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Lexus IS 350 2008 | Car Review

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This Lexus IS 350 is one of the best compact luxury sport sedans on the market. The engine is hassle-free V6 2GR-FSE and has an engine size of 3,456 cc. It is widely known that it runs up to 350,000 km showing almost no signs of wear. It produces 318 PS (234 kW) at 6400 rpm, with a Maximum Engine Torque of 38.7 kg/m (380 Nm) at 4800 rpm. It runs on petrol fuel, and its consumption is about 8,5 km/litre on average. Watch this video to learn more about its great features and accessories. Enjoy! 😊

This lexus is 350 is one of the best compact luxury sport sedans on the market the is features sophisticated suspension extremely powerful brakes and a naturally aspirated super smooth v6 engine offering zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 5.6 seconds lexus design was an ambitious attempt by toyota motor company to outperform bmw’s 335i in every aspect the

Rear wheel drive is 350 is not only a faster more refined and luxurious performer than bmw 335i and mercedes-benz amg but it is an icon of reliability statistically is is 33 percent more reliable than its bmw rivals as well it surpasses messages lexus is 350 engine has been appreciated as one of the 10 world’s best engines list of 2006-2009 from 2009 it is

Adapted by lotus supercar in various models set up to an impressive ps lexus is 350 is a perfect luxury sport car that offers high cabin comfort steep handles handling and excellent safety you can still buy it at an extraordinary descent price but be aware it’s becoming a desirable tasty morsel the is-350 from the image represents its sporty dynamic nature the

Body is compact in a rail dynamic apparently a bose front hood small glazing and the heavily inclined windshield give a unique character the hid headlights and fog light shape enhance the dynamics lexus is elegant confident without a trace of pretentiousness lexus is body designed by kanga matsumoto hirokitada is very characteristic the car exceeds stability

Visually it is massive because of the unusual completely flat smooth side surfaces the certain black is 350 has an additional aerodynamic package to stress its sports performance aftermarket side skirts front and back bumper rear spoiler pinpoint coherence with the aesthetic of the bodywork its length is 4580 millimeters its width is 1800 millimeters and its

Height is 1425 millimeters highest back is impressive with its narrow led taillights and dual exhaust the boot space is 378 liters a small gate opening in the back seat enables transporting long items the spotty well-balanced steering wheel is power tilt telescoping adjustable features paddle shifters basic controls of audio and in-built hands-free phone and

Cruise control the instrument cluster is an attractively designed digital electroluminescent display quality leather power front seats have 10 way adjustments and memory function automatic dual zone climate control and the premium audio navigation system with a 6-disc cd provide well-being on board second row passengers will find the space a little cramped the

Headroom and legroom are limited despite it being a five-seater it should be considered as a four-person car a dedicated ac outlet vent and armrest for those traveling in the rear seat are the standard lexus equipment this lexus is 350 includes accessories and features such as dual front airbags front row knee airbags from the rear side curtain airbags and front

Sight torso airbags killer’s entry push start power window power mirrors esc abs and more the engine is hassle free v6 2gr fce and has an engine size of 3456 cc it is widely known that it runs up to 350 000 kilometers showing almost no signs of wear it produces 318 ps at 6400 rpm with a maximum engine torque of 38.7 kilograms per meters at 4 800 rpm it runs on

Petrol fuel and its consumption is about 8.5 kilometers per liter on average it has an exceptional 680 transmission and rear wheel drive if you are interested in buying a lexus as or other lexus models at the low price please check out links in the description below or visit you can also send in your inquiries to tophead if you like

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