Lexus Just KILLED the IS and RC for an ENTIRE Continent…

Unbelievable news hits us as the Lexus IS and RC are cancelled for this established area of the world…What’s next?

Just a year after getting the gorgeous refresh on the 2021 is it is being canceled in this important part of the world over at car advice axed lexus is rc coupe and ct hatch i can’t believe they’re still making that by the way to be dropped from local lineup cardvice is one of the leading online places for news in australia so this is heartbreaking news the

Last sad news i remember reporting from australia was the discontinuation of the v6 and the camry there but the is being killed in australia this doesn’t this seems like an april fool’s joke but guys it’s july what is going on lexus has been forced to discontinue three popular models from its range due to a new side impact crash test rules from november 2021.

What is that five months for no four months from now math is hard sometimes only four months from now the is is getting canceled and it came out roughly last november at least here in the states around that time so this new refresh was only available there for a year and now it’s being killed due to side impact price crash test rules and lexuses have always been

Super safe vehicles so i don’t know what this new safety rule is all about and it makes me wonder it’s like okay you’re going to cancel the is but how is it less safe than let’s say like the gr so you get there how is it less safe than the chimney that we don’t get here in the united states for safety reasons like what is going on it’s really frustrating from

I guess just an enthusiast and a consumer point of view to see not only the isco but the rc and the ct should have been canceled a long time ago and this is effect november 1st due to toughening safety standards lexus australia chief executive scott thompson confirmed the demise of the three models at the australian preview of the all-new nx mid side suv due in

November the withdrawal of the three key models and the imminent arrival of four new models would be an unprecedented transform transformative phase for lexus in australia well you can say one of those new models is the nx uh the lx which we should be getting this year as well in theory i would assume the new rx and then probably the new rz the fully electric

So there’s the four uh in the imminent time frame so in the neck by the end of 2022 we’re gonna have four new lexuses which is really really exciting but it doesn’t bring us out of the sadness of the ias and the rc being killed in australia just doesn’t make sense to me now we do have to say goodbye to the is the rc and ct from november due to regulation changes

That come into effect before all of their global markets here in australia so apparently australia is the first to have these strict standards i wonder what other cars are being canceled from which manufacturers november 1st like this is insane to me so this is kind of confusing here these safety standards were introduced for new model launches in japan in 2018

But not due in europe until 2022 japan and the usa have not set a date for existing models to meet the new standard but they just said that new model launches started in japan in 2018 so that’s kind of confusing maybe they’re not counting the new is as a new vehicle launch because it’s kind of a refresh i want i wonder if that’s kind of the loophole there for for

The is in japan and the rc vehicle standard adr8500 pole side impact performance was put into the legislation december 2015 meaning lexus has had five and a half years to repair its existing range and they decided to do nothing about it maybe it’s because well australia’s just a small market and if we make this change it’s going to cost us this amount of money

While not getting this amount of sales so i’m sure they weighed the pros and cons here but it’s still a heartbreaker the vehicle standard applies to new model passenger cars board control passenger vehicles and off-road passenger vehicles introduced to australia after july 1st 2018 with a gross vehicle mass under 3 500 kilograms so existing models have until

November first this year to meet the requirements commercial vehicles such as utes and vans up until november 2022 so that would be like the chimney i would assume to get its act in line before 20 i just don’t i just feel like so many models are just going to get acts because of these new safety regulations and lexi here you go lexus executive said the company

Considered spending the money to make the cars compliant but chose not to we’ve made a lot of decisions with our parent company to assess the alternatives and our decision that we wanted to focus on the next generation of vehicles coming our way and those next generations of vehicles coming your way i don’t see a sedan or coupe in there so lexus is just giving up

Until they can come out with some new product which if they just refresh the is australia will not be getting a new coupe like the rc or a new is small compact sporty sedan until 2025 2024 20 like at the earliest like this is really i feel so bad for you guys down under the is is a much loved nameplate here in australia since 1999 okay so they’ve had it since

The first generation with the significant root uh facelift of the current agenda goes out on the high does it does it go out on a high i mean you guys aren’t going to get the 5 liter v8 so that’s unfortunate and it’s definitely an amazing is i just reviewed the is 350 f sport with the dhp and it’s a great car it’s really hard to fault things over it i mean yes

It’s the same vehicle in a lot of ways but it handles better it looks better uh and and it actually the usability is better with the new infotainment in it so it’s just frustrating and the rcf track edition ends it’s run lighter than all the three german flagship rivals and they come to remind us that the rc coupe uh was updated for you guys in 2020 so we got

The refresh i believe in the 2019 uh model year and i can’t believe you guys still have the ct 200h hatchback like the ux is pretty much better in every single way uh and the ct hasn’t been updated yet since 2017 that’s when they canceled it here in the united states we never got that last refresh on the ct here stateside here’s a fun fact lexus is in australia

In 2007 uh sold for almost 4 100 examples accounting for nearly 50 percent of the lexus sales that year alexis has sold 47 000 plus is sedans in australia between 99 and may 2021 it will likely fall just shy of the 50 000 mark before the model is retired later this year sad times i mean i i didn’t see this article i’m grateful for my follower who shared this

To me on instagram if you guys ever get sort of news that you feel like is pressing um definitely share it to me on instagram i appreciate that but this is unacceptable i just feel like it’s it’s just such an easy cop-out for lexus and just to abandon uh its is and rc or the australian buyers and abandon the australian buyers as a result is just really really

Heartbreaking so my heart goes out to you guys um you won’t be able to get your hands on this is i feel like the resale value on the is and the rc is going to skyrocket now just because you can’t get your hands on these vehicles after november it’s a damn shame so if you guys in australia you’re thinking about getting the end the new is or an rc go out and get

It the ct is is a joke so don’t do that but holy cow i just wanted to share that a little bit short of a video what’s the world coming to i’ll see you guys in the next video peace out you

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Lexus Just KILLED the IS and RC for an ENTIRE Continent… By Kirk Kreifels