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Lewis Motor Company – 2015 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 ETI Bucket Van for sale on eBay

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Hello everyone this is brady with lewis murder company and today we’re looking at our 2015 mercedes-benz sprinter 3500 this printer has an easy eye boom on it a 29 foot platform height and on the sprinter chassis is probably a 34 35 foot working height the van itself’s got a hundred two seventy six thousand miles on it it’s got three liter v6 turbo diesel it’s been

Very nice shape i actually drove this fan myself about four or five hundred miles and everything went as it should goes down the road very nicely and smooth in fact i even use the bucket around my house it’s a very very smooth operating bucket it’s a pistol grip style which is very nice once you get used to it take a look inside here we had a small workstation

Little room in here even with the structural components for the boom doesn’t walk in and out here get some storage options little lockbox there it’s got shelving on either side there’s little workbench it’s got little cargo lamps that light up the whole inside which is very nice looking inside here cut a small inverter over here and as you see on that door there

There’s the lower control step upper and lower controls and i can’t fully stand up in here i’m 6 feet tall but it’s pretty close it’s not uncomfortable to walk around in here but insides clean doesn’t look too a used or abused back here we got that small platform that most of these buck fans have and it’s got work lights and strobe lights throughout the van the

Video kind of alters that blinking light up top but it does function hundred-percent let’s got strobes and the tail lights along with this traffic light on the rear which is customizable but like i mentioned that eti boom is a functioning 100% and went off in it it’s very very smooth this thing goes down the road like it’s a couch it’s very comfortable like i said

I drove at a very far distance and it was a very comfortable ride don’t see any major body damage or rust got light sticker residue from the previous company that you could probably see in different angles but that’s not even that bad got two little strobes up front all these tires are going to be in good shape the brakes feel fine underneath here not too rough

Here don’t notice any major leaks or anything major issues in the undercarriage inside is very clean the seats are not ripped they’re in good shape the sinks set up very nice for a driver it literally feels like you’re driving a couch it’s got front rear left and right cameras couldn’t get the front one to work but the rear left and right all work and it’s kind

Of cool when you turn the blinker on it will actually go to where whatever direction your blinkers on it will show you like real time got a nice radio with bluetooth capabilities heating air-conditioning setup very nice in here here’s gonna be your boom controls the master switch strobe lights your cargo lights and that’s going to be for your warning light in

The rear it’s got a hundred and seventy six thousand one hundred fifty five miles at the time this video might not be able to focus in on that you can take my word for it scat all the creature comforts power windows cruise control good stuff we’re gonna go ahead and check out the boom functionality ben’s gonna go up in the bucket he’s going to be using the upper

Controls and then take this little guy for a ride here this utilizes a pistol grip style controller a lot of these newer bucket trucks and become vans are actually switching over to that really simple to use and it’s very very effortless it’s a one-hand controller got both the stow and fold options as you see here and so far we’ve noticed everything’s working 100%

We don’t notice any leaks or any type of issues with anything on the van hey guys check this van out on ebay or as listed for sale feel free to call us shoot us a message to be happy to answer any questions with this van thanks for watching

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Lewis Motor Company – 2015 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 ETI Bucket Van for sale on eBay! By Lewis Motor Company