’s the same thing with this one as well you can slide the middle row backwards and forwards you got great legroom from that perspective so that makes life easy but this just just feels a bit wider i think the can is wider as a car overall inside this just feels wider in that middle seat just

That little bit more i think from that side it’s great you can line the back seats down of course and you’ve got a quite a big boot so we’ve got the the mastiff and the downstairs and yeah the space is just great for her she can sit there all day long and she’s got tons of space now compared to the compared to the cayenne so yeah i think there’s a lot of said a

Lot of pluses from my side about the sq7 it was one that even though we had some challenges in the start we kept coming back to because it’s just a really good car and this time around again we’re touchwood nothing’s going wrong with it so far but we’re loving it as i said it’s it’s a really really good car to drive i urge anyone who is considering sp7 to take

A look at it i’ll see you got the lower models as well around the whole kind of q7 range but the sq7 i think it’s just a different car it’s it it’s just no it’s just good just really really good just check it out it’s worth doing so yeah that’s kind of where i want to wrap up as i said great car so far i will do a proper review on it and rate it so very soon so

Look out for that coming but any kind of comments leave that below and uh we’ll get back to you you take care guys

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