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Leer 100XR Camper Shell on a 2016 Tundra Crewmax

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Just a quick video of my Leer camper shell. Sorry about the hard breathing, I’m old and fat. Lemme know if you wanna see the sleeping platform when it’s done. Thanks!

Okay so i didn’t see a whole lot of videos regarding your camper shells on tundras on on youtube so i thought i’d just do a little quick one here showing just setup this is a 2016 crewmax and then this is the leer 100x our camper shell in barcelona read ordered this from my dealer here in houston area took it exactly four weeks to the day from the time i ordered it

Until it was installed it ran about so it was about 27 or 28 hundred outdoor on it but overall i’m pleased with it so far i think they did a pretty pretty decent match on the paint i mean it’s not perfect but it’s about what i expected on it you can see that the actual flight content is a little bit off on it but once you step back it looks good overall they make

All kinds of disclaimers and stuff saying explaining how come the the paint’s may be different and i’m not a real picky person as a matter of fact i almost went with the flat black version if they offered it like a rhinoliner type thing as you can see i’ve done a little bit of stuff inside i’m in the process of getting ready to add this real simple platform bed

To it it’s only a six five foot six inch bed but the good thing is i’m only about five eight so i should be able to curl up in here and get some sleep i believe but i got it with a carpeted bed liner it’s a close-up of your dog latching mechanism this is one thing that i look for on youtube when i was doing some research on these i’ll say these hinges are kind

Of small or chintzy and i think they look pretty good you know there’s a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser so we’ll see my dealer actually opted to do the the clamp mechanism instead of clamping it into the tracks they just used the for traditional c clamps then of course i ordered the bed red bed rug extended mat off of amazon it was about 210 bucks

On amazon and it covers the bottom of the bed and then it has a tailgate cover i like it because of this portion right here we’re gonna worry about anything falling into the tailgate but but that’s it i know i’ve got 40-something subscribers out there and it’s been a while since i posted a video so hopefully you guys will get all get all excited about it maybe

I’ll have 45 or 50 subscribers here in a year or something like that but i think i might go ahead i’m just gonna do a real simple bed set up just a little platform set up on the left hand side over here or something that these blue crates can fit under maybe i’ll do a video after that it’s just something really really simple so in some place i can just drive to

Do some dispersed camping some off-grid camping just set something up and you know just just get away get away from it overnight or a couple of nights or something like that i’m also going to set up a deep cycle to a little deep cycle battery system here and i’ve got a hundred watt solar panel that we use for an old camper that i might try to rig out the rack to

Go up on top with those rags those were acts for about five hundred something bucks to the price that’s one reason that jumped the price but i needed it and to have it because we have a kayak that we need a hall on occasions so but that is it so we’ll get get this a bed built and again i might shoot a video here after a while showing the results of it thanks guys

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Leer 100XR Camper Shell on a 2016 Tundra Crewmax By Hillbilly Musings