Lexus of Kelowna – 2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited Walk Around Video

*No Accidents, BC Vehicle, 7 Passenger, Limited Package, Hybrid*

Good afternoon neil welcome to lexus of kelowna colton steeds here senior sales consultant the dealership hope all is well uh thanks so much for your inquiry on the 15 highlander andrew uh was able to help you out and he’s forwarded everything to me so just wanted to show you a quick video neil just as promised of the 15 highlander limited as it’s here on the lot

Uh we just got it in so it’s still going through its recon stages but i’ll show you what’s all going to be done to it so here it is neil 2015 toyota highlander hybrid limited 109 000 k vehicles in good shape actually looks real good so just at the windshield here no cracks no pits everything looks nice and clean um again just going along the hood here everything

Looks good so neil there’s just just this chrome piece it’s just basically uh uh we have the piece on order but as you can see it’s kind of like bits bubbled here over time that’s just something that happens with these toyotas but uh anyways we have that new piece on order so don’t worry that is getting replaced so front end and everything will look like new but

Other than that no major marks or any damage to report on the on the on the front there i’m just having a quick look here as well on the left front side again no marks left front tire and rim looks real good lots of tread tread life left on the tires as well so you don’t have to worry about replacing those anytime soon uh driver’s side door again free of any marks

Looks good having a quick look here again armrest looks nice and clean seat is in good condition neil there is a tear here but again we are getting this all fixed so don’t worry like i said whoever decides to purchase the vehicle that seat will look like brand new so like i said that’s get being all taken care of those are really the only two marks on the vehicle

Um again even having a quick look at the console console looks nice and clean everything looks really good like i said it is the highlander hybrid limited so you do have all the safety systems that uh that do get incorporated with this as well so lane changing assists pre-collision control automatic high beam assist it’s quite nice left rear arm rest again free of

Any wear tear what’s nice about this one is it does have the captain’s chairs so again it is nice and then you got the three seats at the back there as well so like i said all is well everyone’s got their own climate controls back here as well these captains chairs are heated as well foreign a quick look at the left rear side again neil everything looks nice and

Clean left rear tire and wheel free of any curb marks looks good still lots of tread life left on those tires and then just moving on to the back of the vehicle now where we have all our backup cameras and parking sensors looks good just gonna open this up here for you so just having a quick look at the back the back seats are folded down but like i said they do

Fold upwards here you just got to pull on those handles and they pop up which is good um but again free of any marks my biggest thing obviously when loading stuff into the back is how scratched is this again no scratch marks it’s sorry very very minimal i should say but it’s not beat up which is nice but other than that again bumper looks looks excellent foreign

So just moving on now to the right rear side again no major marks to point out looks really good rear right tire and wheel again this one as well free of any curb marks tread life lots of good tread left right rear arm rest again free of any wear tear and then continuing on with the nice captain’s chairs in the back so having a quick look now at the drivers or

Sorry the front passenger side door again looks good on a quick look here at the armrest again looks nice and of course see condition looks good hospital at least neil just gonna have a quick look at the front right quarter panel here looks good front right wheel and tire again free benny curve marks so all four rims are free of any curb marks neil so thanks

So much for taking the time to view the video neil hope it put some reassurance in your mind about the condition of the highlander really looking forward to hearing from you thanks so much bye for now

Transcribed from video
Lexus of Kelowna – 2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited Walk Around Video By Colton Steeds