lexus rx 2023 – Does The New 2023 Lexus RX Have What It Takes To Rival The BMW X3

At $50k, both are great SUVs. But the BMW X3 is a compact while the Lexus RX is a midsize offering, with both having their fair share of pros and cons

Does the new 2023 lexus rx have what it takes to rival the bmw x3 at 50 000 both are great suvs but the bmw x3 is a compact while the lexus rx is a mid-size offering with both having their fair share of pros and cons if you’re talking dependability and luxury lexus is the name that strikes first the rx is their mid-size offering and is one of the oldest nameplates

In the company’s history currently running its fourth generation the lexus rx has been quite popular thanks to its well-crafted interiors and modest performance figures however 2023 introduces the rx’s fifth generation and the offering does have a few interesting bits surrounding it which we’ll dive into shortly meanwhile let’s touch on the rx’s bavarian rival

Instead of comparing with the midsize x5 we feel the compact bmw x3 is a more suitable rival to the 2023 lexus rx at least in terms of value is the 2023 lexus rx really a better buy than the x3 let’s find out the lexus rx gets sleeker for 2023. lexus makes some of the most attractive cars in the industry yes they’re to everyone’s taste but there’s no denying

How striking they look for 2023 the lexus rx is completely redesigned but has one of its signature details taken out the one-piece spindle grille found in the 2022 rx is gone and instead a more pronounced two-tone grille takes its spot the upper portion is body colored and features a sculpted look versus the 2022’s large and fairly controversial one-piece design

This approach is definitely less polarizing than its predecessor and we reckon a lot of buyers will find the 2023 rx more appealing the overall silhouette is largely similar when it comes to both the 2022 and 2023 model years however lexus says the new rx despite retaining its original dimensions offers a longer wheelbase ensuring better interior space other

Noticeable differences lie in the new rx’s rear end the bumper looks more sporty and the taillights have received a refresh with a horizontal light bar running across the middle versus the bmw x3 though it’s the lexus that stands out as unique the design feels less generic and unlike the bmw the rx looks more stylish and contemporary but the x3’s box-like design

Is the most practical the rx’s sloping roof line does eat into headroom and affects luggage capacity but it’s worth mentioning that the 2023 rx is a three-row suv and can seat up to seven passengers versus the 5c to bmw 2023 lexus rx comes with massive changes inside adds more tech there is a huge difference in how you touch and feel the things inside both suvs

With the rx having a wider price band it’s engineered to be more plush and luxurious than the x3 which isn’t its fault given that the x5 is positioned to handle competition above 60 000 the overall layout feels more sought after than the x3 although the rx is a mass-produced suv things inside feel a little better and justify the premium it demands changes for

2023 include an optional 14.0 inch touchscreen that runs lexus latest infotainment system gone are the days of lexus finicky touchpad controller setup which for the most part wasn’t an intuitive system to operate as for safety and technology the 2023 rx gets apple carplay android auto adaptive cruise control lane keep assist lane departure warning pre-collision

Warning dedicated crash structures and multiple airbags the x3 uses bmw’s latest idrive software which is proving to be one of the best units out there apart from sharp graphics and better response the system houses various gesture controls for commands like changing the stereo volume or answering a call also the x3 is pretty well equipped in terms of safety

And convenience features 2023 lexus rx the v6 is no more the 3.5 litre v6 engine used in the previous rx 350 and rx 450h is gone and is replaced by a variety of inline fours which include two hybrids a plug-in hybrid and a gasoline-only model for 2023 the entry-level rx 350 will feature a non-hybrid turbocharged 2.4 liter four-cylinder producing 275 horsepower

And 317 pounds to foot of torque the rx 350 h gets a naturally aspirated 2.5 liter inline-four with electric motors for a combined output of 246 horsepower an rx 450 h plus fev is also available along with an rx 500 hf sport with 367 horsepower and 406 torques as for the x3 you can opt for a 248 horsepower inline four a 288 horsepower fev or a 382 horsepower

3.0 liter straight 6. dynamically we reckon the bmw x3 would be the most exciting the rx was never famous for its athleticism but the 2023 rx 500 hf sport could change that though at around 50 000 the base rx 350 should be a much better buy than the x3 since you get more car however it may not have all the bells and whistles which the x3 does at that price point you

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lexus rx 2023 – Does The New 2023 Lexus RX Have What It Takes To Rival The BMW X3 By Supercar