Lets drive the new 2023 Audi A3 | Inspired by Lamborghini? Where?

We are driving the new 2023 Audi A3 today. This new Audi A3 is the fourth generation Audi A3 that is based on the MQB Evo platform that is also shared with Audi Q6. This new one is about an inch longer and wider than before but shares the same wheelbase. So, today we will check out the handling capability, 0-60 times, and many more. So, let’s go for a drive with the new 2023 Audi A3.

Hello guys welcome to asian petra today we have the 2023 audi a3 it is okay right now but very very big typhoon just passed us here in korea so before it starts to rain again let me just make it brief but fun so a3 is the subcompact sedan from the audi classified as a c segment this is actually the fourth generation based on the mqb platform that is also

Shared with q6 and this guy starts around 35 000 us dollars and audi says this new a3 is heavily influenced by the lamborghini both in terms of the exterior design and interior design yes from inside i see many toggle switches here and there and these very distinctive events those remind me of the ones from lamborghini worse but i’m not really sure what it’s

Referring to from the exterior design we’re gonna definitely show you the exterior design after driving but for now let’s do focus on driving okay before we really start driving this car let me just tell a little bit about this price card like i told you this is the fourth generation a3 but unlike in europe here in korea we only get it with one engine choice that

Is two liter turbocharged gasoline engine producing about 201 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque engine made it to seven-speed automatic with a torque converter you can also get it with quattro all-wheel drive system but a tester did not come with all-wheel drive system but it should handle quite nicely and 0-60 time-wise it only took seven seconds to hit

60 miles per hour and oh i’ve just put the car into dynamic mode and it’s two liter turbo pulls quite nicely not bad what about visibility well this is sub-compact sedan so obviously do not have any commanding view looking down from the top but actually it’s pretty easy to see out of the car because there isn’t anything blocking my line of sights and actually

It feels like you’re sitting in the car rather than on the car so you feel more secure when you’re you know driving fast through tight corners um and we also have a blind spot monitoring system and seats are very comfortable and sitting position is quite low we’re still in dynamic mode let me just tell you a little bit about this two liter turbocharged gasoline

Engine because this peak torque starts around 1600 rpm really pulls nicely from the bottom ends it really loves to be rev all the way up to the red line redline happens around 6200 rpm so yes not exactly the powerhouse but it’s more than enough to pull this uh audi a3 very effectively um so but if you want a little bit more power then you should go with s3

Which makes over 300 horsepower but for most of us i think this two-liter turbo should be quite enough yeah pose nicely and it’s smooth and quiet the feelings can handle very nice even without the overall quattro oval drive system handles very nicely and i told you it’s really pulls nicely from the low end good turbo there isn’t any sound generator so it’s

Pretty quiet from inside it sounds pretty alright for two liter turbo but if you want a little bit lower exhaust note i think you know adding an exhaust and intake will do the job holds very nicely all the way wow an engine is made into seven speed automatic not dual clutch transmission but automatic with a torque converter i think it’s my first time ever driving

Seven speed automatic we’re also given paddle shifters still in dynamic mode so let me just show you three four five six seven so gear short compared to a speed automatic six five four three three but as you can see it’s uh shifting quite nicely and smoothly too look three four three wow very good unit very solid gearbox i mean it’s pretty good i like

It i like it much better than 7-speed dct it’s smooth but as you can see it’s shifting quite quickly as well so it’s smooth and nice and when you do put it into like uh comfort mode become smoother very nice gearbox let’s also do check out the handling capabilities i really wish it came with the quattro’s all-wheel drive system bots still even without it

Handles very nicely wow so basically with understeer if you really push it but it’s really easy to correct and play with i mean i like bmw’s handling capability but audis also doing a very good job i mean if it had quattro system it would handle much better but even just uh with front-wheel drive it’s very playful and easy to modulate good job audi so how’s

The ride and isolation well in confirmation it feels quite comfortable i mean not overly too stiff but it’s you know it’s germany so it doesn’t feel overly cushy either so it’s very comfortable and like i told you sister quite comfortable and you know i think it would be very good long distance cruiser but a tester you know you can get audi a3 with adaptive cruise

Control and lane keepers but a tester did not come with it but you still get a regular cruise control and you’re gonna have to steer yourself and as the isolation noise level goes uh it’s not we have single windows all around and i can hear lots of noise coming from the bottom so yes this is premium audi brand but you know they still doubt about the class you

Know c-class subcompact so yeah it’s it’s a it’s a bit windy day today but as you drive faster and faster you just hear more noise coming from the a-pillar and from the bottoms yeah but i’m just driving so fast right now so but the ride and everything should be quite nice it’s quite competitive yeah audi says exterior design is heavily influenced by lamborghini

But i don’t see where it is so if you can’t pick it up let me know in the comment section and we have a very sharp looking led headlamp system that’s uh turn signal high beam and this is what horn sounds like horn sounds pretty loud and i really like the trapezoid looking grill very irish classic uh audi logo that’s actually radar sensor for the adaptive cruise

Control more openings on the bottom right here but air curtain is actually fake it’s closed and for korean car enthusiasts i was very surprised to find that but this audi a3 is actually a little bit smaller even compared to honda elantra very surprised but nonetheless this new one is about inch wider and longer than before but actually comes with same hallway so

Let me just quickly show you the second row seats you guys know i’m about six two and that was where i was sitting so um there’s good amount of leg room pretty good for the class but headroom yeah it’s a little bit tight window comes down automatic almost all the way pretty good and the door opens like this i do like the design and you can get it with heated

Seats as an option but a tester just did not come with one liking the black headliner on the top also gets two cup holders armrest two air vents two fast usb charging ports and this is hump in the middle for the quattro all-wheel drive system and we get a regular sunroof on the top so yeah except for the headroom it’s pretty alright back here and they also give

You three different separate headrests so pretty good look at the car from the rear we have a sequential turn signal that’s backup reflector fake exhaust muffler is actually located on the bottom we also have a backup lamp only no 360 camera and trunk size is pretty alright not the largest but i think it’s pretty alright for the class we have a 112-volt charging

Here and grocery bag or handbag holder right there and they also give you the additional storage area on the bottom and they also give you fixer flat kits and some tools right there and you can of course for the second row seats to yield more cargo okay yeah it’s not full flat but it’s pretty good looking at the car from the driver’s seat it looks quite tacky

We have a 10 inch gauge cluster you can also change the view so you can have the big old map like that very nice to the right 10 inch infotainment screens easy to use intuitive and quick to respond and lots of toggle switches on the bottom three stage heaters seats uh esc off hazard button driver selector esc off and everything we also have a two c type charging

Ports and the wireless charging pad for your mobile phone start and stop button i do really like this small dial selector it yields lots of room just push up to go to reverse neutral drive and sports just press here to go to parking and i also do like this a little infotainment button right here you hold down to power it off volume up and down like that and then

Seek button and mute so it’s pretty good we have an electric parking with auto hold cigar jack and some charging ports two cup holders it’s a little bit okay rusty butts is we have a small storage area right on the bottom and some more right there and they also give you this uh cigarette butt holder right there it says audi up here soft touch material so yep

Seats are quite comfortable also give you extended tie support okay all right guys this has been an in-depth review with the 2023 audi a3 hope you guys enjoyed it and we’ll be back with much much more so if you love cars and car reviews please do support us by subscribing to our channel and we also have opened a new patreon page so please visit us there i will

Leave a link right on the bottom it’s also another way to support us so thank you guys and see you soon today we are with the audi a3 and uh during lunch and we came to this place you

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